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  2. Update Regarding #2 above - mark that solved I guess. I rebuilt my entire setup (again) and this time I did not try to RDP into the server until after I had completely updated it all. First I did "Firmware" update from the Armbian Config and rebooted. Next I did >sudo apt update >sudo apt upgrade Rebooted And now RDP seems to be working just fine!! Regards
  3. I want to make a service terminal, for companies. can you get this bionic image with someone?
  4. Hi again, I have made it over some more hurdles but haven't had as much time to devote to this project. Shoutout to @balbes150 - still can't believe I am close to having a linux media server on a tv box that was just collecting dust before. Anyway - I have found that the eth0 port is just flaky. Using the same .dtb file sometimes the port works and sometimes it doesn't. I can watch the lights on the router during boot up and see that it is not going to work if no lights switch on during boot up. But if I just reboot and let it boot into Android - Android works every
  5. I have no problem installing Manjaro , emuelec , or ALT Linux. I was trying to get a buster distro working , or figure out how how to set up the SMB.conf , I'm trying to use it as a Samba share for the Playstation 2 an OPL I can't seem to get the SMB up an running at all though. Any help would be appriciated also a bit new to linux stuff i have class 10 sd cards booting from them , so I dunno I guess let me know what other info you'd need to help me figure this out. I'd like the be able to use something like OMV but I have no idea how I'd get it to boot. Thanks for your time everyone . I've se
  6. @SteeMan, yes, limitations understood, the expected use is (headless) server work and only wired ethernet network connectivity is needed. I'll have a deeper look and will start playing around with this shortly. Concerning the various DTBs: How do I know which one works best? The X96 Air P3 with S905X3 is SM1, so is it possible that any of the other DTBs works better (or at all?) than meson-sm1-sei610.dtb?
  7. It depends what you want to do. 1Gb is plenty of memory if you want to build up a little home server or media center, but of course if you want to browse the internet with a recent full-featured browser in a rich GUI it is way too low, either if you use Focal or Bionic.
  8. Fantastic image, thankyou for the work, there is a way to install on microSD instead of eMMC.? Hope that is possibile beacuse my eMMC is very slow.
  9. Hi, I bought a box with model Inova 5g with allwinner processor h3 cortex A7 4gb of RAM, which image of ubuntu is for her?
  10. Hi, @jock my box only has 1gb of RAM, the focal is heavy in it. I would like bionic to see if performance improves. I saw that there is no more to download, but usually someone has gdrive. do you know who might have it? Thank you very much in advance
  11. I would be immensely if anyone bright enough to help me. I have an android TV box running Android 7.1 on a S912B Mygica 1960. I have tried for days a while back to get this device to boot up with Ubunta and have given up. I opened a case about this some time ago, and have actually given up and now I am tackling it again. The issue, I have let it be via the android os - updates (which does not detect any files) or using the toothpick reset method which gives me the option to select aml_autoscript.zip. Running this results in the following error 21 (see below); — No p
  12. Hello, Ubuntu bionic is kind of deprecated by Armbian itself, so it is not in the archive directory anymore. I don't really know if it is even possible to build an image. Why you really need Bionic anyway? Focal is way better because packages are just more up-to-date and if you really need stable older packages you may want to try a Debian Buster build. edit: sorry, my mistake. Ubuntu Bionic is deprecated as a building OS, but it is still supported as target OS, so it is possible to have an Ubuntu Bionic image, but you have to build it yourself because it is not in the ar
  13. @Maker39 not more than yesterday, in private chat @jock and me we were saying that this 3ad is SUPER because many others users, such as you actively help people. This is right spirit of a forum
  14. @zero48, With people like @jock and @fabiobassa , this board couldn't win this fight Congratulations on your success I was rooting for you, but nothing could help
  15. Thank you but I tried it all. Can you send me the link in the mail? gio577397645@gmail.com
  16. @Flávio Lima hello Flavio it depends what scope you have for this box, I can say even 1gb of ram is okay Wait if @jock has some mirror for older versions
  17. Hi, looking for ubuntu bionic image for rk322x. only focal encounter, but my equipment only has 1GB Ram and is slow. all the links I found are broken. Thank you very much in advance
  18. Hello everyone, I have an rk3318 h96 max , 2gb, 16gb configuration. I've followed installation but couldn't get frequency scaling working. (/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ is empty) I am wondering if anyone can confirm that it works with the latest images. If it does work maybe there is something wrong with my dtb file. Thank you! Regards, Jose
  19. @zero48 I said it: this box WILL WORK !!! Congrats
  20. Gents, Finally got it Installed , I'm so happy !! Now I'll check whats working or not (not interested in WIFI in case of failure) . I used Armbian_20.11_Rk322x-box_buster_current_5.9.10_minimal.img ( I dont need Desktop for my purpose) Thanks Very much @jock and @fabiobassa for your patience and guide . Sincerely
  21. As long as you understand the limitations that dante6913 mentioned, and as long as you are only expecting to use it for server work, and I would add one additional item that you should only be expecting to use wired ethernet (wifi/bluetooth support is very spotty). I would recommend just trying the last build that supports amlogic cpus (The 5.9.0 October 14th 2020 build) and follow the instructions in the first post of this thread: Try the various dtbs for s905x3, sm1 (or s905x2, g12a) and see if any of them work well enough for your needs. I have a TX3x3 box which contains a s905x
  22. Hello, Busy monday ... Perfect So imagetool will shown if your box has NAND or EMMC depending of the chip... Understood. I flashed both legacy Images and it does not boot on Armbian after flash and reboot . If there some other images that I can use for testing Since it looks like you need the "perect fit" for you the board. This is a Microcosmos and I really enjoy the ride . Cesar
  23. I know that there is no official support by Armbian, but as it seems several others have got it working somehow. The info for that is scattered all over, so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I didn't know about Manjaro on such a box, but I'm having a look over there right now. Nevertheless, if any more (recent/complete) info about Armbian on such a S905X3 box should be available, please let me know.
  24. There is no armbian support for amlogic tv boxes (and never was a support for the S905x3). If you want linux in your x96 air you may look in manjaro arm forum. People are thinking on support to amlogic tv boxes.
  25. Now I can boot into Armbian, I find out an interesting way. If I unplug USB keyboard, it can boot from SDCard or USB into Armbian without pressing reset button, after it comes to login screen, I plug USB keyboard and I can use it normally. But if I plug USB keyboard while booting, it shows error "Unexpected XHCI event TRB,..." and reboot forever