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  2. A second SD card (10 class both) : DDR Version V1.09 20190628 In ID:0xFFF 300MHz DDR3 Bus Width=16 Col=11 Bank=8 Row=15 CS=1 Die Bus-Width=16 Size=1024MB mach:2 OUT Boot1 Release Time: Nov 9 2018 11:48:50, version: 2.54 ChipType = 0xc, 367 mmc2:cmd19,100 SdmmcInit=2 0 BootCapSize=2000 UserCapSize=7456MB FwPartOffset=2000 , 2000 mmc0:cmd5,20 SdmmcInit=0 0 BootCapSize=0 UserCapSize=3774MB FwPartOffset=2000 , 0 run on sd0 StorageInit ok = 938753 SecureMode = 0 SecureInit ret = 0, SecureMode = 0 GPT 0x632d7e00 signature is wrong recovery gpt
  3. Hello, No noise after soldering the TTL converter ... Here is 2 files , one with normal Android boot, teh other with imagetool (Sd card inserted) .SDboot_1.5m.txt noSD_1.5M.txt Cesar
  4. Hello, I'm in the process of soldering everything to avoid noise which probably is the cause as you pointed correctly. SD card was inserted during one of the booting files . I'll be sending the results soon Thanks
  5. @zero481.5 mbit/s has been always problematic even with my TTL converters, but your logs appear to me too much garbled with too many strange characters I never got. Are you sure the ground pin is well connected? Anyway, it looks to me that in both the logs just posted your box is booting Android, so no sdcard boot from what I see.
  6. @zero48 Check your private messages Cesar. Anyway regarding your bootlogs, still something wrong because strange symbols happear . Please check ground connection to uart or even better solder it. I have pl 2303 and it goes both on 115200 and 1500000 The board is booting and booting fine Cesar !!!!!
  7. Well, "Naval captain does not become an expert in calm waters" was the first advice I got in my first Job at TV station just fresh out of Technical High school. Next time you come to DR , Let me know, Dinner on me. I Found a FTDI TTL converter which works almost perfect (definitively Prolific TTLs dont like that Speed) I did not see any data @115200 so No Log at that speed . Everything it's a 1500000. Here attached 2 files , with and witout SD card (notice that teh image in the card it is the trust-ddr2.img SDboot_1.5m.txt I hope you may find som
  8. @zero48 que diablura es esa? qual brujeria tiene esta board, ajajajaaj Let's go back at english that is official and common language here, but let me say you live in my 3rd house : Italy, Cuba, Santo domingo !! Ok back to board, definetly a speed issue or may be wrong pins, you just swapped tx and rx ? Ground = black I suppose is in right position , first on right But I am also sure you already tried to swap them The speed in normal android is 1 million 5 hundred thousand 1500000 did you check this ? may be missing a zero ?
  9. @megaduo you had to use the overlays together, but anyway apparently I did a mistake in the wlan-alt-wiring because the kernel is complaining. Need to check it out first. The easier way to get the real gpio layout is with device trees, otherwise you can X-ray scan the board and search for the copper paths from the SoC to the wifi chip, but I think it is far harder
  10. Thanks for your reply,I tried both of overlays,but it's still not working.Is there any other way to find out the real gpio layout? The dmesg with overlays=wlan-alt-wiring With overlays=wlan-rtl8189etv
  11. Hi, I installed a male header and I'm using a PL2303TA USB to TTL Converter https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YM3vGMn_nfofsoyjVoLueMcKZCMu3YxN/view?usp=sharing Here attached 4 files , 2 of them normal Android boot other 2 with the SD card inserted, with 1.5m & 115200 speed respectively However looks like there is a speed issue in my opinion, I did tested with 3 different TTL converters same result . Well quite challenge. I'm from Dominican Republic. -4GMT Thanks SDboot_1.5m.txt SDboot_115200.txt NoSD_115200.txt noSD_
  12. Unfortunately needed to fight spam and other BS You received a like. Restrictions should be lifted within 24h
  13. That's it! My fault. Thanx! But I can't edit it no longer. Thanx a lot for help! I'll try yours image definitely soon! There is only one common card left. Until I was waiting for an answer - did something: figured out RX & TX. In order: 1. I burn bionic image (Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_bionic_current_5.7.8.img) first. But SDcard even wasn't found I guess: 2. Then I burn "trust.img" (by: "dd if=trust.img of=/dev/sdb seek=24576") and put "rk3318-t9.dtb"(from here) in the root of SDcard. I got "trust.img" from stock Android Firmware. The log has become much longer th
  14. I got these from a flea market locally ( Dominican Rep.) So far never researched for the android firmware. When Insert the imagetool Sd card into the unit and power it on , it just stay there (both leds red and blue lite ) , Blue led does not Lite strong as when the Android normal boot does. I left once the SD card for 2 hours nothing happens, Screen stay as no video detected.( I did tried with both HDMI and HDMI to VGA adapter , same result). Thanks
  15. Of course not Will keep my hands sane, I don't really want to discover if they put Android 10 in such a risky way
  16. @jock Based on our previous experiences with china producers ( 4 giga of ram, 64 gb of storage and the 2/16 really , or even worst..) would you put your hand on fire that really is android 10 inside ?
  17. @zero48 It would also be very nice to have the full original firmware, so we could inspect it and understand if there's something different with the Android 10 boot process. Maybe the box vendor gave you a link to the updated firmware or so... it would be very useful. Maybe I lost some pieces behind, but when you insert the SDcard with the multitool what does exactly happens? The screen stays black or it just boots Android like usual?
  18. @Lambert or some moderator: i think what is ment here is rk3318 and not rk3188 - it might be good to adjust the title ...
  19. @zero48 No way Cesar, it will work... it MUST work, now the problem is watch WHO will win, the board itself or ourselves !!!! Ok ttl TIME. connect the converter, on the board is clearly marked the tx and rx and SET the putty speed to 1500000 ( YES !! one million 500000 , thanks rockchip for this unusual speed) you will see the very early booting of ddr ( it should say ddr3 330 mhz ) and some other things such as optee Then the speed changes to usual 115200 so is bit problematic since you must close putty change speed and open back I suggest to do this : 1)start the board a
  20. Please note that from now on, instead of the previous ArmbianTV builds for rk3328, the release of builds for Fyrefli Station M1 has begun. http://bbs.t-firefly.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2803&extra=page%3D1 https://www.stationpc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=88&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dlastpost%26orderby%3Dlastpost
  21. Hello, This is done check https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n1Th8yKMWPj11Za6ovvPn71NEk2JJMQw/view?usp=sharing No joy, I suspect that my problem with these boxes is a booting issue and that is why imagetool never have the chance to "Inflate" the FAT32 I guess . TTL time ? Please advice the next steps when time is right for you . I have several TTL converters and I'm use to Putty. In another hands just discovered this Thread from you Which would be my tonigh bed time history... Thanks in advance Cesar
  22. I think I did correctly with Etcher to flash to my SDCard. Just cause by my TX3 mini does not use Stock Rom when I buy it, the buyer already changes to Cook Rom. It may prevent to multiboot. Now I am trying to flash to Stock Rom
  23. @megaduo I made a couple of other device tree overlays. Could not test them at all, just wrote them from scratch based upon the original device tree you provided. It appears that your box has a different wiring for SDIO, so not only the power pin is different but also the data/clock pins. I attached them to this post, as usual put them in /boot/dtb/overlays directory and then change the overlays line in overlays=wlan-alt-wiring wlan-rtl8189etv in /boot/armbianEnv.txt. Reboot and hope! As usual, dmesg is appreciated for debug. rk322x-wlan-alt-wiring.dtbo rk
  24. You may try this very work in progress build effort made by @fabiobassa, @hexdump and me. Burn it on a sdcard and try, but your mileage may vary
  25. Got you . I'll get a linux pc to my Bech and comeback to you ASP Thanks once again
  26. Just because you can read the contents of the boot and root partitions on the SDcard does not mean it is OK or that it was created correctly. The boot sectors of the card need to be correct as well and those you aren't going to see. This would look like potential progress. This is what you would expect to see if you have the wrong boot configuration parameters (i.e. your extlinux.conf). Could you attach the extlinux.conf file you are trying to use. One final comment, is that you only need to successfully enable multiboot once (i.e. press the reset button while app