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Old bug tracker - read only

These forums have been replaced with the new bug tracker forums you can see in the forums main index above.


  1. Other supported boards

    Odroid XU3/XU4/HC1/HC2/MC1, Nanopi Fire3, Nanopc T3/T3'+

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  2. Rockchip 3399

    Orangepi 4, Nanopi Neo4, M4, M4V2, NanoPC T4, Rock64 pro, Pinebook pro, Firefly RK3399, Rock Pi4a/b/c

    Helios64 have been moved (click)

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  3. Rockchip 3288 & 3328

    Tinkerboard / S, Rock64, Nanopi Neo3/R2S

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  4. NXP (Freescale)

    Cubox-i; Hummingboard / Gate & Edge

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  5. Amlogic S905(x), S922X

    Odroid C2, (H)C4, N2(+), Le Potato, FriendlyElec K2

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  6. Armada A388, A3700

    Clearfog base & pro, Espressobin

    Helios4 has been moved (click)

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  7. Allwinner A64, H5, H6 and H616

    Pinebook, Olimex Teres, Olinuxino A64, Orange Pi PC2, Zero+ 2 H5, Prime, Win; NanoPi Neo 2, Neo+ 2, M1 Plus 2, FriendlyElec K1+

    Pine H64; Orange Pi One+, Lite2, 3, Zero 2

  8. Allwinner H2 & H3

    Orangepi One, Lite, PC, PC+, Zero, Zero+ 2 H3; Banana Pi M2+; NanoPi Air, Neo, Duo

  9. Allwinner A20

    Olimex Lime 2, Cubieboard 3, Bananapi M1

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