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  1. @Blop can you confirm this build root has the drivers for T820? Could you try to run a Hello World OpenCL example from This GPU is so special and if we unlock the OpenCL, that will be the fastest platform available at this price point.
  2. S912 is the most promising CPU now, really excited to run some OpenCL testes on Mali-8!
  3. @balbes150, Can I try to generate an Armbian image using your code from? Is it the "official" porting to Armbian building system? What is the stage today?
  4. I don't have as many Amlogic boards as shown on your picture to test. A good test would be to run cpuburn on the 5 cooling cases you mentioned. I think it is very important to all of us know the average temperature on any scenario. Here, on my side, by running GT1 with original enclosure and cpuburn running for 5 days I'm stuck at 70~74ºC with environment temperature between 20 and 28ºC.
  5. @balbes150 I think you are doing an outstanding job, but I'm very confused about what efforts areas we need to focus on, how to build your images from scratch, what are the latest images available, how and if we are going to merge your efforts to armbian building system etc. What do you think about these points?
  6. @balbes150, is it the reason ethernet stopped working on latest image you released?
  7. @tkaiser, I little bit off-topic, but do you know where we can find drivers for Mali T8? I mean the ones for OpenCL.
  8. @balbes150, Armbian_5.24_Amlogic-s905x_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_desktop_20161125.img.xz has ethernet working, wifi not working. Armbian_5.24_Amlogic-s905x_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_20161223.img.xz has wifi working, ethernet not working. I'm using the 2g DTB file that I have extracted from Android (more details on this post):
  9. @lex, can you take a look at it?
  10. @balbes150, Your latest image is working on eMMC, but ethernet has stopped to work. On I tried to set IMAGE_DTB to the .dtb file I extracted and published in this thread for GT1, it is not giving any more errors during the script run, but ethernet is not working anymore. This dtb files are causing a general confusion on the users. Best, Luiz.
  11. @balbes150, IMAGE_DTB="/root/gxm_q201_2g_0000a800.dtb" No errors during eMMC writing... but ethernet is still not appearing on ifconfig.
  12. @zador.blood.stained, how to disable video on u-boot?
  13. For 5.25, I suggest solving (issue #579) since it affects all H3 boards and offers a "bad first experience to Armbian" on boot.
  14. @balbes150 Results from GT1: 1) ethernet has stopped working on your latest image;] 2) WiFi is working on GT1 by default; 3) eMMC script is working, I'm able to boot from eMMC; Only got a error on DTB, look:
  15. @balbes150, Please check the output with your latest image. EnableSelinux=enforcing aml_dt=gxm_q201_2g baudrate=115200 bootcmd=run start_autoscript;run storeboot; bootdelay=1 bootfromnand=0 bootfromrecovery=0 cmdline_keys=if keyman init 0x1234; then if keyman read usid ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.serialno=${usid};fi;if keyman read mac ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} mac=${mac} androidboot.mac=${mac};fi;if keyman read deviceid ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.deviceid=${deviceid};fi;fi; cvbs_drv=0 cvbsmode=576cvbs display_bpp=24 display_color_bg=0 display_color_fg=0xffff display_color_index=24 display_height=1080 display_layer=osd1 display_width=1920 dtb_mem_addr=0x1000000 ethaddr=00:15:18:01:81:31 factory_reset_poweroff_protect=echo wipe_data=${wipe_data}; echo wipe_cache=${wipe_cache};if test ${wipe_data} = failed; then run init_display; run storeargs;if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash;fi; if test ${wipe_cache} = failed; then run init_display; run storeargs;if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash;fi; fb_addr=0x3d800000 fb_height=1080 fb_width=1920 fdt_high=0x20000000 firstboot=1 gatewayip= hdmimode=1080p60hz hostname=arm_gxbb init_display=osd open;osd clear;imgread pic logo bootup $loadaddr;bmp display $bootup_offset;bmp scale initargs=rootfstype=ramfs init=/init console=ttyS0,115200 no_console_suspend earlyprintk=aml-uart,0xc81004c0 ramoops.pstore_en=1 ramoops.record_size=0x8000 ramoops.console_size=0x4000 ipaddr= jtag=apee loadaddr=1080000 netmask= outputmode=1080p60hz preboot=run factory_reset_poweroff_protect;run upgrade_check;run init_display;run storeargs;run upgrade_key;forceupdate;run switch_bootmode; recovery_from_flash=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if imgread kernel ${recovery_part} ${loadaddr} ${recovery_offset}; then wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr}; fi recovery_from_sdcard=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} aml_autoscript; then autoscr ${loadaddr}; fi;if fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} recovery.img; then if fatload mmc 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then echo sd dtb.img loaded; fi;wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr};fi; recovery_from_udisk=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr} aml_autoscript; then autoscr ${loadaddr}; fi;if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr} recovery.img; then if fatload usb 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then echo udisk dtb.img loaded; fi;wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr};fi; recovery_offset=0 recovery_part=recovery sdc_burning=sdc_burn ${sdcburncfg} sdcburncfg=aml_sdc_burn.ini serverip= start_autoscript=if usb start ; then run start_usb_autoscript;fi;if mmcinfo; then run start_mmc_autoscript;fi; start_mmc_autoscript=if fatload mmc 0 1020000 s905_autoscript; then autoscr 1020000; fi start_usb_autoscript=if fatload usb 0 1020000 s905_autoscript; then autoscr 1020000; fi storeargs=setenv bootargs ${initargs} androidboot.selinux=${EnableSelinux} logo=${display_layer},loaded,${fb_addr},${outputmode} maxcpus=${maxcpus} vout=${outputmode},enable hdmimode=${hdmimode} cvbsmode=${cvbsmode} hdmitx=${cecconfig} cvbsdrv=${cvbs_drv} androidboot.firstboot=${firstboot} jtag=${jtag}; setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.hardware=amlogic;run cmdline_keys; storeboot=if imgread kernel boot ${loadaddr}; then bootm ${loadaddr}; fi;run update; switch_bootmode=get_rebootmode;if test ${reboot_mode} = factory_reset; then run recovery_from_flash;else if test ${reboot_mode} = update; then run update;else if test ${reboot_mode} = cold_boot; then run try_auto_burn; fi;fi;fi; try_auto_burn=update 700 750; update=run usb_burning; run sdc_burning; if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash; upgrade_check=echo upgrade_step=${upgrade_step}; if itest ${upgrade_step} == 3; then run init_display; run storeargs; run update;else fi; upgrade_key=saradc open 0; if saradc get_in_range 0x0 0x50; then echo detect upgrade key; run update;fi; upgrade_step=2 usb_burning=update 1000 wipe_cache=successful wipe_data=successful