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  1. Thanks for the link, my image version is probably: Armbian_5.27_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20170323 edit: Yes, that was the right config, WiFi works too. Thanks @balbes150
  2. It's not present in that image (3.14.29 kernel) Could you provide a link?
  3. We're talking about a standard Armbian 5.27 Ubuntu image from about a month ago, and yes, Mini M8S has 100M ethernet whereas the others have gigabit.
  4. @balbes150 What's the recommended dtb file for M8S mini S905? I've been testing a relatively recent desktop image + gxbb_p200_2G which works fine on both MXQ Pro+ and Beelink MiniMXIII but M8S ends up with a non-functioning LAN. The image that I normally use (3.14.79 based) + the old dtb format M8S file, brings up wired LAN just fine so it looks like a wrong dtb file. I think it shouldn't matter the same image ran on those other boxes I'd mentioned?
  5. preview

    Here's gl4es, likewise from France: Even though nothing beyond OpenGL 1.5 is supported, it should be fun to test, and besides, you might be the first to try it on a Tinker Board.
  6. The way you phrased the question means the answer probably entails just one step, namely, running /root/
  7. Nice to see it already has Android 5.1 so running termux should be useful/fun.
  8. @James KingdonI've just realised the q8-rk3288 wiki mentions the 2 boxes from @mdel's first post. Which implies it should probably have worked OOTB?
  9. @James Kingdon Ah, ok, thought you had no choice but to cross-compile. BTW, could you post a link to your kernel .config and the dtb file used? edit: Unless make q8-rk3288_defconfig was enough.
  10. Thanks for the detailed write-up! I could build the kernel for you natively, if you think that really was the problem area. Which gcc branch should I use? (the repo says `at least gcc 3.2) Indeed, mine should be arriving next week
  11. @James Kingdon Could you give us a quick recap of the steps necessary to get the Q8 to boot that kernel? Which image did you use as your base?
  12. Do any of you know of an Android 5 ROM for this box? That way, we could run a few benchmarks under termux, at least.
  13. Second that, yandex causes all sorts of problems. Only recently have I overcome the problem with downloads not starting (Load denied by X-Frame-Options) by setting network.http.enforce-framing.soft to false in firefox. No idea how to make it work in chromium, though.
  14. Yeah, haven't tried that yet. Could be trivial or a huge maintenance burden. Not too helpful a name, judging from @zamrih's post it's meant to make a difference for 100M LAN and/or Realtek WiFi?
  15. I've seen this suggested before but I have doubts if it's still applicable to the Debian of today. I'll probably have to experiment with Jessie based images.