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  1. I thought S912 has Mali T820...
  2. For me more interesting is a mali driver for S912...
  3. diaamant: Do you think there is any interesting stuff inside? I don't think so.
  4. In case if somebody interested in then kszaq has just released an alpha preview build of LibreElec for S912. It works with balbes150's q912_otg.dtb. You can find it in the thread above.
  5. You are right, I tried again and I can use the 5 GHz networks. It's much faster (80Mbps vs 30Mbps) than the 2.4 GHz (on the same router).
  6. I've got the 6255 driver from here and I can connect to a 2.4GHz network on H96 Pro 3GB/16GB. Unfortunately it cannot see the 5 GHz networks. BT device not present. Edit: It sees the 5GHz networks too.
  7. When the desktop starts I got this message: Should I delete it or not?
  8. OK. Thank you!
  9. Wifi doesn't work, Not even a wlan device present. Bluetooth icon disappeared. Sound works. Do you need any log or something? (I wrote this post on Armbian on S912.)
  10. Latest Ubuntu desktop with q912_otg started and LAN works!
  11. I tried to run the latest ubuntu with the Q912 dtb but the kernel stops after 7 second. Same happens with the debian image.
  12. You are welcome. How is going? Do you have lan or wifi?
  13. The debian xfce has the same problems: no lan, no wifi (no BT), no audio On the serial console the wlan0 infinite loop is runing. If I change the resolution from 720p to 1080p then only the upper half of the display is working but if I change the 24 bpp to 32 bpp then get back the full screen with unreadable colors. There are no linux commands in the terminal e.g. ethtool, ifconfig, lsusb, etc. Is it possible to change the desktop resolution to 2560x1440? I mean the S9xx can handle that resolution at all?
  14. root/1234
  15. FYI: My box has AP6255 Wifi chip and RTL8211F LAN chip. Are there drivers for these hardwares? You can see the armhwinfo.log