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  1. http://pulpstone.pw/sunxi/
  2. OK I moved the zero plus H3 to about 10 meters with two walls in the path I ran Ping with and without PM. I see the same thing you see high ping times with pw enabled, PM is enabled on reboot ping_from_0plusH3_PM_off.txt ping_from_0plusH3_PM_on.txt
  3. Not a very good signal, alot of noise, switch channels I will post some test from a Zero Plus H3 later, but I do not see this from my zero's (but my wifi signal is MUCH cleaner)
  4. Do you have a punch list of what you would like tested / how you want the tests be run? Just installing and running does not really provide much info.
  5. First Orange pi not supported anymore ?

    https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi/ The mainline server is 4.11.... yes older boards are "phased out" You could check to see if you can build a desktop mainline..but do you know if the hardware is supported for AP mode (not all wi-fi can run in AP mode) and if the board has support in the mainline.
  6. Hillz the zero wi-fi is slow, but that is very slow, check the channel you are using make sure to use the cleanest one. the stock antenna are crap replace. at 30 feet with two walls under heavy load I see 3~4 meg transfer, with small text files I see much faster speeds. If you use a usb wi-fi make sure you have a GOOD 5 v / 2~3 amp PSU
  7. Chromium browser fails to launch

    can you reproduce the error in a fresh build?? if not then it is not a software issue (bad sd card???) reproduce the error on a fresh build using another GOOD sd card. if you can reproduce the error, post logs, make of sd card, make of psu...so on give the folks here the help they need to help you.
  8. start here... https://forum.armbian.com/index.php?/topic/3243-orange-pi-zero-wireless-module-status-xradio-st-cw1200/ the zero works fine in IoT projects, thing is some folks think a cheap 7.00 board can replace 200.00 of x86 gear. ap limit of 5 connections, weak wi-fi signal, crappy stock antenna, weak psu = failure before they start Igor did build a 4.1x image with wi-fi it is linked here
  9. hostapd on orange pi light realtek driver

    A easy way to set a lan and wlan ip's on 2 different networks can be done with armbian / openwrt. ..OK so I am fat and lazy.... I have not run the last version but the older ver works very well. http://pulpstone.pw/sunxi/ not sure what you are after, but it is easy to setup and test / AP mode / client mode / AD-Hoc mode I have logs of Iperf3 between a ver 1.1 and ver 1.4 going both ways ...with both as AP and both as client if you want to some numbers. @30 feet with two walls, on a some what clear channel.
  10. Problems with Orange PC+

    Does not have be a real crappy Gig switch. I have now seen this on my Linksys GS108, and was reported me about 2 cisco catalyst switches not liking the zeros. The zero's work.. then do not work, reboot the switch and they work until they do not. Mine will drop off in a 2~3 hours, and not reconnect unless I reboot switch and even then it is a maybe, I have to power the Zero off disconnect the cable and restart the switch, wait for it to full boot and then plug the cable and power on the zero...a lot of BS for a $7.00 part. Before I had them plugged into the gig switch they showed no issues with the ethernet, one had been running for about a month as a client and had over 70 gig of data pass thru it feeding a Roku box and VoIP ATA. I was load testing the wi-fi with the 5.32 image (I was moving big zip around) and the zero ethernet port shutdown, I was sure the zero port was dead, but in testing it, I plugged it into a 10 /100 switch and it works 100 % I tested two zeros side by side, watching the switch logs, I see the zero ask for IP but it fails about 40% of the time now to get an IP and then it powers off.. I had reports from the field that some zeros I had setup for a customer who put them into service had issues with cisco switches, I blew it off as bad cabling or what not. But once i could see happening myself, i dug around, checking ver. (all three zeros showing this are ver. 1.1) checking cabling, swapping ports in the switch, power suppies, SD cards, only common thing is the gig switch.
  11. I was talking about the PR where he talks (sounds good) about sharing / giving all the docs, providing tech support bah bah.. Tell the masses what they want to hear and watch them to your bidding...
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/librecomputer/libre-computer-board-next-gen-4k-sbc-dev-board-for Sounds good, the site reads like they have been here reading TK's post, saying all right stuff
  13. How are you getting to the zero??? Putty ???? using switch ??? dhcp??? what router??? you can not use something like winscp or the like for first login as we know the software works, need to start looking around at other things which may cause this
  14. Yea I would NEVER connect to an AP. I was running load test on the zero, left it running over night, I guess it was to much for the zero, the ethernet port died. I have a 1.4 ver I will test this weekend.
  15. Back in old VoIP, days I had found asking for the needed info at the start of tech post got the user off to a good start. Having issues? You need to provide us with these items for us to help. Make model ver of board Make model ver of SD card Make model ver of power supply Armbian Image used Logs (You do know how to produce logs, right???) What level of linux user / tech are you? New, Some skills , or Expert As I am new to U-boot and running an OS off a sd card, and my linux skills are mostly forgotten (old age does than) as the last linux I used was Redhat / Centos from more than 10 years ago .... I would class myself "some simple skills".