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  1. Customize boot.cmd

    I have finally ended up with the following patch: diff --git a/include/configs/sunxi-common.h b/include/configs/sunxi-common.h index 9b514ff..a09a3da 100644 --- a/include/configs/sunxi-common.h +++ b/include/configs/sunxi-common.h @@ -518,6 +518,7 @@ extern int soft_i2c_gpio_scl; #endif #define CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS \ + "silent=1\0" \ CONSOLE_ENV_SETTINGS \ MEM_LAYOUT_ENV_SETTINGS \ DFU_ALT_INFO_RAM \ @@ -532,4 +533,8 @@ extern int soft_i2c_gpio_scl; #define CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS #endif +#define CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE +#define CONFIG_SYS_DEVICE_NULLDEV +#define CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE_UPDATE_ON_RELOC + #endif /* _SUNXI_COMMON_CONFIG_H */
  2. Automatically create pi account

    OK, seems like /etc/init.d/firstrun is the file I need to look at. Thanks anyway for your answer!
  3. Automatically create pi account

    Well.. but there is nothing about removing start-up questions. Did you read my topic to the end ?
  4. Automatically create pi account

    THX for quick response!
  5. Hello guys I need instructions on how to skip mandatory steps during first load when Armbian requires to login as root and use password 1234. What I need is to have pi account created automatically during sd-image build (with a custom password) and assigned a predefined set of groups. I want Armbian start and auto-login with pi account and run my linuxfb-based full-screen application. It seems like is the right place to create a new account on target image. But how can I disable that startup poll to create a new user, change password, etc? Thanks
  6. Seems yes I can... Thanks!
  7. I tried to compile QT5 from using target gcc but it is way too slow than normal cross-compile using linaro toolchain... And so I am going to stick with linaro cross-compile. Can you give me an advice about the following scenario. I want to cross-compile QT5 from script, i.e. git clone and make (with linaro toolchain) in userpatches directory, then copy binaries to userpatches/overlay and install to target fs from script. So far so good but I in order to build QT5 I need a device SYSROOT (/usr/lib, /usr/include, etc) which is not prepared yet when is executed. SYSROOT is prepared with and it does not contain all required libs & headers when is executed.
  8. I want to build QT5 in chroot and then install it to /usr/local. Ok, so I can create a folder like /tmp/build, git clone there, build and install, right ? All this can be done from ?
  9. Hello guys, There is an issue in build framework that makes impossible building my custom kernel for sun6i without changing your code. In the file the variable LINUXFAMILY is forced to "sunxi" (unless it is sun8i) and my custom file userpatches/sources/sun6i.conf is not included. Of course I can hack but much better if you make sort of correction for this issue. Thanks
  10. Hello again, I tried like you said but it didn't work. My custom directory that I created in userpatches is not visible in /tmp during build, there are only customize-image and overlay folder visible. I can use to mount my own dir without readonly bu there is no way to unmount it without changing Not sure if is critical to unmount it. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  11. Hello guys, is it possible to build custom source code in ? Seems like /tmp/overlay is read-only, can I use another location to git clone my source code, make and install in target file system ? My idea is to build & deploy sources using native gcc compiler. Thanks
  12. BananaPi M2 HDMI resolution

    Hello guys, can you please help setup HDMI output to 480x320 in mainline kernel for BananaPi M2 ? I am trying to utilize 3.5inch HDMI display and it is working fine but my current resolution is too high. According to default settings in armbianEnv.txt it seems to be disp_mode=1920x1080p60. On such a small screen I can hardly see console output. Thanks
  13. Customize boot.cmd

    If I replace boot.cmd in will *.scr file be built too ?