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  1. Hello guys can you teach please how to update Armbian's kernel on my device without replacing whole SD image ? thank you
  2. Hey guys, Any news on this issue ?
  3. I still think there should be a more flexible way to enable sun5i, sun6i, etc specific builds without changing file... When I change default script files I always get annoying warnings.
  4. Thanks a lot
  5. ok, I see... Can you explain, please, how build framework decide which board dts file should be used as default for resulting image ?
  6. Yes, I am talking about mainline... Looks like "linuxfamily" is forcibly set to "sunxi" instead of "sun6i".. Do you think it is correct ? How will you handle device tree dts compilation for bananapi then ? I think has to be changed ... Otherwise we can't handle sun5i, sun6, sun7i etc
  7. Where should I override it ? in lib/config/sources/ files? I also noticed that sun6i.conf is not applied for banana pi m2 while it should..
  8. Hi guys setting variables like MAINLINE_KERNEL_SOURCE in userpatches/lib.config does not change anything in the build. Is this fine ? What is the correct place to update this variable ? Thanks
  9. Hello guys I tried to build an image for Banana Pi M2, build itself went OK but image is not working. Any help is appreciated. Logs attached. Thanks compilation.log debootstrap.log install.log output.log patching.log tools-build.log bpim2-minicom.log
  10. Hello guys after recent updates no patches are executed from "userpatches/kernel/sun8i-dev" anymore. Can you explain what's going on, please ? How should we run user patches now ? Can you also document those changes, please. Thanks
  11. Not too much.. I had to disable a few patches (you will easily find them by monitoring compilation errors), and I also had to change 2 required patches. Both files are attached. My changes are specific to sun8i-dev. add-overlay-compilation-support.patch packaging-4.x-DEV-with-postinstall-scripts.patch
  12. Yes, you are right.. I had to manually adjust 'add-overlay-compilation-support.patch'. Now it works
  13. Hey Igor build went fine BUT... I am unexpectedly missing /boot/overlay folder in the resulting image.. Where should I look at ? Seems like it is handled by add-overlay-compilation-support.patch ? Thanks
  14. Thank you! It worked like a charm! I have zeroed this file because I thought it would be useless.)