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    Can you please provide output from /proc/interrupts after running such a GbE test on a NEO 2 with both onboard NIC and RTL8153? Reason: I tried few days ago to add IRQ redistribution to H5 boards but wonder how that works (can't test myself currrently). So you would really need recent nightly (2 days ago since this commit)
  2. Sure, this is default behaviour on all H3 based boards with eMMC (since SD card if present has higher boot priority).
  3. The HDMI relevant patches can be found here:, kernel is pulled from there: and there is an open bug report regarding h3disp:
  4. Kinda off-topic since it's about the NAS Expansion board but since others might face the same problems... I wouldn't call this heatsink solution 'nice' but 'rather inefficient' instead I just had a look at my Zero (currently seeding Armbian's torrents). It's in a Rack with 23°C surrounding temperature in a rather tiny enclosure (only Zero with a 128GB SD card). Reported idle temperature is between 37°C and 39°C so this is ~15°C above surrounding temperature. Heatsink and enclosure can be seen here: And I followed this advice to get heatsink + thermal glue: and downclocked DRAM to the absolute minimum using h3consumption -D 132 (with legacy OS images you can adjust this from userspace, just watch what h3consumption writes to /etc/rc.local to test through individual DRAM clockspeeds without reboots).
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    Thanks but @TonyMac32already provided me with the necessary bits in the meantime Since you're using OMV you should update your image with latest tweaks (IRQ affinity and 'special' OMV settings) or maybe simply give the optimized OMV image I built a few hours ago a try: OMV_3_0_72_Tinkerboard_4.4.63.7z (root password here is 'openmediavault' and will not be changed automatically on first login!) BTW: it seems there's something wrong regarding 'dwc2_hsotg:usb1'. This is generating an awful lot of IRQs according to your and Tony's debug output.
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    @TonyMac32sent me output from armbianmonitor so I added IRQ distribution routine for MiQi and Tinkerboard and also built an optimized OMV image (just for fun -- default logon credentials are admin/root with pwd 'openmediavault'): Background information: Internal discussion:
  7. That's why 'backups' are failing. Since people don't test. Besides that using dd is always wrong (but this will never change since the whole Internet is just copy&paste of outdated/wrong information over and over again). Cloning SD cards should be done using ddrescue and re-imaging should always happen with Etcher. To get the idea simply use Armbian's search function and search for 'ddrescue'.
  8. Just for fun: (based on kernel 4.4.52 and OMV 3.0.72, default password for both UI and SSH access is 'openmediavault') Completely untested so in case you give it a try please do some tests and submit output from 'sudo armbianmonitor -u' later. Wrt tests please see (I would prefer Helios LanTest numbers)
  9. No, there is no 'need' to do so (though it will work). Just stop making things complicated, add your board to your network (where a router with DHCP server is active?), switch it on and access 'ssh root@orangepipc' 2 minutes later. Everyone does it this way so it should work for you too.
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    Now that this is fixed in default config you should be aware that Armbian's build system can be used to generate optimized OMV images: What's still missing is IRQ redistribution but so far I've not seen anyone posting output of 'sudo armbianmonitor -u', right?
  11. (please see the changes necessary for OMV)
  12. Unfortunately mentioning Win32DiskImager to burn OS images. When do people stop recommending such crappy tools? But at least it works when booting the image the first time: macbookpro-tk:~ tk$ ping clearfogbase.local PING clearfogbase.local ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=84.344 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=4.982 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=4.568 ms ^C Still I think we should add 'avahi-daemon' to $PACKAGE_LIST_ADDITIONAL
  13. Ah, I totally forgot this. There's a bootloader in NOR flash so we should pay attention (speaking of armbianEnv.txt contents and nand-sata-install behaviour) In case you've a full log via serial console it would be great if you could put it to an online pasteboard service.
  14. Just a quick comment: seems you get random MAC addresses on every reboot? If that's the case please think about adjusting bootscript and let firstrun do the job. Please see how it's done with Pine64:
  15. IMO discussion can stay here (this could then later be a nice reference for 'random board bring up issues')