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  1. mmm very interesting, maybe in the future can be the replacement to my Beelink X2
  2. OK, TL;DR; An UAS or UASP capable USB interface like these: can bring you performance near to the SATA but using USB3 and in most cases USB2. But you need a proper driver or be included in the mainline kernel, as occurs with armbian. more in:
  3. Here you can find a reasonable support for the cheap Beelink X2 with 1GB of RAM and 8GB. It can be used as low profile desktop PC and can be more capable than you think with Linux. But the BeelinkX2 have a small problem related to your idea, if you choose to replace Android with Armbian in the internal memory you loose also the access to the microSD card. Here you can see some pictures and the size compared to a Raspberry Pi and an Orange Pi One. Maybe is interesting to use a Orange Pi PC with case and a 64GB microSD card.
  5. I don't want to be a moron but ... if you come from using a RPi 1 every piece of cr*p from Orange Pi or NanoPi can be far away from your actual performance. You can't imaging how worst is the combination of slow mono core solution and internal hub sharing bandwidth between network and USB.
  6. Here you can find more about this:
  7. Here you can't find anything about that SoC. Are you Spanish or Spanish speaker? The RK3066 can run Picuntu ubuntu versión and can be uptated til Ubuntu 14.04 Here you can find a lot of information including the instructions to install the bootloader inside the Recovery partition and run Ubuntu from a microSD card. Here the final step to run headless and links to all the process Regards
  8. Jared McNeill is porting NetBSD to H3 SoCs now tested with NanoPi NEO and Orange Pi Plus 2E
  9. Thanks @angyalr it works!
  10. IMHO. For me 3 boards are the minimum to be supported : desktop, NAS - LAMP and IoT server. And maybe 2 options for each purpose : cheap and optimal. A sane portfolio of 6 maker and professional boards with top notch OS. But, I'm only a moron user and sometimes tester. But guys at the end you have to know you are amazing, including the rude comments, the moron questions and everything.
  11. Same here. Now I'm using the last OMV image from @tkaiser and running "sudo nmtui" from the Terminal works perfectly. But I think it workd like a laptop out ot the box. I mean you can have Ethernet or Wi-Fi but not both. Of course you can configure to have both working or using "bonding" networks but not out of the box.
  12. So many thanks for your images, now running OMV_3_0_71_Bananapipro_4.10.12 after a weekend of restoring and resetting my first armbian deploy ... many time ago.
  13. copyrighted idea