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  2. martinayotte

    Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip

    It is probably Buster related since my own Armbian image doesn't have the issue : root@orangepi3:~# uname -a Linux orangepi3 5.1.0-rc4-sunxi64 #5.78 SMP Fri Apr 12 15:02:40 EDT 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux root@orangepi3:~# ll /bin/ping -rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 65088 Nov 10 2016 /bin/ping*
  3. GeorgeP

    Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip

    I just went to build a new image for my OPi3 and found that the 'Buster' option has appeared - I just had to go for it! Everything seemed to have built OK and once I'd applied the WiFi 'fix' from here I was up and running. The issue I've found is that I was unable to ping anything : george@orangepi3:~$ ping ping: socket: Operation not permitted This seems to be because the ping binary apparently should have the SUID bit set, so : george@orangepi3:~$ which ping /bin/ping george@orangepi3:~$ ls -l /bin/ping -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 73280 Aug 3 2018 /bin/ping george@orangepi3:~$ sudo chmod +s /bin/ping george@orangepi3:~$ ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.118 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.127 ms ^C I don't know if this is an issue with the Armbian build process or perhaps it is being echoed from the Debian Buster sources, and so I'm not sure how/where is the correct place to report it
  4. martinayotte

    MPC8308 DMA example

    How those MPC8308 are related to Armbian ?
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  6. AngeloB

    H6 board low power consumption

    Hi, I know that everything is Wip, and I'm ready to spend my time hoping to get something good, and yes principally is for educational purposes. I'm monitoring consumption with an USB tester (UM34), after PSU because I do not have a tester sensitive enough to value consumption with PSU. Now I'm going to study about DT and how to recompile u-boot to do some tests. Thanks for this hints
  7. Thanks for answering, that looks really interesting in fact. I will try to find the MIPS thread.
  8. Hi all, and first of all I want pay many thanks to authors and contributors for a great work on a Armbian itself and it's builder too. You rock, guys But a few days ago I ran into a problem with creating my own image. For these purposes, I use the script. My goal is to preinstall the cups into my image. So, my modified script now looks like that: And when I run the script, my compilation fails due unsuccessful installation of avahi-* packages with log below: Commonly, I'm using VirtualBox with Ubuntu 18.04 for compiling (but I tested it with Paralles and even Docker -- with the same result). Also I did not change the kernel configuration. Funny, looks like the problem only happens with avahi packages (I also tried, for example, to install Go project packages in the same way which was successful). If you have any glue (or maybe I need to write to another place; if so, please tell me which one) - you are awfully welcome! Also, feel free to ask for any additional information (I will deliver it ASAP). Here is some other information about my env below: My board: orangepizero (H2+ quad core 512MB SoC Wi-Fi/Ethernet) Target kernel branch: next (Mainline ( (4.x)) Target OS release: bionic (Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 LTS) Guest OS: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-47-generic x86_64) Host OS: Ubuntu 19.04 (GNU/Linux 5.0.0-13-generic x86_64) [VirtualBox (Version 6.0.6 r130049 (Qt5.12.2))] / MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 (18E226) [Parallels Desktop (Version 13.3.1 (43365))] Sincerely, Alex.
  9. koakh

    X96 MAX (S905X2) with Armbian-ubuntu

    Thanks @balbes150 Its seems a hard task! Maybe I wait for someone create a dtb for A95X Max..........or someone send me some links to start....maybe to start in first step.... 1. get the primary information to create an option for your model Thanks
  10. Is this a job interview?
  11. Petee

    A64 date/time clock issue

    Just having a look at another Pine64 this morning which I configured for an automation peer in ATL a couple of months ago. I see the time issue here and updating. | _ \(_)_ __ ___ / /_ | || | | |_) | | '_ \ / _ \ '_ \| || |_ | __/| | | | | __/ (_) |__ _| |_| |_|_| |_|\___|\___/ |_| Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.75 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.20-sunxi64 System load: 0.46 0.27 0.26 Up time: 24855 days Memory usage: 42 % of 2001MB IP: CPU temp: 46°C Usage of /: 28% of 29G [ 0 security updates available, 187 updates total: apt upgrade ] Last check: 2114-06-16 06:29 [ General system configuration (beta): armbian-config ] root@ATL-Pine64:~# date Sat Jun 16 07:16:14 EST 2114 root@ATL-Pine64:~# hwclock 2019-04-24 07:04:02.984370-0400 root@ATL-Pine64:~# I couldn't change the date so doing the nightly upgrade and hopefully a reboot will fix the date?? Nightly upgrade fixed the date stuff. (note doing this remotely) root@ATL-Pine64:~# date Wed Apr 24 07:30:34 EDT 2019 root@ATL-Pine64:~# hwclock 2019-04-24 07:31:09.806147-0400 oot@ATL-Pine64:~# uname -a Linux ATL-Pine64 4.19.20-sunxi64 #5.75 SMP Fri Feb 8 10:29:25 CET 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux root@ATL-Pine64:~# ./test_timer TAP version 13 # number of cores: 4 ok 1 same timer frequency on all cores # timer frequency is 24000000 Hz (24 MHz) # time1: 8948417f7, time2: 894841400, diff: -1015 # time1: 89484d7f7, time2: 89484d400, diff: -1015 # time1: 8948f87f7, time2: 8948f8400, diff: -1015 # time1: 89491f7f7, time2: 89491f400, diff: -1015 # time1: 894a457f7, time2: 894a45400, diff: -1015 # time1: 894bb07f7, time2: 894bb0400, diff: -1015 # time1: 894cbe7f7, time2: 894cbe400, diff: -1015 # time1: 894ce27f7, time2: 894ce2400, diff: -1015 # time1: 894d397f7, time2: 894d39400, diff: -1015 # time1: 894d8a7f7, time2: 894d8a400, diff: -1015 # time1: 894ead7f7, time2: 894ead400, diff: -1015 # time1: 894f917f7, time2: 894f91400, diff: -1015 # time1: 89511a7f7, time2: 89511a400, diff: -1015 # time1: 8951297f7, time2: 895129400, diff: -1015 # time1: 8951717f7, time2: 895171400, diff: -1015 # time1: 8952be7f7, time2: 8952be400, diff: -1015 # too many errors, stopping reports not ok 2 native counter reads are monotonic # 293 errors # min: -14695416, avg: 6, max: 15369 # diffs: -42000, -41958, -42000, -42000, -42000, -42042, -42042, -42042, -42042, -42041, -42041, -42000, -42000, -42041, -42041, -42041 # too many errors, stopping reports not ok 3 Linux counter reads are monotonic # 141 errors # min: -42042, avg: 612, max: 78125 # core 0: counter value: 37320126012 => 1555 sec # core 0: offsets: back-to-back: 10, b-t-b synced: 9, b-t-b w/ delay: 12 # core 1: counter value: 37320127893 => 1555 sec # core 1: offsets: back-to-back: 15, b-t-b synced: 8, b-t-b w/ delay: 11 # core 2: counter value: 37320129416 => 1555 sec # core 2: offsets: back-to-back: 14, b-t-b synced: 8, b-t-b w/ delay: 11 # core 3: counter value: 37320131492 => 1555 sec # core 3: offsets: back-to-back: 9, b-t-b synced: 9, b-t-b w/ delay: 10 1..3 root@ATL-Pine64:~#
  12. balbes150

    X96 MAX (S905X2) with Armbian-ubuntu

    All DTBS from Android are designed strictly for the old kernel. They will not work directly on core 5. From your files, you can only get the primary information to create an option for your model. But this is not an easy task that requires a lot of manual work.
  13. FGuerzoni

    cannot manual upgrade to kernel 4.19.36

    I managed to boot ARMBIAN 5.83 and kernel 5.0.9 patched with cedrus stuff. It has been quite tricky because cedrus march release referred to kernel 5.0.1 and I didn't find any source related to latest kernel to diff and patch. Then I flashed a SD card with full image Armbian_5.83_Nanopineo_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.0.9.img I don't know if it's ok because I still have to move to userspace and build the test app. Anyway: what sounds strange to me is that on the target device I still have linux header dev files that seem not patched. For exampe videodev2.h does not contain V4L2_PIX_FMT_H264_SLICE, which clearly appears in the patch I applied. I tried to manually copy on the target nanopi neo the linux-headers-dev-sunxi_5.83_armhf.deb and sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-dev-sunxi_5.83_armhf.deb with no results. Extracting the archive the updated videodev2.h seems to be there. Regards F
  14. Yes, its tested and it works, but don't expect too much, especially if you use 4.4.y kernel. This MT7601U is one of if not the cheapest USB adapters around.
  15. Hi Guys, I set 3 nodes mariadb galera cluster,and also installed and setup haproxy,and tested ,it worked fine (after troubleshooting and fixing issues which came) now while testing i was bringing down nodes one by one,first node3 ,then node2 and then node1,intially it was working fine,working on other nodes then i shutdown node1 and node2 and brought up only node3 suddently first haproxy gave error for handshake /connections issue then i closed haproxy and checked nodes ,on all node mariadb and cluster went down and not coming up ,i tried many times on node3 to bring up mariadb,it was not working,then i brought up both nodes and tried to bring up mariadb and galera cluster from node1 ,node2 ,node3 but not worked then tried as below 1)from node 1 tried sudo /usr/bin/galera_new_cluster,not worked 2)then in /var/lib/mysql/grastate.dat on node 1 ,changed safe_to_bootstrap: 0 from 0 to 1 ,still not worked,then repeated from node 2 and node3 also still not worked 3)from node 2 and node3 also tried to start using -galera_new_cluster but not worked any suggestions please reply what is wrong and on day to day working and galera management comment on below also a)what are filesystem for mariadb and galera on local filesystem (non storage) b)best practises c)best way to start stop galera full cluster(all nodes) gracefully and mariadb once setup and while bringing up every time from master node is it compulsory to use --new--cluster Thanks
  16. Pointless - we can't and don't fix upstream bugs. Reason? Number of employees: RedHat (12.000). Ubuntu (600), Armbian (0) We use stock Ubuntu or Debian package base/versions. "Armbian Bionic" has the same package versions as "Ubuntu Bionic". Main change is in the kernel and optimizations.
  17. I would specify "HDMI" or "DSI" for the HAL topics, a quick browse of LinuxCNC showed a BeagleBone port, it should work as a template/example
  18. madurani

    OrangePiZero AP-wifi authentication issue:

    Same issue was reported in redhat bugzilla Issue should be solved with patch in version wpa_supplicant-2.6-16. I am not sure, but I think, that in Armbian is some older version(now I don't known check it) of mentioned package, but it is relevant with distribution based on RHEL. Probably is needed raise some bug for Armbian, but I haven't idea how to do. System reported same issue: netlink: 'wpa_supplicant': attribute type 213 has an invalid length.
  19. Eddie Nambulus

    MPC8308 DMA example

    I bought several modules with mpc8308 on board. But following the documentation, i did not manage to implement DMA data transfer. Is it possible to get an example of the implementation of data transfer over DMA?
  20. JimmyK

    Activate RTS CTS on serial port

    Have you by chance provided the "em485 emulator" patches to the Armbian dev tree? I will be getting back to this section of my project soon and if it's been patched please provide link. Thanks in advance! Jimmy
  21. TonyMac32

    Daily (tech related) news diet

    Via hackaday Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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  23. Seasalt

    Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 4.1x (>= ver 5.55)

    I agree, I think the N2 s922x is about $70. But I already have a M4 RK3399 and I do not see any compelling reason to buy another early in development board. I have been very happy with my s912 $28 Mecool KM8 1gb ram boards running Babes Armbian . I find they are a lot of fun and am able to do one computer task well but are a bit slow on two tasks or Web surfing useless.
  24. I'm only just getting started with this project. So far I have gotten a lot of help from some great people and looking to get further along with this project as time goes on. My main goal is to turn the tinkerboard into a linuxcnc control system with a drop in SDcard/EMMC image(s). The images will be preloaded with everything needed to setup a cnc machine for different control systems such as GPIO, ETHERNET, SPI depending on one's choice or needs for control. The gpio will provide direct step/dir, end stops, router power control signals, etc.... the normal cnc machine control logic one would expect when using a parallel port. Ethernet and SPI will be options for anyone using drivers like the MESA controllers for example. At this point I have the working and current FULL preempt RT images and kernel DEB packages for any one looking to build or install. I have posted the files HERE. I have a working image setup with linuxcnc already compiled, and 3d/opengl video drivers fully working. If anyone is interested or willing to host the multi gig file let me know. CURRENTLY HAL for SPI, GPIO and ETHERNET are not built. These are areas I'm looking for help. Also at this point I could really use a hand with TUNING the build or tuning options for compiling the kernel if any. I'm weak in regards to software, strong in the hardware as well the electronics side. The last few issues I'm having are with the driver support for my LCD. it is not currently working at all. I have a raspberry pi 7" LCD with a native res. of 1024x600. I have to run it at 1024x768 which stretches the image a bit as well makes smaller print harder to read. The other issue though more of a personal one, I have an I2C RTC setup but i2c is not fetching the TIME/DATE but rather seeking network time. I do not know how to fix this and the few febal attempts I've made, I discovered that armbian has been rather locked down to use network time rather then seek multi sources for current time. I'm currently on the kernel 4.19 full preempt RT kernel. If anyone is interested in seeing photos of the project and the VERY custom mold and shell I built for this project check this LINK I've gotten a lot of positive feed back on it so far.
  25. koakh

    X96 MAX (S905X2) with Armbian-ubuntu

    Hello again I try to extract dtb file following this post, and other posts on net the only way I can get the dtb file (meson1.dtb) is with a tool Amlogic Customization Tool that someone comments about in above post but I try boot it in my box without success, it try to boots, jump to black screen after a 1 or 2 seconds meson1.dtb Update: I uses the above command to extract dtb, I extract dtb.img, and test it to boot, but some error ir won't boot, black screen after 1sec dd if=/dev/dtb | gzip > /storage/emulated/0/Download/dtb.img.gz can someone help me to extract a bootable dtb for my A95X max Box, help me to get access to usb to sata bridge module, to mount sata disk Thanks on advance
  26. I'm trying to create an access point on a Tinker Board S with a MT7601U wifi dongle, since the wifi that it incorporates I could not make it work. When I configure the AP, this message appears. One of your wireless drivers are on a black list due to poor quality. AP mode might not be possible! Is not supported in Armbian? is one of the hardware devices tested?
  27. Petee

    Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 4.1x (>= ver 5.55)

    Here near Chicago have been able to purchase the S912 (two of them) for around $60 each. One is a running KODI Coreelec box and doing OK with older kernal. The other is going to be a combo automation server. Looking next to purchase an RK3399 although these are closer and above $100 these days. Hopefully soon will find one with a Gb NIC, 4Gb of RAM, USB 3.0, 64Gb eMMC built in for $60 USD.
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