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  1. This terminology we have to change - we actually don't have / differentiate RC, normal and nightly. Just normal and nightly. Rebuilding nightly is getting latest trunk snapshot. And probably some adjustement is desired - with keeping as low build count as possible https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/targets.conf
  2. Minimal image is there because its the only one that fits to 1GB NAND storage. If you ran system from SD, that's ofc not an issue.
  3. Probably you are using minimal image for S and normal image for ZeroPi?
  4. If you only have headers, you can't recompiler kernel. You need sources. Since we have dropped support for this kernel years ago, there is little we can do to help you. Even when we support things, its best effort support.
  5. Yeah, it tried to add some sarcasms. Not sure if it worked
  6. Since infrastructure upgrade from single server to group of servers we are running round robin re-director around servers. Since current capacity is overkill, we actually don't need to worry about that. We have statistics in some form - @lanefu can provide more data - I hope we have it We have no info from downloads from torrents or direct download from mirrors. Image build targets are manually adjusted in this file: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/targets.conf Since images are built multi threaded and we have lots of CPU cores / enough memory to
  7. Perhaps this is needed? https://www.wdiaz.org/enable-ipv6-in-raspberry-pi-with-raspbian/
  8. If you are running Armbian desktop and you like to use Visual Studio Code, open a terminal and run: sudo apt update sudo apt install code
  9. Appratently this commit is responsible - you can submit a patch with reverting this or wait that they got sorted out differently. Ref: https://groups.google.com/g/linux-sunxi/c/RlwVRySBaUo
  10. In ideal world moderators - which are also short on (sadly this is one of the dirty jobs) - should move pressure on developers away from their sight - and warn or sanction user - before they even get a chance to be disturbed by. In profesional world, clients rarely get a chance to address developer directly. For the same reasons.
  11. enable Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy as a CSC build option (need build parameter EXPERT="yes") update u-boot loader to 2020.10 on Allwinner platform (optional manual update via armbian-config) update all kernels update images for Helios 64 add option to build images from prebuild packages from repository which drastically improves build time in case you don't need to rebuild kernel
  12. We are well aware of this problem which is why we have a project to deal with this somehow https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-230 rm -rf / is usually not the best way. I agree with you. Download Armian and solve all the problems you will have on your own. But when you will be comming here to use our resources, why don't you rather use Google instead or hire some Debian expert. There are people to provide such services. Do you have the need to make a damage to the project that is providing you software for free? And free suppot is damage, especially purely generic which h
  13. Its not personal. Its "you". Sorry for not being clear. I decide to have a script to build and deploy Debian on some cheap ARM things. Project is shaped all the time since start. Its not my shapping but many people's shaping. I am just showing support to people that contribute and talk about how problems we have and which are probably causing this problem. The problem is in the relatinship between users and makers and closing anything will not solve things, just make them worse. We just want and expect from you to be grounded and reasonobl
  14. That is hypotesis that work on the project is paid. Besides this forum, there is also a constanf flow of emails with pleads / demanda to support this and that. There is not a single cent of coverage. Only dealing with this represents several hours which I have no intention to cover from my personal pocket - if I started to deal with them. In the past I did, now they only get URL with support terms. If people have demands, they should cover that or do 180 ... I am sure all developers around Armbian could contrbute from our pockets and also cover bandwith, electricity and all 3rd pa
  15. Its actually tied to board support package, not a kernel. In most cases this update comes together, sometimes just this package is pushed. The change is done here and when BSP package is intalled tha file is generated. https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/makeboarddeb.sh#L46-L67 Not by default. This process is triggered when you run apt update and apt upgrade or its version via armbian-config wrapper. Absolutely.
  16. Apparently we are far away even on RK3399.
  17. Raspberry Pi is a propriatery video player by design. Outside that areas is sometimes questionable, sometimes stupid to run on. But popularity and populism are running this world. And since Rpi, attaching anything to it is everyday sales practice. (r)Pi sale. Advertisment in that context and the one that their (paid) software can run on ARM hardware, in reality just on those in the high-end section. Is bulky fancy paid software usable on Rpi? IMO not at all, but you probably could boot it up and people will try / talk about, advertise this concept free of charge. Is it usable on some RK33
  18. No idea why would you want to run that on Opi Zero since 8GB Rpi is by them tagged as Far Edge following by: If you will be installing the ESXi-Arm on the Raspberry Pi 4B, we HIGHLY recommend the 8GB version. While 4GB is sufficient to boot, there's not much room left to run a VM. Swing for the 8GB if you can. IMO its just another way to make some cheap advertisement without any real value.
  19. I the past few days I got several messages regarding this problem, even all corespondent knows that Armbian official policy only support images that are digitally signed. That is Armbian and its supported under those terms (make sure to read them before making more damages). Everything else you found floating on the internet you are using on your own risk. Why this topic? Since majority of R&D costs are covered from our private pockets (for official Armbian public share is between 0.2 and 0.4%), most of your requests (for more of our private time/cash) can only ends in "f* off", "stop was
  20. Armbian is a build system https://github.com/armbian/build that produces Debian like OS https://docs.armbian.com/#what-is-armbian on various hardware. Since Debian, Ubuntu and Raspi are just some combination of free software its hard to say where the problem is. We use Network manager to deal with networking, armbian-config is just a wrapper. Interesting issue.
  21. Because packages needs up to 24h before they are transmitted around the mirrors. Then package list is updated. And then this will work for you. Patience and perhaps some support? This service is almost entirely paid from our own pockets so complaining is not an option
  22. Try hints from https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+fix+locales+debian
  23. Images were updated few hours ago and are containing latest fixes. Update via apt will follow once mirrors are updated.
  24. Absolutely. Just send me a SSH key on private and I will enable you drop directory.