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  1. Igor's post in RockPro64 fan disabled was marked as the answer   
    Modern kernel luxury comes with a price:

    If you want Armbian with the same functionality, but also no updates to the kernel, pick Armbian with a kernel 4.4.y which is still provided for this hardware.
    Perhaps fan support works and just need enabling?
  2. Igor's post in Enable Lima hardware acceleration was marked as the answer   
    IIRC there were some issues on Debian user land and 3d acceleration and I assume they still exists (Buster is too old for fancy stuff). Its known that it works on Focal  / Hirsute. Since we just started on adding 3D support, this is certainly not present on images that are currently available. Its coming with a next release 21.08 / this month. We only have packages for Ubuntu based builds - they came from here. We have no plans to support 3d on Debian desktops since this represent extra work and maintenance burden.
    As i notice https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/targets.conf#L522-L530 we didn't enable on 32bit probably because we need someone to test if it works. Build from sources is needed at this point. And remember to enable 3D since its not enabled by default.
  3. Igor's post in Cubietruck updates break? was marked as the answer   
    This is the problem and the solution:
  4. Igor's post in The repository 'http://apt.armbian.com xenial Release' does not have a Release file. was marked as the answer   
    Our system only publish packages for supported distributions. Xenial is EOL from our maintaining perspective. We have to cut what is not important, but eats resources.
  5. Igor's post in mirrors.netix.net/armbian/apt stretch Release -- Not Found was marked as the answer   
    There is nothing wrong on our side - we just don't build and publish our package upgrades for Stretch repository anymore. (automatically) Only for those marked as supported: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/master/config/distributions Support from Debian ended 01 Jan 2020 and I assume kernel upgrades, which are anyway coming from us, are at Stretch going to die June 2022 (this info is extracted from quick search on the net, so its not official)
  6. Igor's post in ORANGE PI PC PLUS is not booting, and tried both images from the site was marked as the answer   
    Another option is to boot images from archive.
  7. Igor's post in The repository 'http://apt.armbian.com bionic Release' is not signed. was marked as the answer   
    This problem should be resolved. CDN needs several hours ... so perhaps not right now.
  8. Igor's post in Clearfog build only u-boot? was marked as the answer   
    Actually it is, but perhaps not well exposed in documentation:
    ./compile.sh 'compile_uboot'  
  9. Igor's post in lightdm crashes after recent upgrade was marked as the answer   
    Try perhaps this: 
    apt install slick-greeter + reboot.
  10. Igor's post in In need of direct link for desktop download: bananapi M3 was marked as the answer   
    But there is no desktop variant for this hardware so you need to:
    - download CLI and enable XFCE desktop via armbian-config -> system -> enable desktop
    - build desktop image with https://github.com/armbian
    - only Armbian. We don't provide Debian ...
    And this board is not supported. Which means we don't know how good or bad it works ... I know it boots, but that's about it.
  11. Igor's post in Odroid HC2 Hard Drive not found / readable under Armbian Focal was marked as the answer   
    I highly suspect this is something to do with filesystem driver incompatibility between kernel 4.14.y and 5.4.y. We don't support BTRFS even commercially, but you can find commercial support elsewhere https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Btrfs#Commercial_support Perhaps there is a way to upgrade somehow ...
    Plan B will only cost you your time. Starting from 4.14.y, coping elsewhere, starting with 5.4.y ... or staying on 4.14.y.
  12. Igor's post in error when installing docker was marked as the answer   
  13. Igor's post in Asus Tinkerboard on kernel 4.4.213-rockchip bricked after shutdown was marked as the answer   
    By opening a ticket https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-776 my job is done. I have other troubles to deal with.
  14. Igor's post in arm-config not able to install linux headers (grep error) was marked as the answer   
    Problem was fixed, but you need to apt upgrade and reboot.
  15. Igor's post in PPS on NanoPi Neo3 (RK3328) - can't get it to work was marked as the answer   
    We don't support 3rd party (commercial) projects you are using, sorry. This forum is dedicated to https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-check-download-authenticity under those terms https://github.com/armbian/build#support I am sure this doesn't matter to you, but it does to us. We already can't allocate enough resources to support our users, while we never had intention to support others or under some general terms.

    It seems you are not (very long) a part of this community, otherwise you would know this forum is not a technical support service and we have a tool for reporting troubles. When you get rid of Dietpi overlay, start here https://www.armbian.com/bugs If this is a feature you are asking for https://forum.armbian.com/forum/38-feature-requests/ waiting time is measured in years.
  16. Igor's post in Turn off monitor AFTER system Halted was marked as the answer   
    It certainly works with their legacy (partially closed) stock SW / kernel interface, but for providing this function on a modern kernel, a complicated technical problem is waiting for you. Things has to be reverse engineered and port toward modern kernel base. Current status / more info here: https://linux-sunxi.org/AR100 and here.
  17. Igor's post in Tinkerboard build, no overlay folder was marked as the answer   
    Most of the stuff in modern mainline kernels has to be developed from scratch (or ported). Asus has nothing to do with that. Also we developed many enhancement and fixes for their private legacy kernel. You don't need, it's a waste of time, to deal with outdated & unsupported TinkerOS in any way.
    But I can't tell if we will develop overlays for Rockchip armhf family or Tinkerboard specifically. We have to plan according to available resources. Which are very limited / expensive.
  18. Igor's post in After apt upgrade unable to boot was marked as the answer   
    This "board not start" section only covers "Impossible cases - when official armbian builds from the download section doesn't start at all". Moving to Bug tracker section.
    If you still have both kernels installed, this is certainly bad and possible source of troubles. Try recover this way https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Recovery/ and remove one kernel, together with its dtb package.
  19. Igor's post in [Invalid] - Differences between i.MX6-based CuBoxes? was marked as the answer   
    Same imx6 processor but different core count (1,2,4), different marketing ( i think TV = 4x4 = i4PRO) and memory configurations.
  20. Igor's post in Odroid C4, the system didn't boot with eMMc was marked as the answer   
    Armbian is (probably) the the only distribution that doesn't use u-boot from 2015. All others are still using stock private Hardkernel boot loader ... We try to get rid of vendors dirty security hazardous code as soon as possible and problems as such is the price that we need to pay.
    Currently we use u-boot based on 2020.xx, but it looks like it's possible that we need the one from 2021 as this is the case with C2. Some eMMC needs this. Mine obviously don't since it works without any intervention.
    Try this image:
  21. Igor's post in 20.11.6_Tinkerboard_bionic_legacy_4.4.213_desktop broken: bash - no such file was marked as the answer   
    Fixed with https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2559 If you build image from sources, it will work as it should. I will fix affected images later on.
  22. Igor's post in Auto user login was marked as the answer   
    I already explained in my 1st reply. copy https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/packages/bsp/common/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-firstlogin#L297-L304 exchange $realusername with your username and paste.
  23. Igor's post in How to deal with bugs? was marked as the answer   
    For now or when / if we come out with own solution.
  24. Igor's post in Ethernet on OPi3 went dead after system update was marked as the answer   
    Usual way: apt update ; apt upgrade
    Update was pushed up a day ago but perhaps not all mirrors are in sync yet. Waiting or manual hacking https://imola.armbian.com/apt/pool/main/l/linux-5.10.4-sunxi64/
  25. Igor's post in Is Odroid HC4 Focal 5.9 image ok? was marked as the answer   
    First you need to tell us filename of that image so we can verify.
    Also there is an archive in the bottom of the download pages - checking previous build is also one of the options. This was added on last minute:
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