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  1. Hello, I'm setting up my Odroids with Ansible and managed to automated almost everything. I just got a HC1 and read on the download page that I should load optimized board configuration in armbian-config. Sadly, armbian-config seems to be an interactive only tool. Are there ways to automate armbian-config? The easiest way would be command line arguments. I also tried to understand what the DTB menu options actually do from the source code but was unsuccessful. My best idea now is to use expect, but that doesn't seem stable: #!/usr/bin/expect set timeout 10 spawn armbian-config sleep 5 # Enter System menu send "\n" sleep 5 # Enter DTB menu send "d\n" sleep 5 # Choose HC1 option send "h\n" sleep 5 # Cancel reboot send "c" Am I overlooking something? Any other ideas? Thanks and kind regards.
  2. I am experiencing the similar network issues. My C2 didn't get an IPv4 address via DHCP only an IPv6 address. I have to use my router to figure out that IPv6 and connect to it. With the hints from Igor I got IPv4 also working: systemctl disable NetworkManager Add add the following to `/etc/network/interfaces`: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp iface eth0 inet6 auto privext 0 `privext 0` is optional. It disables the IPv6 privacy extension for server use. I had a lot of trouble with that too before I disabled NetworkManager. And of course: reboot I hope this will be fixed soon.