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  1. On 6/1/2018 at 5:28 AM, jscax said:

    Yeah, YS-IRTM is working ok using the OPI Zero UART (thanks armbian :beer:), now I can control my TV.


    The problem is that YS-IRTM works with NEC protocol only.

    I actually need to control a Samsung AC unit which uses Samsung protocol.


    YS-IRTM ==>

  => UPD6121 ====> NEC only


    Differences between IR remote protocols:








    So, I was guessing that maybe GPIO can handle this kind of specific 1/0 switching and timing.

    And should be great if does exist a library for this, because seems like something very standardized.


    I'd expect something like:

    Ir ir = new Ir()


    But maybe it's all wrong



    Hello jscax,


    Are you saying that the YS-IRTM uses the "UPD6121".    I thought it used a STC11F02 microcontroller.   I am frustrated about finding information on the module I bought - looks like the one in your link to Aliexpress.    STC11F02  is an 8051 micro - I will see if I can use STC software to get the embedded firmware, and try to disassemble it.