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  1. Great work, Would you please share how did you get the ili9341 to work, I can't get it or the adafruit18 clone to work on the OPI one.


    Keep up the good work.

    MOSI - 19, MISO - 21, SCK (SPI_CLK) - 23, CS - 24, RESET, DC and LED - 11, 13, 15. power supply and ground as usual

    sudo modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:1,dc:0,led:3 speed=48000000 fps=25 rotate=90 bgr=1 txbuflen=65536

  2. I agree. @Melanrz: If you discovered any settings/tweaks that are worth to be included in Armbian (read as: Armbian's build system since we always want to create 'virgin' OS images that were built from scratch), please feel free to do so.


    BTW: Really funny. While all H3 users in the wild enjoy HW accelerated video decoding thanks to the linux-sunxi folks (especially Jens Kuske who did the main work on H3 VDPAU support) since a few months SinoVoip has still been busy producing fake videos showing manga stuff that can be decoded by CPU easily:


    All of allwinner board manufacturers should pay a sunxi community like a free donate for what they did to make usable this hardware!!!!

    I see your battle on banan pi forum to convince producer to get the right way,but it still same :/ 

    Maybe have no people in grade to make some serius work,i dont know.

    I will compile wifi bt driver soon so i share source.I see to that chip have to fm radio build,need only solder wire for antena and get proper driver.

  3. Regarding Kodi this page might be interesting:


    And OpenELEC will run smoothly if you use Armbian's bananapim2plus.fex instead of Orange Pi One's (don't use the fex from SinoVoip, there the THS settings are wrong and lead to a slow board)


    And out of curiosity: Do you have also a heatsink on H3 or just the fan?

    on my openelec opi pc (working 24h/24h) in self made case on cnc machine i have heatsink and 12v fan(run well on 5v),temperature max on retroarch or 2K movie max 40 grade of celcius,idle or sd iptv 30,on m2+ only fan without case,i will make photo,temperature 2k movie in armbian or psp emu about 45Grad,idle 32.Thanks for openelec sugestion,i try it. All case of temperature on max 1200Mhz cpu clock.




    Nope, thx for the test! Future Armbian releases will show +40 fps



    Fortunately it's not like this. The fixed voltage is somewhat annoying but the main issue is throttling behaviour under full load conditions. With next Armbian images it's fixed and killed CPU cores come back automagically within seconds. And since mainlining efforts are still progressing nicely in a few months no one will think about situation with 3.4 BSP kernels anyway.

    So while M2+ will still consume more energy and will be a bit slower due to overheating earlier it's not that much of an issue. Think about the use case. If you want to run irrelevant benchmarks then BPi M2+ is a bad choice. If network performance is something you're interested in, BPi M2+ might be a good choice. And so on...


    Awesome job,i tested to retroarch,psp emulator get 26-30 fps in 3d,60fps in 2d,pretty awesome :) now try get kodi on it,build in player can run 4K video ,not fast as 1080p but pretty impressive,you configured cma to 256Mb i gues