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  1. Volumio has nothing to do with what I'm doing. Check out this: https://www.looperlative.com
  2. First, I'd like to say thank you for creating this. I have a Pine64 board and have built and loaded an Ubuntu Armbian build on the board. I'm now looking to develop custom software which will include a custom audio driver and custom audio software. I anticipate this means one or more custom kernel modules and custom user space software. I've read through all the documentation and will begin experimenting, but thought I'd check to see if somebody has created a cookbook style recipe for the following: 1. Kernel development: incrementally modifying the kernel, building and deploying on the test board. I can see deployment through the created .deb files, but how do I make changes to the sources and save those changes in a way that I can eventually create a standard patch that can be applied? Normally, I would want to have the kernel sources in a git repo and commit my changes as I make them. Does your directory structure allow such a process? 2. Kernel module development: I formerly have done module development outside of the kernel tree and built just my modules. I assume I can still do it this way and I don't need to modify my development process. 3. User space development: can I compile and use GDB on the target board or do I need to run cross compilations and gdbserver? Thanks, Bob