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  1. Hi everyone. I just updated my system and it seems that `/dev/thermal-cpu` has vanished. Meaning that fancontrol cannot find it. How exactly is this directory created and how can I fix it? edit: I was able to solve the issue by changing `armada_thermal` to `f10e4078.thermal` in `/etc/udev/rules.d/90-helios4-hwmon.rules`
  2. Just so everyone following this thread is up to date: I have returned both disks and it seems the disks went bad.
  3. So I tried the second cable and it still buzzes and clicks. I think I have a cheap voltmeter somewhere, but I couldn't find it just now. I have never used it though and I wouldn't know what to do. Just to clarify: there are three main symptoms: * buzzing: not very loud but constant and loud enough to hear in the room and even in the next room at night. * sound of something spinning down and up again: very quiet (ear about 10cm away from hdd). One cycle is about 1-2 seconds. * clicking: about one click every 2 seconds. I couldn't make out a pattern with the second point above.
  4. No I tried with the same power cable. I will try with another cable when I get home from work. If I can do anything to help debug the problem, please say. I don't have another HDD and both are from Seagate and ordered at the same time...
  5. The clicking and buzzing is gone when I unplug both disks. I have two disks and tried with both separately and the buzzing and clicking (way less if not writing) persists, even when they are not mounted. But since it happens on both disks, they probably aren't faulty. Downgrading kernel to 4.14.96-mvebu didn't help either
  6. I'm not sure if this is related but I noticed it after updating to kernel 4.14.98-mvebu. My Helios4 2nd batch is emitting a high pitched "buzzing" sound. I've heard the same sound from a defect power source. I cannot locate where the sound is coming from. I also hear "clicking" sounds. I think these are coming from the hdd, because they sometimes get more frequent. Probably when reading/writing something. I also hear something turning on and off at about a one second interval (not the fans). I'm not sure if it started exactly after the kernel update, but I kno