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  1. Termux is a good option and doesn't take up a lot of space. But due to a lot of android devices runing outdated kernels is not the best idea to use them as a web server Also a lack of a ethernet port.
  2. looks promising. Surprised that they included dual display output. I wonder what the Performence of the videocore VI will be like.
  3. Year of the linux desktop? https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/shipping-a-linux-kernel-with-windows/ I use the WSL to ssh in to my SBC's i really i like it i'm glad they're improveing it.
  4. The Mali450 only supports openGL-ES 2.0 most games need normal openGL and 0 A.D requires a GPU with openGL 1.3.
  5. pine64 are working on a tablet based on the orignal pine 64 board. you may want to look at some of the chromeOS tablets.
  6. I was wondering why all the H6 devices only go up to 3gb of ram.
  7. they for some reason don't call the os Ubuntu. but you can get it here. but it's big at about 5.3gb the Ubuntu image also appears to use unity for it's desktop environment but it could be gnome.
  8. Great review nicoD! Did you manage to install an OS to the emmc storage? Also how is the wifi performance when connected to the 5.0GHz band?
  9. It belongs in a museum. still waiting for the mmBoard
  10. i am not to sure about it using micro usb for power but there's is the option to use a barrel jack for power.
  11. Gray Explains has made a review for it.
  12. You might want to look at the orange pi r1 or orange pi zero plus and as NicoD said the nanopi r1 but none of them have a CSI connector.
  13. Just a quick note for those wondering the A57 cores are the predecessor to the A72 and A73 cores not the successor to the A53 cores. that is the A55 The Amlogic s922x with it's 4 A73 and 2 A53 cores in the odroid N2 should be better at CPU workloads compared to the 4 A57 cores on the jetson but if you need a good GPU over anything else then i think the jetson is the one to go for.
  14. how's the tinker board's wifi performance and range with the case compared to without it?
  15. https://www.cnx-software.com/2019/03/19/nvidia-jetson-nano-developer-kit/ Looks interesting especially for people doing gpu based workloads. And nvidia have a linux distro for it
  16. Note this about 3d acceleration not VPU support. A Quick overview about 3d acceleration on Arm boards. On a lot of arm boards if you try and run some apps like blender and openarena you'll find that the performance is bad or in some cases the app the won't run at all A lot of apps are using software rendering which uses your cpu not your devices GPU to render you can see this in openarena if you go in to graphics options and you'll see that the 3d driver is by VMware. most GPUs on arm chips usually only support openGL-ES not openGL if you have 3d acceleration support on your board you can try this out glmark2-es2 and glmark2 open htop and Compare the cpu usage. for example like blender requires openGl 2.1 to use 3d acceleration. Most of the drivers for Arm's mali GPUs are for android devices not desktop linux, nvidia's tegra SOCs GPUs have support for openGL as well as some work is being done for the videocore IV GPU. Trying out jmcc's media script on my tinker board works great and there is less lag when moving windows about and things like hardware acceleration for openGL-ES apps And webGL support is here. If you have chrome/chromium installed you can type this in to chrome://gpu/ to see info about webGL and if it supports your device. The script also has a warper which alows you to run some openGL 2.0 apps but i have not tested this yet. Maybe with vulkan and more apps adding support we'll be able to run more 3d apps on Arm devices in the future. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it or at least found it helpful. Let me know if this can be impoved or if you have any questions And a bonus if you type this in to chrome you can play the dino runer game chrome://dino/ without having to disconnect from the internet!