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    qblueRed42 reacted to sfx2000 in Announcement : Odroid N2   
    Would be interesting to see how it competes with Jetson Nano with a good power supply...
    Jetson has a fairly large heatsink, but it's generally cool to the touch right now with 2.5A over MicroUSB - 5 amp Power Supply is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and then we can turn up the Jetson clocks and see what it can really do...
    (Jetson Nano under full load can easily consume 20w when doing GPU compute tasks - not too much different than Google Coral)
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Review Video : Odroid N2   
    Hi all.
    I've made a new review video about the Odroid N2.
    It an amzaing beast of an SBC. But it ain't perfect for everyone.
    Geetings, NicoD.

    @balbes150 Tanks for the great image.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to TonyMac32 in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    Takes about the same amount of water to put out a burning Tesla as it does a burning oil rig...

    For sure electric scooters "work", but no one is going to drive 20 miles a day in rain/snow (short commute in US) on a scooter, so...

    The "starter" will be either personal interest by consumers (there is a little of that now finally) or maturation of the base technologies that are not dependant on the success of cars (battery, generation, motors without rare Earth's, etc) making them commercially viable. Without a mature technology these cars are like 18th century steam engines:. Cool, impractical, and likely to catch on fire.

    To be honest the grid can't handle these anyway, so massive point of delivery energy shortages are also in the way of broad deployment.

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    qblueRed42 reacted to sfx2000 in nvidia jetson nano   
    It got here yesterday (4.26) - first glances...
    (Note - this is a big/LITTLE - the A53's are 'hidden' but they're present - to Linux, only the big A57's are shown - there's some shenanigans going on inside the chip for power management that is not exposed to the OS)
    1) When they say 5V 4A - they mean it - and it's best to power this device thru the barrel jack
    2) Can power via microUSB - and there, have a very, very, very good power supply - even then
    2a) powering thru the MicroUSB means that the Tegra is going to into a lower scale power domain - it adjusts the clocks according to not exceed 2A
    3) Display - Display Port to a monitor works, HDMI to a FullHD (1018P) works, HDMI to DVI adapters - strongly not recommended - I had an old one that was supplied with a Mac Mini 2010, and it kinda works
    Some tips - use a powered USB hub for Keyboard/Mouse if running from MicroUSB as depending on peripherals, including a WiFi adapter, takes away from that 2A power budget, and can cause stability issues.
    (on big chips like this where the board has a barrel jack - don't use MicroUSB)
    SD Card - use a quality UHS-1 or better card - I'm using a Samsung Pro Plus - which is a Class 10 UHS3 card, and it works fine.
    Info below - running from MicroUSB - I have a 5VDC 4A adapter on order...
    dmesg - bootup
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    qblueRed42 got a reaction from JMCC in Tablet suggestions   
    pine64 are working on a tablet based on the orignal pine 64 board.
    you may want to look at some of the chromeOS tablets.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to JMCC in Can I use H5 sbc Armbian play openGL games like 0.A.D   
    As a matter of fact, OpenGL 1.3 can be emulated through GL4ES from any GLES2 compliant board, but even if the current state of the Lima drivers were good enough for that to work , performance in a Mali 450 would be rubbish.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to JMCC in Can I use H5 sbc Armbian play openGL games like 0.A.D   
    As in so many other cases, the board I'd recommend for this task is Odroid XU4, specially since it is selling for $50 right now. You already have fully working GPU drivers for a recent 4.14 kernel, and even a distro focused on gaming (see this video from @NicoD)
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Igor in Can I use H5 sbc Armbian play openGL games like 0.A.D   
    Experimental open source drivers are included into kernel 4.19.y, but performance is not very good. Not sure if such game is playable. 
    It might be possible to integrate binary drivers, which should run faster, but its plain speculation. Don't hold on this. Since we have no plans/resources to bring this up, you are more or less on your own to try the integration. Our primary focus is making a ground that this is possible, but sometimes you still need to invest some of your time to get advanced thing working.

    But there are many other boards, where MALI supported gaming should be possible OOB. @NicoD can tell more about.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to JMCC in Tablet suggestions   
    There are currently no tablets supported by Armbian, so don't expect any to work out-of-the-box. If you are up to tinkering with things such as u-boot, wifi drivers, etc., in order to make it work yourself, then just look for some tablet with a SoC supported by Armbian, or with WIP images (RK3288 or RK3399 come to my mind as possible candidates).
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Igor in NanoPi R1 and Duo2   
    https://dl.armbian.com/nanopiduo2/ (no dl page yet)
    Added to DEV and NEXT. Working fine except Bluetooth as on many other AP6212 boards.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Igor in Server maintenance is (re)scheduled for Sunday, April 14th   
    Main server will receive new IP(v6) address. Affected: dl.armbian.com www.armbian.com forum.armbian.com
    Some downtime is expected during the Monday morning. Apologize for the inconvenience.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to guidol in Orange Pi 3 Support?   
    at this time there is only a pre-support with OS-images:
    but support is getting beter from day to day
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Review Video : Pine H64 model B   
    Hi all.
    Here my review video of the new Pine H64 model B.
    I also compare it with the Orange Pi 3, and it's older brother the Rock64.

    I hope you'll like it.

    Thank you.
    Greetings, NicoD
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    qblueRed42 reacted to AndrewDB in Armbian-NG, armbian's little brother project   
    Just a weekly update on the progress on Armbian-NG, as of April 10 2019:
    I pushed version 0.05 yesterday. The public repository now holds a total of 482 lines of Python code and 102 lines of documentation (in markdown format). Almost all the new code is the TUI (terminal user interface), which tries to copycat as much as possible Armbian's ncurses-based dialogues using a Python library called npyscreen. This took me longer to program than I expected because I was held back by a bug "undocumented feature" in npyscreen...  I estimate the TUI code is 80% completed now. I also wrote some "internal documentation" (notes) for my personal reference, which I have not uploaded to the repository. But if anybody wants to contribute, this is available, just PM me. After the past week's effort into programming the TUI for Armbian-NG, I have renewed respect and appreciation for the amazing programming work done by Igor in writing Armbian. It truly is a wonder! If I am able to do 10% of what Igor did I will be proud already! Over the next week I intend to let the TUI code settle down a little bit and work mainly on the kernel downloading and compilation steps.  
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Icenowy in Hardware Virtualization on H6, orange PI PC 3   
    H6 has hardware virtualization, and now with mainline kernel it's possible to run KVM on it.
    For Xen, it's possible to port, but I don't know who wants to port ;-)
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    qblueRed42 reacted to martinayotte in H6 Famous Reboot problem   
    Hi everyone !
    I'm starting this new dedicated thread because I've got some new headache about this issue that we tried to figured out since months...
    I've received my PineH64 last week, and with this board I don't faced the reboot hang behaviour !
    Today, since I've committed the OPi3 WIP scripts, and facing same reboot hang, I've decided to to try booting PineH64 image on this OPi3 board, but unfortunately reboot hang still occurs ...
    This brings me to a conclusion that it is not a software issue, but maybe hardware one ... I will dig on that during next few days by comparing PMIC and other between all those boards ...
    But I remember that @jernej said that Reboot worked on one of his H6 board ...
    @jernej can you confirm which board ? Do you have some boards where you still face reboot hang issue ? Can you try to mix image like I did to give clues ?
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Stephen_m64 in Pine H64 Model B   
    The memory controller for the h6 is 32 bits, 4gb may be there but only 3 will ever be usable. Which is why they are being sold as 2gb/3gb options.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Igor in Gpu driver   
    Should that be my/our problem?
    "The bearer of bad news should not be held accountable for it." 

    Armbian project doesn't provide on-demand solutions solving. You are on your own - join development and you will eventually collect needed information/advice/hints and when dependencies are solved and matured you will be able to achieve this. Check also what supported means. 
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Igor in Gpu driver   
    On 4.4.y kernel.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Gpu driver   
    You can use the Media Scipt from JMCC for imporvements in video playback, and making opengl possible.
    Please read the radme file for more info.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Armbian in 3D   
    Thank you for that. I've added it to the composition.
    I like this better, but the light source is from the wrong direction. Always after 30minutes render time when I notice these things. I'll do a new one tomorrow.

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    qblueRed42 reacted to lanefu in Armbian in 3D   
    Bleak. Gray scale. Sad pengiun sitting in darkness Then just like words scsttered around like "unsupported" "wip" "csc" "use at own risk" "NOT FOR PRODUCTION" "you're on your own" "unstable"
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in comparing armbian versus archlinuxarm on odroid c2   
    The people of Armbian are doing as much as they can to get the images easy to use and with an as good experience as possible.
    But when it comes to hardware accelerated video this is very hard since for every SoC/board this is different. This is possible on some boards, but a lot needs to be done to get this on every board.
    When it comes to an Odroid there are good alternatives provided by Hardkernel themself. So I don't see it a high priority for this board. But it would be great to have.

    ARM SBC's are development boards. The software for it is largely made for and by the community.
    For many boards there is no other well working image to be found except for Armbian. So it is awesome we have Armbian.

    I hope things will improve for HW acc video. These boards are getting more and more powerfull, and can give a good desktop experience. For that good video playback is essential.
    For the NanoPi M4 there's a media script that works great. But with other boards with the same SoC it doesn't work correctly. So that shows what kind of problems there are to get these things working.

    Enjoy your C2, it's a great SBC. One of my favorites.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Review Video : Orange Pi 3   
    Yes, I installed Armbian Bionic on the eMMC, and Armbian Stretch was on a SD-card.
    The 5Ghz wifi has the same performance as my big dual antenna wifi adapter on my pc.
    Wifi 5G : Down : 36.8 Mbps 4.6 MB/s Up : 11.5Mbps 1.4MB/s Debian Armbian chromium down : 26.8Mbps Debian Armbian Firefox down : 41.9Mbps PC 5G : Down : 47.8 Mbps 5.97MB/set Up : 11.5Mbps 1.4MB/s I do have a weird issue with Chromium. That's always a lot slower. When I tried Firefox I got almost the same results as my pc(it's a browser test, not netperf).
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Review Video : Orange Pi 3   
    Hi all.
    I've made a new review video about the Orange Pi 3 with Linux.
    I've used Armbian Stretch for this video.
    Here is my video.

    Here you can find all the data I've gathered.