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    qblueRed42 reacted to AndrewDB in raspberry pi 4 portotype review   
    Shhht! You are not supposed to say it... until April 2, of course! 
    Just a little bit of trolling of the RPi people by MickMake and I don't think they really mind it. BTW the video had 23k+ views.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to PDP11 in raspberry pi 4 portotype review   
    Please - no more RPI bashing.  For a group that has no intention of supporting it, we sure do spend a LOT of time talking about it.
    What do they they say in marketing:  "Any PR is good PR !".

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    qblueRed42 reacted to richardk in raspberry pi 4 portotype review   
    So obviously it's a "joke" video.  April 1st.
    So, what board is it, really?  The image in the video is mirrored from the real board (look at the chip labels - he printed the "Raspberry Pi 4" label backwards to compensate).  I think it's an Orange Pi 2+, hacked up a bit...
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    qblueRed42 reacted to sfx2000 in raspberry pi 4 portotype review   
    Erm - no....
    Someone is playing games here - the chip count alone on the BOM suggests not.... they need to hit $35 APS, which considering BOM and GOGS, this board is not an RPI4...

    RPI4 - likely VC5 with 2 or 4 Broadcom B53 cores - USB3 and 4K might be nice, and USB3 gives Gigabit Ethernet. VC5 does extend the addressable memory space, so maybe 2G (would be nice)
    Just IMHO...
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    qblueRed42 reacted to chwe in sick and tired of my Armbian desktop locking and crashing   
    If I didn't miss something the Rockpro is still marked as wip in the downloadpage right?

    but well, maybe we should rename it back to wip so that only expert=yes can build images for it.. to make it more obvious..
    but also this sub-forum has a nice reminder:

    My RockPi 4b was used in a pure CPU numbers crunshing project for 17 days between 75°C and 80°C without any crash.. Would I call the RockPi stable.. for sure not. It seems that it did well for this test but I've no idea if it runs stable under all the other use-cases people can imagine for the board in question.
    Just another reminder: https://forum.armbian.com/guidelines
    especially this points here:
    what makes you sure the powering issues are gone? Did you check voltage on 5v rail after replacing the PSU under stress?
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    qblueRed42 reacted to JMCC in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    So finally we have the first version of:
    The UN-official, UN-supported, etc...
    This is the first release of the RK3399 media testing script. The script provides a functionality similar to its RK3288 equivalent:
    Installing all the libraries and system configurations necessary for GPU accelerated X desktop, Chromium WebGL, full VPU video play acceleration up to 4k@60 10-bit HEVC (the maximum supported by the SoC), and GLES 3.2 / OpenCL 1.2 support. Three video players supporting full VPU acceleration (RKMPP) and KMS display (GBM or a X11 DRM "hack", as described by the authors), namely: MPV, Gstreamer and Kodi. Two example programs using the OpenCL functionality: Examples form the Arm Compute Library, and a GPU crypto miner (an old version, but small and simple). A library that will act as an OpenGL to OpenGL-ES wrapper, allowing you to run programs that use OpenGL 1.5-2.0. Two additional features, that have no big interest from the Armbian development prospective, but I find them interesting to play with:  Chromium browser with support for Flash and DRM-protected commercial web video streaming (tested with Amazon Prime, should also work with Netflix, Hulu, etc.), and a simple Pulseaudio GTK equalizer using LADSPA.  
    Here is a more thorough documentation:
    >>> DOWNLOAD LINK <<<
    You need a fresh Armbian Bionic desktop image with legacy kernel installed.  
    Download the file above Untar it: tar xvf media-rk3399_*.txz cd media-script ./media-rk3399.sh  
    This script is not officially supported by the Armbian project. It is just a community effort to help the development of the main build, by experimenting with a possible implementation of the media capabilities of this particular SoC. Therefore, questions about the script should not be laid out as support requests, but as commentaries or community peer-to-peer assistance. That being said, all commentaries/suggestions/corrections are very welcome. In the same way, I will do my best to help solve any difficulty that may arise regarding the script.  
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    qblueRed42 reacted to guidol in Devuan Armbian?   
    get your gopher-browser for windows  at http://www.jaruzel.com/gopher/gopher-client-browser-for-windows
    only 220Kb as a .zip (not like 94MB gopher-Browser from the Microsoft Store )



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    qblueRed42 got a reaction from AndrewDB in raspberry pi 4 portotype review   
    It belongs in a museum.
    still waiting for the mmBoard
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Tido in raspberry pi 4 portotype review   
    ...and finally a version "E" with ECC RAM.  RPi rocks !!
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    qblueRed42 reacted to AndrewDB in Armbian-NG, armbian's little brother project   
    I would like to announce that I am getting started on an armbian-derived project, Armbian-NG. This is not a fork of Armbian, nor a rewrite, it's a derived project that piggyback's on the excellent work by Igor and the entire armbian development team. I think of Armbian-NG as armbian's little clumsy brother, who is just learning to walk but has great potential. 
    In as few words as possible, Armbian-NG will be a Python (set of) script(s) that runs natively on Aarch64 (64-bit ARM) hardware (running Ubuntu 18.04 or later) to build Armbian images. More details  can be found here: https://github.com/AndrewBCN/Armbian-NG
    As with armbian, anybody is welcome to contribute with code and ideas to Armbian-NG. And since no project is worth its storage space without a logo, Armbian-NG already has one. 

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    qblueRed42 reacted to AndrewDB in Armbian-NG will power CNX Election Meddling System   
    Just wanted to announce that Armbian-NG (https://github.com/AndrewBCN/Armbian-NG/) has been chosen as the OS to power the new CNX Election Meddling System (https://www.cnx-software.com/2019/04/01/introducing-cnx-election-meddling-system/).
    Why? Because Python. 
    Have a nice day and don't forget to vote!
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    qblueRed42 reacted to MickMake in The mmBoard   
    Hi guys!
    Thought I'd let you know about a new board that I've just released - called the mmBoard.
    Has all the features that SBC hackers have been wanting, plus more.
    Let me know if there's any questions about it. Would be happy to answer them.

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    qblueRed42 reacted to esbeeb in Success Stories/Videos should have a place here   
    Once people not only get some board all working, but actually deployed to solve some real-world problem, there should be a place on this forum to showcase that, including pictures, or embedded videos.  Any tricks or hacks they needed to use could be listed as well, in case others want to also do the same sort of project.
    For example the OpenMediaVault forum already has a sub-forum like this, called "My NAS build".
    Maybe this new subforum could be called something like "Deployment Showcase".

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    qblueRed42 reacted to lanefu in Armbian Referenced in Linux Journal   
    Long time Linux Journal Editor and CSO at Pur.ism, Kyle Rankin recognized Armbian as a source of hope on his article about the challenges of RPi alternatives.
    Linux Journal: Downsides to Raspberry Pi Alternatives.
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    qblueRed42 got a reaction from manuti in nvidia jetson nano   
    Just a quick note for those wondering the A57 cores are the predecessor to the A72 and A73 cores not the successor to the A53 cores.
    that is the A55
    The Amlogic s922x with it's 4 A73 and 2 A53 cores in the odroid N2 should be better at CPU workloads compared to the 4 A57 cores on the jetson but if you need a good GPU over anything else then i think the jetson is the one to go for.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in RK3328 Media Script (Rock64, Renegade)   
    @JMCC The video is ready.
    I don't think it will get too many views. But it can help other frustrated users
    Thanks for the help.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Devroots in Hardware Virtualization on H6, orange PI PC 3   
    Is there Hardware virtualization support available for orange Pi PC3, which have H6 family processor ?
    Can we port Xen hypervisor over it ?
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Device with specific hardware   
    It's a lot easier saying which ones don't have that instead of the ones who do have that. What you describe is almost every sbc there is.
    So these fastors are not important for you. What might be important questions is, how much are you wiling to pay. What performance do you need? What's the form factor/size you want, how much power can it use, do you want a 5V device?
    What speeds do you need? 100Mbps enough per ethernet? usb2 good enough? Do you need hdmi?

    There's the R1 from FriendlyElec with double ethernet, usb ports, wifi and no hdmi.

    Litteraly hundreds of boards have what you described....
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in nvidia jetson nano   
    C'mon guys. I still need to Order the Odroid N2 and you're pushing this in my face.

    It's a nice board. I love the heatsink. I'm so very interested in knowing how much weight those A57's can lift. And that GPU is a monster on an SBC. Would be awesome if that could be used by Blender or a video editor.

    You'd hope so. It's their own gpu, so they should be able to write decent software. But I don't know, it's still a development board.

    That googly thingy is also very sexy. But less useable by me.


    Now the heavy work has been done by the small boys, the big ones come out to take things over
    I'll need to earn a bit more money if I want to be able to buy it all....
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in nvidia jetson nano   
    No it's notL. It's the successor of the A55.
    isn't that a bit very obvious? I don't think anyone on the Armbian forum would have doubted on that
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    qblueRed42 reacted to Igor in Need urgent Help allwinner H2+   
    We also don't have the money to sponsor support for yet another cheap chinese hardware.

    Hint: Just try a few images on the download section containing H3/H2+ chip. You might get lucky to boot Armbian with most of the things working.
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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Armbian in 3D   
    Yes. I've got a big heatsink on the way for my Rock Pi4B. That one has 4GB ram vs 2GB of my M4. So with that I can do 4K or higher renders during a week/month of all of them.
    I've added all the original .png renders + all the blender files as attachment file. Everyone can do a higher resolution render (8K, 16K, 32K???) if they want. Or play with it a bit.

    Here are all of them. These are 1440p but converted to jpg.
    Armbian transport

    Snowy Armbian

    Old school Armbian

    Armbian in space

    Empire of Armbian

    Armbian @ the beach

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    qblueRed42 reacted to NicoD in Armbian in 3D   
    Armbian as transportation company (of 1's and 0's)...

    This will be my last submission. I've got too many other things to do. Otherwise I would never stop. Cheers.

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    qblueRed42 reacted to TonyMac32 in Official Asus Tinker Board Case   
    I would guess using the chiptenna it suffers significantly.  That would be why there is a hole on the same side as the SD card to mount an external antenna and use the connector on the RTL8723BS
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    qblueRed42 reacted to balbes150 in nvidia jetson nano   
    I hope to test the possibility of building and running Armbian on this model.