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  1. After using a power supply with the right barrel jack the Orange Pi Plus 2 seemed to boot just fine. So the problem is with powering the board via GPIO. So this isn't a possibility with the Orange Pi Plus 2 I guess
  2. I am currently powering the board via the GPIO pins, I canno't power the board via the barrel jack connector now because I dont have the right size barrel jack. The power supply I do have can provide enough for 5V and 3A. I have nothing plugged in via USB.
  3. I have an Orange Pi Plus 2, the H3 variant with 16Gb inbuilt memory. I have previously installed armbian Xenial on the internal EMMC 16GB memory. The Armbian installed worked great at the time. I have since not touched the device for a couple of months. While turning the Orange Pi Plus 2 on again the following mesage appeared. The power supply is not the problem, I have a good 5V 3A power supply. I couldn't find a solution to the problem above. So I installed the newest version of Armbian Xenial on a empte sd card. The sd card is 16Gb, this sd card has been used before with the Raspberry Pi without a problem. After using Etcher to install the image on the sd, I put the sd card in the sd card slot. The Orange Pi Plus 2 should boot from the sd card by default first. After turning the Orange Pi Plus 2 on, I got the following message. This is an image from the Armbian bootloader initialiser. The Orange Pi Plus 2 is stuck at this screen, I have tried waiting for an hour without progress. I have tried unplugging all usb devices and restarting the Orange Pi Plus 2, but the same message appears. I have also tried another sd card, a 64Gb Sandisk extreme sd card, and I get the same result. Does somebody know what is wrong and how to fix it?