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  1. 28 minutes ago, Werner said:

    Usually the filesystem expands itself across the whole sdcard on first boot...odd.

    That was my thought as well, odd.


    @Jedge  Can you reproduce the problem?  As Werner stated, on first boot the filesystem on the SD card is supposed to be expanded to take up the entire card.  Do you have smaller SD cards you could try, curious if the card size is triggering an issue.

  2. I just want to add a few comments to this whole dtb overlay discussion.


    First I want to thank all of you involved in this discussion.  You all have different view points and I think are tackling a very difficult problem to which there is no perfect solution.  What comes out of this discussion should be applied to the other soc families as well, as they all suffer from some form of this issue as there is no standard in place that works for all use cases well.  From what I have seen, good minds are thinking this through and I expect a good result to follow.


    The reason I am commenting at all, is because in my role as forum moderator, the basic question: "How do I enable feature x on my board" is one of, if not the most commonly asked question by end users of the forum.  And when the answer is 'just write a dtb overlay', you have lost 95% of those users as they do not have the skills/knowledge to do that.  The status of the dtb overlay's across Armbian supported and community maintained boards is poor.  There is no standardization from family to family or board to board.  And no testing of what does exist to ensure that it works.  Now I'm not saying that all of this needs to be solved in what comes out of this design discussion.  I'm just saying from my perspective as a moderator that this is an area that can use some attention, and in doing so, please try to make the end result usable by the typical end user of an sbc, trying to do common things.  I realize also that I'm saying this when I only use these boards as servers and don't personally need any of the functionality the overlays provide.  But as a forum moderator, I see the mismatch between what is being done and some common use cases that end users are looking for.

  3. On 1/14/2024 at 5:12 PM, sam_uk said:

    Because the other thread was in the wrong place, so it got locked.

    The other thread got locked because your post was inappropriate.  Unless you intend to develop and maintain the Armbian support for this board, there isn't any reason to post this information here.  Igor in your other post pointed you to the following link: https://docs.armbian.com/Process_Contribute/


    If you intend to develop Armbian support for this new board, and wish to use this thread as a place to document your work, then this is an appropriate use of the forums.  If not this post will eventually get locked as well, as you aren't asking any question to be addressed by users of the forum.



  4. 38 minutes ago, Juan Rangel said:

    I can not also get the two external usb adapters working

    Make sure you have installed armbian-firmware-full.  The default builds only include a trimmed down set of firmware that is intended to cover the common ones, but to save space doesn't include all the firmwares available in mainline linux kernel.  That may solve your problem.


    If you haven't already, I would suggest you open the box and see what wifi/bluetooth chip you have on your board.  Then you need to make the dtb file match what hardware you have.

  5. The TX3 comes in a lot of different versions.  What cpu does yours have?  List the steps you have taken to try your install? (u-boot.ext version, dtb).


    If you are testing with an SD card, what storage you have internally is irrelevant.

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