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  1. Generally, you just need to try them one by one.  I would focus on the glx* ones.

    Note since you mention coreelec, if you have previously I stalled coreelec you will need to reinstall the android firmware, before attempting to install Armbian (as is described in the instructions I linked to above).

  2. I guess I would start by asking what is your goal with this TV Box?  Are you looking to be able to build a full firmware (potentially using armbian build framework) for the box to install on multiple boxes of this type? or is this just a one-off box to experiment with and you want to get a modern kernel running on it?

    If the latter, I would recommend going down the multiboot path that balbes150 created for these amlogic boxes (see this thread for some discussion on that: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/19004-trying-to-learn-more-about-u-boot-for-amlogic-devices)

    This path leaves the vendor u-boot in place and chainloads a modern u-boot bypassing the risk of bricking the box by installing a non-working u-boot on emmc.  In general this path also has you working from sdcard storage (although balbes150 had scripts to copy a working sdcard environment to emmc if you wanted to run from emmc).

    The challenge as I understand it with amlogic tv boxes is that amlogic always boots from emmc if present which presents a risk of bricking when testing different u-boots.


  3. @tripole I moved your original post to a new thread under the General Chat sub-forum.  Then added a long explaination on why or why not your post may or may not be appropriate.  Then another moderator hid the whole conversation.  I have just unhid that for the time being so you can see the discussion about your content.  I will however hide your repost here.

  4. I forgot about the overview feature.  That certainly would be missed.  But I would think it should be possible to somehow recreate that functionality.  If you don't know, the club overview feature is a simple search that shows the most recent posts in the entire club.  Very useful for jock and myself to catch up on responding to posts in the tv box area.

    While the forum has a similar feature that shows everything new for the entire forum I don't know of a way to restrict it to a subsection. Of the forum.

  5. Also, I wanted to mention that I have multiple of these boxes running armbian, so at least I have the same hardware as you are trying to get working.  Although same hardware in terms of TV Boxes doesn't mean too much, as the manufacturers often change the internal hardware and still use the same external case/product name, so any two TV Boxes that look the same on the outside can actually be significantly different internally.  Which is one of the reasons it is nearly impossible to support TV Boxes well.


  6. Welcome to the world of Armbian on TV Boxes.

    I would like to point you to the two TV Box FAQ items:




    In briefly reviewing the install instructions you followed I didn't find anything significantly different than the instructions in the FAQ.  (Other than I recommend that you copy, not rename the uboot file, so you still have the original around).


    Given the screen shots, it looks like you are booting into the uboot file from your sd card as you are getting hdmi output.  What I would really want to see is the first part of the boot displayed on the screen, not the end part you have shown.


    Also, the extlinux.conf file you have pasted into your post isn't quite correct, but I think it may be a result of cut and paste and not a real problem.  It would be helpful if you could attach the actual extlinux.conf file as a file instead of pasting it into the message.  The part that is suspicious is that: "#aml s9xxx #FDT" is all on one line.  The "#FDT" should be on the next line.

  7. Yes, different boxes will have different hardware, and therefore different requirements.  Even with the same box label, the manufacturer will from time to time change the internal hardware (generally to whatever is cheapest at the time).  These are all part of why it is nearly impossible to support TV Boxes well.

  8. 7 hours ago, guoliangzhong said:

    this u-boot-new is extract from Manjaro ARM

    When you say extracted, what do you mean?  I don't know the manjaro setup.

    Also, given that Armbian isn't supported on TV Boxes and especially for amlogic based boxes where the latest build is 18 months old, why are you trying to use armbian?  Why not just go with what manjaro has?

    It looks like from the logs that with this other u-boot that it can't detect the internal emmc.

  9. 32 minutes ago, fabiobassa said:

    I really would suggest to open a different discussion and leave here only kernel and hardware relate problems, because if we continue here with user space implementantions the 3ad becames abnormous and difficult to read.

    Done.  I went back to the end of April and tried to pull out all the docker related posts into this new thread.  If you think I should go back farther, or if some of these posts should be moved back to the original thread let me know.

  10. @Fra Armbian is streached thin.  Unless human or financial resources are provided (eg. A person willing to be a maintainer for this board and/or money to offset the increased costs) it is unlikely this will ever be supported. 


    You really should be contacting the board manufacturer (i.e those who are making money from this board) and encourage them to work with / financially contribute to Armbian to provide a well supported os for their board.  Since Armbian doesn't make any money from the board, it is unfair to ask us to provide support for free while others who do make money from the board (the board manufacturer) just benefit without contributing..




  11. You have bought from a seller that is lying to you.  The amlogic s905l2 can at most support 4GB of ram.  So it isn't possible to have more than that.  What some disreputable sellers do is create a customized version of android that lies about how much memory the box has.  There is no way you can get a box with 8gb or ram and 128gb emmc for $24.  What you have is a box with 1GB of ram.

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