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  1. Well. It seems that the problem started again. I quit trying and stopped using the builtin wifi.
  2. I just upgraded to nightly and installed linux 5.3, so far it seems to be solved. I even tested with iperf3.
  3. @Igor Have you heard of anyone else with similar problems with the rtl8189fs driver (RTL8189FTV chip)?
  4. I have the same problem with my Orange Pi Zero Plus (Not Plus 2), RTWHALXT and RTW_XMIT_THREAD make the CPU spike to 100% when I download something. Weirdly, I think there was this 2 times when it just started working really well, and used pretty much no CPU, but after a reboot the issue came back. It's probably a kernel or driver bug. I even tried updating to Linux 5.2 using armbian-config and the results are the same.