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    fabiobassa reacted to hexdump in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    you might have a look at this, but you are on your own then (no warranties or support from my side) - for me it worked to get my h96max h2 which cannot boot from sd card too working by installing an adjusted u-boot - https://github.com/hexdump0815/u-boot-misc/blob/master/readme.rk3328-no-sd-boot
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from victroniko in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    Ty for all tests, combinations, ideas you are experimenting/experiencing.
    People such as you and other great persons ( and this post is full of clever minds) are ALWAYS welcome.
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    fabiobassa reacted to jock in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    Good news, expecially for @nokirunner and @DaviMesquita
    Finally we managed to make the ssv6x5x driver work on the ssv6256p chipset and it turns out the it is also working pretty well. I removed most of the logging messages it was spamming on the dmesg log, now it is much more silent and it is ok this way. Teaming with @fabiobassa we optimized performances quite a bit, so expect ~60 Mbit/s at least on optimal setups. It works on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.
    The driver will be included in the armbian images soon, but in the meantime anyone can test it.
    Download ssv6x5x.koand put it into /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless Download ssv6x5x-wifi.cfgand put it into /lib/firmware Download ssv6x5x-sw.bin and put it into /lib/firmware Run depmod -a Add blacklist ssv6051 in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rk322x-box.conf (ssv6051 and ssv6x5x kernel modules clashes, we need to blacklist ssv6051 for the other to work) Reboot!  
    Any testing report is appreciated!
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from manuti in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    For those boxes is really a jungle !!
    Those Chinese tend to grab the first avaible cheap chip and put inside so a big variety of possibilities.
    @Jock contacted me and maybe now is the moment to " put hands " in this sluttish driver.
    @Ztrawberry the driver for ssv6051 doesn't suit sv 6x5x this is the problem and that project for a universal image is a nice idea but me and jock and other clever programmers  ( the same man  that bring libreelec to life on those boards @knaerzche ) own so many different boards that  has been reached great maturity  on rk 322x . Mostly bugs are well known ( ssv6x5x among others) and still working on them
    Of course support , ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from Alex83 in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   

    your board is a 3228b with 1 giga ram and nand 
    1) once more , and unfortunately at the moment , your board has a nand storage
    2) as long as you run by sd card and SKIP the approach to flash internal storage ( since it is nand) everything will be ok
    3) simply don't touch internal android installation and run from sd, for the moment

    tool for manage even nand is on the way :-)
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from Alex83 in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    hello @Mark Khevin Rogacion and ty for joining in this adventure
    Yes you right because your 329q has a nand and not an mmc

    @jock is actively and strongly working on a simple tool that in future will avoid all this mis-confusing due to different commercial names . So kindly wait just some little time that the new tool will be perfectly functional
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from jock in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   

    you do a lot of things but you don't read CAREFULL what  people suggest to you
    It is easy you started at 400 and even at 500.... your ddr is up to 767. might be 800  and it is a ddr3 so oveclocking will occur in the kernel itself with the right dmc actived in dtb.
    What mostly you say in idbloader will be OVERWRITTEN in kernel or/and dtb. It is just a bootstrap this is the reason better stay on low band of mhz. This occurs with legacy kernel. With main line it is different and @jock can explain better.

    Try to overclock this on a board with ddr2 and tell me the conseguences  .
    It is EXACTLY what happened to you when you bricked the board, flashe a WRONG idbloader with wrong settings

    Again, and for last time: 
    those board come with a lot of ddr some have ddr2 some ddr3  mostly very economic and second market ddrs and not realiable not even on marks printed on case
    for a stable functioning test it at various speed and stay under maximum speed or just use original idb .If dmc is in dtb , maximum speed will be AUTOMATIC reached
    any way is enough speaking or ddrs , important is the board is up and running
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from nokirunner in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    could be a good starting point study this document, for your experiments

    if on internal storage you have a idbloader it will search then uboot on sd card.
    If you flash the wrong idbloader into internal storage , boot no more occurs and you have to short pins 

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    fabiobassa reacted to Maker39 in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    Тhanks it worked.
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from Maker39 in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   

    it should pull only the 3229 branch

    and then go to expert mode and tvboxes sub menu

    EDIT: regarding 8723 try to load ONLY the 8723cs   be aware of cs

    and blacklist all other 8723.

    study still going on because at every reboot it changes mac address
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    fabiobassa reacted to Maker39 in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   
    I can summarize the subtotal.
    My board T95N-RK3229_512X4-20170803_V1.5  (include SOC RK3229, RAM K4B2G0446D, Wi-fi SV6051P,  this TV-Box Iconbit XDS8) works with the image Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Xt-mx4vr-v01_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop.img
    But need:
    1. unblock SSV6051 in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-xt-mx4vr-v01.conf
    2. manually set date-time , and/or install ntp client for correct update packages
    3. surely something else...............
    Thanks @jock for the work and advice 
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from Maker39 in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   

    was my mistake, i suggested maker to use r329 q but i missed that is a mmc
    sorry for that follow jock suggestion
    about wifi yes it makes two connection , a p2p and a managed one

    to choose the right one you can try from ssh with command

    and then activate a connection
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    fabiobassa reacted to hexdump in Choice of TV box.   
    this is just a quick note that in my experience the amount of tv boxes with fake specs has grown quite a bit in the last months and that this is something to always have in mind when getting a box for a surprisingly cheap (i.e. quite a bit cheaper than usual or most of the other offerings) price - you might be lucky and it will be a bargain or you might hit one with fake specs. some examples i saw recently: a qplus 4g ram / 32g emmc ended up to be 2g ram and 16g nand, a h6 box sold as 4g ram / 32g emmc ended up as 2g ram / 16g emmc, a x96mini 2g ram / 16g emmc ended up at only 1g ram / 16g emmc, a r39 2g ram / 16g emmc with rockchip rk3229 ends up as 1g ram / 16g emmc and an allwinner h3 cpu and so on. the fake specs are not that easy to spot: in android they even fake the storage size shown in the storage settings and with a terminal installed even the "free" command tells you most of the time that the memory amount is proper. what usualy works for storage is "cat /proc/partitions" and watching for the device itself (for instance mmcblk0) - this also quickly shows you if its emmc (=mmcblk) or nand (=nand) and for memory "dmesg | grep -i mem" (do this immediately after booting android, otherwise the memory lines from the bootup might run out of the log buffer) - both of course called in a terminal app. booting one of balbes150's armbian images usually quickly shows you the real specs of the box too.
    good luck at not ending up with fake boxes and best wishes - hexdump
    p.s.: one thing to keep in mind is that allwinner h6 boxes always only can use 3g ram, even if they have 4g installed - this is a limitataion of the soc ...
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    fabiobassa got a reaction from hexdump in CSC Armbian for RK322x TV box boards   

    thanks for replayng ;   you have a 3228 and not a 3229 , probabily a 3228b

    00000000  52 4b 23 82 the numbers 23 82 are 3228 in reverse mode
    so you must use trust os for 3228, the trust os for 3229 simply will not boot the board but this you already knew

    regarding the changing in code in kernel I did the following ( but no changes in code, maybe in make config ) : 

    in my long post linux on 3229  I used too the kernel 4.4.189 and it worked fine. I booted in 4.4.189 and take the config.gz and then recompile 4.4.194 with that same .config and it worked with SAME dtb .

    last info : I am pretty sure you have uart debug. At very early booting ( power on) what ddr it says ?

    ddr3 or ddr2 ? because ddr2 on 3228 HAVEN'T dmc ( ddr frequency scaling) so they will run at the speed that uboot set , probabily at 333 mhz ( all this infos thanks to @knaerzche that explained in his work on libreelec ).

    If you have ddr2 you must DISABLE dmc node in dtb

    boards with 3228b and ddr2..... well.... they are a bit slower than others


    i realized the different behaviour from kernel 4.4.194 to 4.4.189

    in @jock config many thing are compiled as modules so then you must insert right modules under /lib/modules

    in 4.4.189 compilation many things are compiled IN kernel so they work  out of box, but yet you should check if have ddr2 or ddr3
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