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  1. On 4/20/2020 at 12:29 PM, guidol said:

    Do a 
    apt install alsa-utils mpg123
    and use
    to set Line-Out and DAC to a value around 75 (upper limit of the white range)



    Thanks for the advice. The sound works but very quietly. I set up the changes in alsamixer and save them but it is still barely audible. Despite this I am happy because system is stable (Im using this box as octoprint server)

    Cheep USB sound card works fine tho

  2. OK, I compiled new image for Sunvell R69



    - Installation/flashing to internal emmc via armbian-config works fine

    - 2 x USB works
    - Analog audio device is detected but I can't get any sound, maybe my unit is broken or I'm doing something wrong (feedback needed)

    - Working IR, WiFi and ethernet
    - Default password (root/1234)