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  1. Armbianmonitor:

    My board is Odroid HC1
    Using balenaEtcher under Windows 10 I have instaled today Armbian_20.05.7_Odroidxu4_buster_current_5.4.50_minimal.img.xz and also was trying before Armbian_20.05.7_Odroidxu4_buster_legacy_4.14.187.img.xz.
    On both images I wanted to increase verbosity to 7 to see in serial console boot process. 

    Changes in boot.ini are not used during boot until symlink /boot.ini is created which point to /boot/boot.ini

    Until this is done you will se uboot error that script /boot.ini is not found.


    Please add this symlink to images for XU4/HC1.


    Second issue is that editing armbianEnv.txt is not overwriting values in boot.ini. I have added new line verbosity=7 and it has no effect. Only editing boot.ini is changing boot behaviour.