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  1. I have it connected to my laptop via TTL. For some weird reason I cannot post more than once per day. So hope you see this edit... It's the current (latest) version of the Armbian Focal.
  2. ... [ OK ] Finished Set console font and keymap. [ OK ] Finished Helper to synchronize boot up for ifupdown. Starting Raise network interfaces... [ OK ] Started udev Kernel Device Manager. [ OK ] Found device /dev/ttyGS0. [ 14.547006] thermal thermal_zone0: binding zone cpu_thermal with cdev thermal-cpufreq-0 failed:-22 I just installed Armbian Focal on my Orange Pi Zero and i receive this error on startup, then the boot stops here. It did pass this step a couple times but 90% of the time it will not boot. Thanks in advance, //Hasan