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    wsian reacted to Tido in GPIO requires sudo   
    and just in case, but I guess Martin already solved your problem.
    Within armbian you find following User-Supported options for GPIO and more:
    ArmbianIO (sysFS) or
    UserSpaceIO (libgpiod),
    pyGPIO accesses 'pins' directly through /dev/mem

     ArmbianIO API - in C
     User Space IO - is Python 3 and Java 8 bindings for user space GPIO, SPI, I2C, PWM and Serial interfaces
     pyGPIO - A 'more general' python GPIO library based on pyA20
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    Support and waiting for it.
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    Let me help to translate

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    wsian reacted to gprovost in Support of Helios4 - Intro   
    Awesome Helios4 is successfully funded !!!
    We still accept orders till the end of the campaign : July 19, 2017
    Thanks for the support.
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