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    yeti reacted to manuti in Porting NetBSD to Allwinner H3 SoCs   
    Jared McNeill is porting NetBSD to H3 SoCs now tested with NanoPi NEO and Orange Pi Plus 2E
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    yeti reacted to zador.blood.stained in The Ultimate Orange Pi USB Booter   
    I think I made a perfect device for people who have problems with SD cards on H3 Orange Pi or similar Allwinner based boards.
    Or for people who just hate the SD cards

    Why using a SD card if you can use your favorite USB flash drive instead with a small addon board that can be attached to the "RPi compatible" pin header?
    Ready to boot:

    As a bonus - no modifications required for the recent Armbian images. Console log for an example:
    I wonder if any Chinese manufacturer can pick this idea and make a small batch of similar devices? 
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    yeti reacted to hyphop in Building OpenWRT images for Orange Pi Zero with the Armbian kernel   
    i have test this device and i can say wifi can work fine without delays
    i use kernel + firmware from armbian + enveroment from openwrt
    load manually wifi modules  only!!!!
    root@MusicBox:~# lsmod mac80211 358445 1 xradio_wlan xradio_wlan 210530 0 i have normal ping at any time !!!
    64 bytes from oc2 ( icmp_req=559 ttl=64 time=1.15 ms 64 bytes from oc2 ( icmp_req=560 ttl=64 time=1.34 ms 64 bytes from oc2 ( icmp_req=561 ttl=64 time=1.41 ms 64 bytes from oc2 ( icmp_req=562 ttl=64 time=1.39 ms 64 bytes from oc2 ( icmp_req=563 ttl=64 time=1.86 ms
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    yeti reacted to rodolfo in Wayland on ARM SBCs   
    Thank you for keeping Armbian clean and functional. The CLI version is all that is ever needed. For graphical ( mostly remote ) access I personally prefer lean and fast LXDE over XFCE. The modular approach of Armbian makes it easy to set up whatever one considers a "smooth, high quality desktop". 
    A typical example of flashy useless "technology" is Wayland - no transparent networking means pretty useless for SBCs and embedded projects.