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  1. sudo modprobe xradio_wlan returns nothing... just back to the prompt sudo nmtui still shows the connection when you go to edit - but does not show anything in the ACTIVATE area - seems more like a bug in nmtui surely... after reboot the entry is still there under edit - but no sign of it in activate.
  2. Current nightly build of Armbian on the Orange Pi Zero. As root - add a WIFI connection and fill in details. Save. It is there - but does not appear in the ACTIVATE option (which weirdly you have to exit from NMTUI and go back in to find).... hence - can't start WIFI.
  3. So... I wiped the existing WIFI entry (which required SUDO anyway) this morning.. and started from scratch. Using SUDO I made a WIFI entry and put in the details.... and activated the WIFI. I rebooted with no ETHERNET lead and the WIFI connection came up. I tested it. I unplugged the access point for maybe 20 seconds and plugged it back in. I waited 5 minutes while typing this response. Nothing - zilch - zero. I checked with Advanced IP Scanner. No sign of the Orange Pi Zero. 5 minutes passed and I power-cycled the board...it o Distance 3ft. it o fcourse came up (and yes I'm using the little aerial that came with it). Output from sudo armbianmonitor -u pi@orangepizero:~$ sudo armbianmonitor -u /var/log/armhwinfo.log has been uploaded to http://sprunge.us/LjPX Please post the URL in the Armbian forum where you've been asked for. nmcli dev wifi list pi@orangepizero:~$ nmcli dev wifi list * SSID MODE CHAN RATE SIGNAL BARS SECURITY * beyond Infra 11 54 Mbit/s 89 ▂▄▆█ WPA1 WPA2 pi@orangepizero:~$ Except that in PUTTY instead of that nice signal strength shown here you get rubbish characters.
  4. In my case there is only the one access point it can connect to. Connected for hours is no good - I need connected forever (or at least reconnect when lost). Generally speaking once connected though very poor, it stays connected - but any kind of access point failure (power) and that's the end of it. That is do-able with a script - the important thing is how poor the WIFI connection is bearing in mind I have very fast broadband and a modern home access point able to handle movies on the mobile phone for example.
  5. I have the Orange Pi Zero - working using last week's nightly build which has the WIFI intact and I've since updated using the usual apt-get upgrade. The WIFI is awful - wired is fine - I'm using Xenial - nmtui to setup - and I have two issues - despite turning off WIFI power management and being no more than 3ft away from the (new) access point - WIFI is so sluggish you can tell when typing into a terminal!! Also despite what nmtui should do - if I turn off the access point (simulating an issue with say power) and back on, the Orange Pi Zero will NOT reconnect even minutes later without rebooting. Anyone have ideas as to (a) how to improve the WIFI to make it usable and ( what might be needed in some kind of script - to check google every minute and resurrect the WIFI if it fails - or some other solution.
  6. Hi I've just set up the Roseapple Pi with Armbian (legacy server Debian). As I often find (over a range of monitors) there's an overscan so bad I can't see the "login" instructions at the bottom of the screen... on all sides the text is off the edge of the screen. For the life of me I can't see WHERE to adjust the overscan - can anyone help. Pete.
  7. So I have installed Armbian on a number of boards in the past without real issue. I'm currently installing the latest version (not nightly build or anything) on my new NanoPi NEO AIR. A couple of points. Firstly - WIFI seems weak on the internal aerial - I set everything up on the serial port but once I used WINSCP - I note the terminal is slow - despite apt-get-update and other installs seeming to run pretty well. Secondly (and this has never happened before) it is now 7th of November early in the morning and my script for installing programs seemed to be running into issues until I realised the board time was set 6 days in the past (I only installed Armbian last night) - never had that happen. I changed the date mid-stream and all seems to be installing ok... it will be some time before the script is complete but looking ok up to now.
  8. Does the Orange Pi lite have audio? Review says no.... (Neo does) ??
  9. Already have two of them not only running Armbian - but also a host of other stuff using my script. ... details here - script here. However, very little joy with WIFI - it works with a fairly standard WIFI USB plug but range is AWFUL which I can only put down to the driver or similar.... on wired ethernet however - works a treat. http://tech.scargill.net/the-friendlyarm-nanopi-neo/
  10. Thanks to the latest Armbian and my own script - I now have a NanoPi Neo (two of them actually) running everything I want - Node-Red, Mosquitto, SQLITE3 etc..... got control of serial ports - marvelous. I have only one problem - I have no idea despite several experiments - how to get WIFI working on the standard cheap Wifi dongles you get on Ebay. (usually say 802.11n on the black plastic end). Anyone succeeded with this? Pete.
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