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  1. BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4 dual-band PCIe module Mass production version,support BPI-R64 ,BPI-R2
  2. Banana Pi BPI-W2 (RTD1296) new image : Openwrt Lede with Kernel 4.9
  3. Banana Pi BPI-W2 BPI-W2-openwrt-lede(Linux 4.9) code update to github
  4. Banana Pi BPI-R64 linux 4.19 BSP public on github
  5. Banana Pi BPI-R64 support Microsoft Azure IoT Edge using DPS with TPM 2.0 SLB9670 (ubuntu 18.04) Banana Pi BPI-R64 support Microsoft Azure IoT Edge with TPM 2.0 SLB9670 (DPS: Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service) Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (Bionic Beaver) 64-bit
  6. This project is for banana-pi W2 board, including U-boot and Linux Kernel 4.9.x.
  7. Banana Pi #BPI-R64 public sale,
  8. this product design base on BPI-R64 5G + 4G LTE+Wifi AC+Gigabit for Converged communication gateway
  9. just BPI-W2 support HDMI-in , this is limited by chip . BPI-M4 with M.2 interface and 8G eMMC flash on board. have public sale :
  10. Banana Pi BPI-R64 mass production version ready
  11. OpenMPTCProuter use MultiPath TCP (MPTCP) to aggregate multiple Internet connections and OpenWrt. and have official support BPI-R2. source code on github:
  12. When I'm in a bad mood, I'm glad to see your posts, because you're like my wife, always chattering, but I can't say no hope you can help us to development BPI-W2
  13. Banana Pi BPI-W2 source code public on github
  14. code have update to github . we now check all code ,and begin debug kernel .
  15. Banana PI BPI-W2 Ubuntu 18.04 New Image Release 2018-09-17
  16. yes , we must signed NDA , if not , we can not begin this project ,You may think it's pointless to start the project because it's not "open source", but i know some few user need this . so i do it . I'm just finding the balance between "NDA" and "open source".So we need a lot of time. PS : I'm just tired of your endless attacks. It doesn't help open source any more,Therefore, I will not reply any messages to you. the best way : You can show your support or stand by and look, Hey @chwe: what to do with this technical discussion here?  this is your target, delete this post or move it . you can success. i know.
  17. I've never told you anything because you're not nice, i know you a orange pi fans , so I understand what you're doing.
  18. we coworker with RealTek ,if not RealTek support ,we can not begin this project ,and we get all code ,and we now work on kernel 4.9,but need some time to development at linux. when we redy ,will release it.
  19. BPI-7402 IEEE 802.3at PoE module for BPI-R64
  20. bpi-m2 zero android image:
  21. how to use BPI-Zero 10/100 Ethernet:
  22. BPI-R2 new image : ubuntu 16.04 V1.2.1 BT and WIFI AP mode are working fine 2017-11-27
  23. we have test image ,it can run success image download link: video: boot log: 2017-11-10-Armbian log.txt
  24. let me think about it , it mean we need do CE,FCC test,again . and many user have use BPI-M2+ inside they are product . mean we need do double inventory
  25. you can check BPI-M2+ ,also can use H2+ chip on BPI-M2+, have support eMMC onboard.