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    TRS-80 got a reaction from balbes150 in [Moderation] "TV Boxes" Sub-forum   
    I already went overboard in there once, causing a great kerfuffle. So I will wait and see what others say.
    After that drama yesterday. I was told the TV Boxes forum are "lightly moderated."
    So if we are adding to that "light" list:
    removing Android OS (not Armbian) discussions then that will be news fore me. But I will await consensus.
    It seems that we are in the process of clarifying some long standing "unwritten" rules/guidelines and getting them written down now, for easier calibration of new current (and future) Mods.
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    TRS-80 reacted to balbes150 in [Moderation] "TV Boxes" Sub-forum   
    In the TV boxes section, it is quite calm and there is enough of the standard option. If the user has the first message on the forum, all messages are put in the moderation queue. If there is at least one approved message, the user can write directly to existing topics. If I see that his messages are spam or violate the rules, I delete them. As far as I understand, for those who have few messages (3-5- ?)- creating a new theme is put in the moderation queue. So far, there have been no problems. I read all messages in the " my " section and can see where there are hidden ads and delete such messages. If you have any suggestions or comments about my work, I am ready to listen to them.
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    TRS-80 reacted to Werner in Armbian IRC chat   
    tl;dr: irc://
    In Germany we have an adage "Was lange währt, wird endlich gut." which means Good things come to those who wait.
    Thanks to their kind staff we managed to obtain owner privileges of our IRC channel hosted on the Freenode IRC network after years of idling unofficial status.
    Feel free to join us:
    Server: Ports: 6697 / non-SSL: 6667 Channels: #armbian, #armbian-commits, #armbian-rss  
    Or simply use their webirc client:
    We may add more channels in future if necessary or the main channel gets too spammy
    Don't hesitate to get in touch with us
    More information about the available services can be found in our documentation:
    Btw. want a free IRC bouncer? Check here:
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    TRS-80 reacted to balbes150 in Armbian on "M8S Plus W" (905W without microSD)   
    "Congratulations," you threw the money in the trash. Here for $ 20 is a full-fledged model with a wired network and tested for working with Armbian (without WiFi).
    Here's a link to a model with a much better chip that your model doesn't even remotely compare to.
    s905w with a full LAN port and SD card support, it's easy to buy for$20
    and   If desired, you can even find the s905x3 (which is an order of magnitude better than the s905w) for the same $ 20-22. The S905x3 has a USB 3.0 SD LAN ......
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    TRS-80 reacted to thanh_tan in Orange Pi Zero no audio devices available cannot play audio   
    I have successfully make the zero play with the extension via 3.5 audio jack 
    1. open armbian-config and check into the analogue 

    2. reboot and check aplay -l shows, it shoud be
    aplay -l shows **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: Codec [H3 Audio Codec], device 0: CDC PCM Codec-0 []   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 3.  create file .asoundrc in home directory
    put this in
    pcm.!default{ type hw card 0 } ctl.!default{ type hw card 0 } 4. type alsamixer and make sure that the M and O like this

    5. speaker-test -twav -c2 -Dhw:0
    and the sound plays
    Front Left
    Front Right
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    TRS-80 reacted to Florin in [S905X] Armbian on TX5PRO   
    Hi, thanks for the reply!
    I was using images from here, since tx5pro is not an officially supported device:

    I managed to get it working in the end. The issue is that i was following outdated video tutorials for this, and the new instructions changed.  To be more concrete, i was copying the device tree to the root of the sd card and renaming it, instead of changing the env file to contain the path to the proper device tree file. So i was booting with the wrong dtb file each time
    if anyone gets stuck on this, i followed this:
    the folder structure is not 100% the same (dtb files are in dtb/amlogic, not in the 'dtb' folder) but similar enough.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from aaditya in RK3399 Stable? Move subforum from Development to Bug Tracker?   
    I think you might be right. But I split your topic off to it's own for discussion.
    @TonyMac32 made a similar comment (I think in IRC?) the other day, but I wanted to gain more of a consensus before taking any action as I am no where near as familiar as Devs (or probably even some users) on this subject.
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    TRS-80 reacted to jsfrederick in Help on forum moderating   
    I would be happy to assist as a moderator.  I've been a moderator on a number of forums in the past and would love to help out the Armbian community.  I tried to apply through the link bit do not have enough posts.
    I am on the east coast of the US (GMT-5).  Please let me know if I can assist.  
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    TRS-80 reacted to soerenderfor in Help on forum moderating   
    Hi Igor.
    I do not have the rights to accept the offer as moderator.  
    But i would like to help, i can't maintain a Kernel or develop..  But sure i want to help in the forum to move wrong posting and edite here and there.  It should be nice place to seek information, also for beginners. 
    Nobody want to seek information a place where you get the feeling of being arduous.
    I have 20 years self-taugght computing/hardware skills.
    If i could help in some way just let me know.

    Best Regards.
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    TRS-80 reacted to _r9 in Help on forum moderating   
    Hi Igor,
    it would be an honour to help you on your project. I highly respect this forum and I'm really interested in ARM Technologies and Debian based distributions. My hat's off to the guys at Armbian to manage a huge project like this
    Besides that I'm using SBCs for server solutions another attempt to get a deeper look into ARM technology was to deal with Banana Pi products on Amazon. This attempt cost me a lot of time and in the end I almost lost my company too. The product line of SinoVoip or Bipai Keji (HK) Limited got messier each month. After they fired my main supporter anything got worse. Since then I'm seeking for a new opportunity for my company to get a footstep into the ARM world. Especially the Armbian Forum.
    I ceased the Amazon sales last week. Therefore I have a few hours left each week for a new project. So the time would be perfect to support an opensource project. If you're interested, I'd looking forward to get to know each other on the Armbian Forum.
    What might interests you as well is that I worked as a first level supporter, almost for elder people, for 3 years. So I know my place if something gets out of control and people gets angry or confused.

    The only problem I may see is if you need moderators with short reaction times or too much hours each day. I think I can handle work like once, maybe twice, a day for something around an hour or so - 12/5.

    I'm looking forward to read you
    Best Regards, _r9
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    TRS-80 reacted to Werner in Making IRC Channel Official   
    I think at this point I can say: Done
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    TRS-80 reacted to martinayotte in [Moderation] Q&A for New (and Old?) Mods   
    Right !
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from gounthar in Big sale on Odroid MC1   
    Just found this thread today. They are still asking $9 each, as of today (plus shipping, I am guessing).
    Am I crazy for thinking to put 2 of these together and make an edge router? I already have a big 24 port Gigabit switch, and can add some Access Points later (Ubiquiti or whatever)?
    And to think I came to this subforum just now to post a question to recommend a router hardware.
    EDIT: Thinking further, I don't think you could use it as a router, as they are separate devices (separate CPUs, NICs, etc.)...
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from Igor in [Solved] Node/npm WebRTC/Webtorrent not working   
    Please do not multi-post the same issue in different sub-forums.
    I merged both your posts together here, and moved the new combined thread to Common Issues subforum as I suspect it is going to be general software related rather than board or Armbian specific. If that proves not to be the case after further diagnosis, we can always move it back, later.
    Back to the issue at hand, are you sure the appropriate ports are open/forwarded on your firewall, etc.?
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from _r9 in [Moderation] Resources, Tips, Guidance   
    Rather than pollute the other thread, I figured I would create a new one here.
    As a few of us just became moderators at the same time, perhaps we can help each other out learning.
    So far I found the following resources helpful:
    House Rules:
    Armbian Guidelines - An overview of subforum organization / "where to post."
    Armbian Registration Terms - Very brief few rules.
    Moderator Duties - Moderator duties described in role application
    Do not censor posts
    Only Edit User posts for formatting
    Only delete post if empty, by request of creator, or if post is 100% spam
    Forum Software
    This forum software is called "Invision Community."
    Documentation - Particularly the "Staff and Moderation" topics part way down on the left look helpful:
    Saved Actions Moderating content Moderator and Admin logs The Moderator CP Warnings & Restrictions  
    From comments in other thread, seems like most of us have moderated other places before. If you come up on a post or situation you are unsure of, ask in here, we can help each other out. Then we are building also a sort of base of institutional knowledge for others to follow later.
    I would also encourage everyone (not just Moderators, we are all just community members, too) to hang out in our IRC channel which is #armbian on Freenode. It is still unofficial, but we are actively working on (re?)taking control of it.
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    TRS-80 reacted to gounthar in Big sale on Odroid MC1   
    I don't know where to write it, but if there is someone looking for MC1 at discount price, there is a big sale going on.
    I took 5 of them to build a h.264 encoding farm.
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    TRS-80 reacted to sgjava in Adafruit CircuitPython supports C, C++, Python and JVM (Java, Scala, Koltin, etc.). Do we really need another Python lib besides WiringPi and RPi.GPIO? Also, I have non-root access working for pretty much everything.
    Another thing, from looking at the CircuitPython site it appears to only support micro controllers at this point, not a full blown SBC. For this type of stuff I'm using NodeMCU with Lua which is mature and is hard to beat from a price/performance/usability perspective.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from wolf7250 in Setting up Email Server on Armbian   
    I split your topic off into it's own post, as setting up an email server is more of a general software question than one pertaining to Helios4, specifically.
    I personally do not use the armbian-config tool, but I rather doubt it installs a full mail server (I could be wrong)?
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from lanefu in [Moderation] Resources, Tips, Guidance   
    Thanks, @chwe for adding your thoughts.
    Well, I didn't either, but...
    Yes I agree, perhaps I should have emphasized this more. I think I only actually moved / split a few posts so far. If unsure, I leave it. And always I leave a link to help avert any confusion.
    When considering moving/splitting, I suppose my thought process is to ask myself if the thread is misplaced enough to offset the disruption of splitting / moving it.
    Editing the title I view as less invasive. Especially when the title is super vague (which is useless for later searching). Having said that, so far I only edited one title...
    Cheers to that.
    Yeah some times I wonder even if this thread is a bit much, some things cannot be taught (and yet I try).
    EDIT: Also I guess I feel like I have some job to do now, maybe in few more days/weeks I will calm down and get more into the flow and be posting less.
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    TRS-80 got a reaction from Igor in [Moderation] Welcoming new members?   
    OK, maybe I will give ipfire a test just to see what you are talking about.
    On your last two points, yes this is sort of what I am getting at. Trying to promote a culture of contribution and helping each other, and being a buffer so you guys can go off and do your wizard stuff and not spending all your time (and perhaps more importantly, emotional energy) on support. I think the carrot is just as important as the stick (not sure if that phrase translates culturally?). You know, positive reinforcement. And just plain being friendly. Especially to people who are contributing!
    One of the things attracting me to this community initially was the clearly high level of technical competence and no-nonsense approach and honestly I think we should keep that. But at the end of the day we are all human beings, I don't see the harm (for someone like me, who is more focused on the "community" via forums (and IRC)) to try and be a little more welcoming. Overall I don't want to change the existing culture, which I see as good. I just want to allow some of my innate friendliness to come through, and welcome newcomers. Cheers!
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    TRS-80 reacted to chwe in [Moderation] Resources, Tips, Guidance   
    I wouldn't think 3 lines is a bloated footer (I've 3 lines I didn't update in a while - maybe I should)..
    A few thoughts about moderating (and I probably do mostly a bad job here cause I didn't do much moderating in a while - well I got that job somehow by mistake ).. I'm a fan of "as less as possible as much as needed". If someone chooses a obviously wrong title maybe change it.. If the title is not best, he'll learn from lack of attention that he might do better next time.
    I don't deal much with unfamiliar hardware anymore.. E.g. there are some parts in the forum you won't find me. Mostly Armada and amlogic. We have people knowing the odds of those boards so they can deal better with it than me. Moderators moderate first responders help. For some platforms I'm both (e.g. rockchkip) for others I just unlock topics and have a quick view if there's something odd about it (e.g. hidden shit in links). But different mods will have different styles, and as long as it is not harmful to the community at all people need to deal with it. Depending on which moderator you get you might get a different style of answer. It's not that we have to follow some cooperate guidelines how an answer should look like.
    If you split, merge or delete you might inform people by leaving a short post why you did it and where the other part can be found. If you move things I mostly let the checkbox with the 'simlink' so that the guy sees where his post is now.
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    TRS-80 reacted to Tarzanus in TV Box A95X Z2 - RK3318   
    Use image from @balbes150 from this topic

    RC2 of 5.5 mainline kernel works best (haven't tried rc6 yet, but with rc5, USB3 stopped working.
    When you burn the image to your SD-card patch it up following this procedure:
    System works pretty well, except for Wi-fi and bluetooth. The system is not fully optimized and it has issues playing video clips, especially at higher resolution. I hope GPU support will also get polished if that's the issue.
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    TRS-80 reacted to scott90420 in Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 5.x   
    First up... THANK YOU SO MUCH! to you @balbes150
    I bought the original H1 variant 'H96 Pro Stick' (an Amlogic S912 in stick form!) as soon as it came out direct from GearBest on a special deal for £35!
    The original Android 7.1.2 firmware was bad, but SuperCeleron over at FreakTab made a decent 'full-android' and 'android-TV' OS that i have tweaked myself. That was it for development on my board, and that almost 3 years ago now.
    I had once, way back then tried this before, and after trying 10ish random dtb.img's for S9xx i would get past login, but it would always get this repeated text across the screen that would stay there and i never did get to the desktop.
    I am now typing from an 11 year old 32-bit Intel Atom NetBook with 1GB ram! :'(
    It is my 'PC' ...and honestly... i can do more from my 64-bit OnePlus 5T in Termux (Arch/Debian/Ubuntu proot) than this old thing.
    I know the S912 is good for Linux in multi-core benchmarking... so all this time later... i tried again....
    And with the newer documentation you have now... it was alot easier than last time! and it worked... first time too!
    FINALLY I get to try out Armbian!!!!
    So thank you very much for your work all these years, it is appreciated!
    The rom i got was Ubuntu and it runs fast! no long wait times for apps to open up! a much needed 64-bit PC i have needed all this time!!
    Just one question please (or anyone else out there reading this essay!)
    As the case with alot of devices... wifi & bluetooth is not working. I found a website from a guy who used my H1 H96 stick and he forked your 4.9 kernel sometime back & modified it for crypto-mining purposes, so it has alot of documentation. On his GitHub it has my wifi & bluetooth drivers.
    How do i add them into this rom?????

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    TRS-80 reacted to hexdump in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    @martos - some things which come to my mind:
    did you try my t9 dtb?  - see: most probably it will not work as your box does not seem to boot off sd card at all another thing worth trying is combined sd/usb booting - see this thread:  if all that does not work then you might have to flash it via usb (i think i have read that some tv boxes have the sd card connected to the wrong mmc port and are thus not sd card bootable at all) - see here and above and below it: good luck and best wishes - hexdump
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    TRS-80 reacted to jsfrederick in Help on forum moderating   
    YES, please don't leave. We are going to have to determine how this is going to work.

    Igor is the owner of all of this so his opinion matters most. Being a moderator is a tough job, we are ALWAYS the bad cop.

    Let's work as a team to make the Armbian community better. Yes, it'll take a long time, but our support lets the developers do their magic.

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