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  1. Hi igorpec,
    Which Orange Pi is the best computer for an ordinary user,who buys a Orange Pi ,only because it very very cheap is -even cheapest on the board computers world-stil more friends of my,with very old and big computers wants buy a Orange buy,they asks me,because i am the first one with an Orange Pi. Just like me, they wants too use Orange Pi for daily use ,like surfing,work with Libreofice....

  2. I understand that Desktop is for people like me and Server for specialists . I can still use " Armbian Ubuntu Desktop" instead of go for adventure with " Armbian Debian Server".


    Thanks people,



  3. Hi,

    I am using newest Armbian Ubuntu on " Orange Pi plus 2 E" .

    All three comand lines_Terminal emulator,Xterm and UXterm-works okay when I type something,for example: sudo apt-get...

    But when I copy something,for example a command from the site,I paste it on Xterm,i see a with area. It dosn't paste.

    Please could you help me to fix this?



  4. At first thanks ,best friends,for your patience and help. Thanks to you I am on Armbian Ubuntu Desktop,wright now!

    Bur mysterious is that I can't change default language to Dutch. I tried all possible ways from manual of Armbian,Command line of terminal emulator,su,

    root...every thing,but unfortunately no succes. Please help me.


    Thanks again,


  5. I did something wrong,that is why both of my SD cards are not good. Is a possibility to fix them?

    Another important question: Exist a SD card with installed Armbian, especial for people with less technical knowledge_they can insert the Sd card,and it works_!

  6. I insert SD card but it change nothing. The Quality of first install is very weak:

    Xterm command doesn't communicate with Armbian.

    Screen format is wrong and I can't fix it.

    It is a line middle of screen....


    I want reinstall SD card to fix this problems.

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