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  1. I support Armbian on my torrent server with all packages. But now many packages have been added which I don't know what they are doing there! If the torrents are used for other purposes, I have to stop the support. Why are these files on the torrent packets list?!
  2. Hi! Sorry to say this, but the "nand-stat-install" script is nuts. I looked at it and would like to rewrite the script, but at the moment I'm trying to capture exactly what was done there. I only have boards with SATA that I can test. And I do this in my limited free time. My tip! If you want to change it in a running system, don't try the "nand-stat-install" script, do everything manually! This is the better and safer solution!
  3. Ok, thanks! I was looking for "*nand_sata_install*" with find.
  4. I wanted to take a look at the script to see what is being done there. But even on a cleanly installed system I can't find the script. Is this downloaded online from armbian-config, or where is this script?
  5. Hi, thanks for the response. I like to give it a try, but I don't know how I can add my contribution. I will take a look into this script... let's see, if I can do some help. Robert
  6. There is a bug (not really a bug...) in the copy process with rsync. Please add the -x option to rsync to copy the root file system to a SATA/USB drive. I have cifs/nfs filesystem from my main (file) server mounted and the installation tries to copy alle the network-drives to the local SATA/USB drive. I was wondering, why the hell the armbian-config says 1020MB to copy (around 3 min.) and after 1 hour it still was running rsync! Yes, it tried to copy hundreds of GB to the local 60GB SATA/USB drive! And... the script removes all extra fstab entries, so all network filesystem mo
  7. Thank you, is working. BTW: I've a full mirrored armbian torrent server running on this BPi.
  8. Is something wrong with armbian? On my BPI M1, I get this apt error today. Err:6 stretch Release server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none Reading package lists... Done E: The repository ' stretch Release' does no longer have a Release file. N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default. N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.
  9. Odroid HC1 seems to be a good solution for me and makes a good impression. Thanks for the hints!
  10. Hi, ok... some more information. I need SATA just for one system 2.5" hdd/ssd. It is not used for NAS, I've a NAS server already on LAN. The board is connected to WAN and there is a web server (nginex) running, and also ftp/ssh server and vpn (client to my internet server). That's all. It is my outside connection to my LAN.
  11. Hello, I'm using a BananaPi M1 board long time with armbian. Most of the other BananaPi boards are no longer supported with armbian. Which board will have the best change to armbian lts? I only need a board with 1GB RAM, 2 x USB, 1 x Gigabit Net, SATA for small home server settings. Any hint?
  12. I'm sorry, it's an old thread, but why is there no uninstall implemented in Softy? That would be logical? Alternatively you have to reinstall the whole system now? So Softy is pointless.
  13. Ok, update is running ... just 2 minutes later ... Mostly... Edit: Update works fine for me, problem fixed! Thank you!
  14. Try to update to 5.31 over serial console with second (working!) USB ethernet device, but somethings wrong with the update server? Network ist working on USB ethernet device...
  15. I can confirm, on a BPi M1 the internal ethernet is broken with armbian 5.30. I'm using the BPi M1 as bridge with a second USB ethernet port. After update to armbian 5.30 (from 5.26), the internal BPi ethernet port had 80% packet loss, but the USB ethernet adapter works just fine. Regards