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    Nick reacted to tkaiser in [RFC] Support Cortex-A53/arm64?   
    Might not happen that soon. While we're preparing the new 64-bit architecture (which will take some time) the current state of Linux on A64 permits building OS images for end users
    BTW: Since people started to take the silly sysbench result above (3.25 seconds on Pine64 vs. 49 on RPi 3 -- only possible conclusion: forget about this 'benchmark' from now on) to compare with the ODROID-C2 I simply unlocked the higher CPU frequencies and measured again: now 2.8 seconds or ~15% better -- all just by modifying thermal throttling behaviour). It should be obvious that any kind of benchmarking for A64 now is plain nonsense. The aforementioned tests are only suited to demonstrate how misleading this sort of pseudo benchmarking is.
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    Nick reacted to zador.blood.stained in SOLVED [TEST / customize image feature] doesn't appear to work properly   
    You don't need to edit anything in lib/ directly. In fact it's better that you reset or remove lib directory so your changes don't prevent pulling future updates.
    You shoud use "" conviniently (auto) copied to "userpatches/". Because it is copied only if it doesn't exist already, your changes in lib/scripts didn't have any effect.
    Yes, git should be installed at this point.
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    Nick got a reaction from Igor in Banana Pi M1 support dropped?   
    That's great news Igor, thank you.
    I realise that my use case covers about 1% of users, so to a large extent I just have to go with the flow, but having the ability to easily script around the bits that I don't want / need is one the the things that I love about Armbian :-)
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    Nick reacted to martinayotte in New user creation in Armbian 5.04   
    About the build process, I've noticed that /tmp folder of my workstation is always becoming RO for other groups/users, so after "sudo ./" finished, I always need to do a "sudo chmod a+rw /tmp"
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    Nick reacted to Igor in Breaking News: Choosing Armbian speeds up your Orange Pi multiple times!   
    Benchmark results produced by maker and associative are corrupt by origin   PI magazine is a part of marketing department while their primary job is to impress people with a bunch of bull shit. Numbers are how they should be   They must be somehow higher then Rpi2 otherwise believers can be frustrated. They, by definition, doesn't want to face reality, so it's already represented accordingly. It keeps them and their faith high. 
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    Nick got a reaction from wildcat_paris in SOLVED [TEST / customize image feature] doesn't appear to work properly   
    I've have just looked at the last SD card that I burned last night and everything looks to be in place now.
    I was having trouble with an SD card so I switched to a new one. I'm guessing the old card was not being written properly for some reason.
    Sorry about that, all appears to be good now :-)
    Thanks for the hint regarding /tmp not being copied into the image, I didn't know that. It makes sense for it not to be copied, but it might be worth adding a note to the comment at the top of the script.
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    Nick reacted to zador.blood.stained in [Armbian lib / kernel packaging] Absolute minimum bootstrap   
    It would be easy to add an option to skip installing of PAKETKI/PACKAGES completely, leaving only stuff installed by debootstrap itself, but it will enable only basic wired networking and probably will break later stages of image creation.
    Separation into "essential" and "non-essential" packages can be done, but it will take some time to check and test stuff, especially since "absolutely required" is subjective.
    You can use "" to achieve this.
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    Nick reacted to Igor in [Armbian lib / kernel packaging] Absolute minimum bootstrap   
    Agree. Configuration is also getting messy so this should be done at some point.
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    Nick got a reaction from Code4Sale LLC in A case for "Sticky" Subjects   
    Hi Joe,
    How much are the mugs and do you have any idea of how much shipping to the UK would be?
    I love the blue handle, and would be more than happy to buy one as long as they aren't too expensive :-)
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    Nick reacted to tkaiser in SPI Ethernet on raspberry or BPI-M2 on the GPIO   
    Please keep two things in mind:
    Banana Pi M2 is no Raspberry Pi. On Raspberry Pi /boot/config.txt has a special meaning, with Armbian a file called /boot/config-4.3.3-sunxi is something completely different! (important to note when you rely on tutorials written for RPi) The Ethernet module you try to use is both slow as hell and power hungry. I would check whether it's ok to draw 160mA from the 3.3V pin Any USB-to-Ethernet adapter is a better choice when you have a free USB port.