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  1. I can't get Arbian to boot on my Scishion V88 Piano box.  I can get it to boot with the latest LibreElec nightly.  Ethernet even works.  I didn't try wifi.  Can I copy the dtb from LibreElec and use it to boot Armbian?   Just copy it into the /dtb directory on Armbian, update extlinux.conf and boot?  i see LibreElec and Armbian are both using the same kernel version so I'm thinking this should work.  Can anyone confirm?  Only one way to find out I guess.  I'll try this weekend and report back but if someone has experience with this, it would be appreciated.




  2. I have my V88 Piano box booting using the 09092018 image but I'm trying to get wifi working.  How can I tell if the onboard wifi is being recognized?  Is there something I can look for in dmesg?  I'm not seeing anything in network setting that would tell me there is a wifi device configured.

  3. 1 minute ago, chessplayer said:

    @rob0809, what are you trying to say about the NIC speed? At GearBest, it is advertised as Gigabit. Are you saying that this is fake? Sorry, since I am not a native speaker, you lost me with the term "do a bait and switch on the advertised NIC speed" ...

    Yes, it is fake.  The connection is only 100Mb and has been confirmed by a couple of people.  It still gets my vote though but that's because I already own one.  :)

  4. On 1/2/2018 at 2:31 PM, fossxplorer said:

    @rob0809, wonder how your box is coming along with Linux while i'm early waiting for my boxes to arrive. ;)


    Sorry, I haven't had much time to play with it over the holidays.  Maybe in the new year.

  5. 19 hours ago, Blackie said:

    Thank you very much Rob for reporting. It's still not bad result for a start, booting from SD card seems to be a problem on many other boxes.

    I hope some developers could help to resolve the ethernet issues in the future.

    Can you test whether USB 3 port is working full speed?


    I'll test it when I get time.

  6. Finally received my SCISHION V88 Piano box.  I was able to burn the DietPi image for Rock64 to a micro SD card, place it in the micro SD slot, apply power and it booted up to a login.  The ethernet showed up as eth0 but I couldn't connect to anything.  Wireless also wasn't working.  I'm not sure what else is broken.

  7. 2 hours ago, manuti said:

    Thanks for the TV Box link.

    But where I can find the image you loaded?

    Thanks again.

    It's in the first post in this thread.




    I also tried the DietPi image for ROCK64 and that worked well too.  I loaded a Libreelec image and it booted but there was no sound.  Probably needs the correct device tree.

  8. Say man, I have SCISHION V88 mini II RK3229 TV Box.  I loaded the ROCK64 Ubuntu Mate image on a mcroSD card and it booted up without doing anything.  No toothpick, no standing on my head, no nothing.  Ethernet worked until I upgraded the kernel.  Or maybe it was because of the reboot.  Not sure.  The MAC address of the NIC changes with every reboot.  So I plugged a USB ethernet adapter into the USB 3.0 port and I had network connectivity again.  I was able to run Subsonic and Samba/NFS on it to make it a media and file server with decent throughput due to the USB 3.0 port.  For under $30, not a bad little box and things will only get better when/if a proper device tree is available for the box.  Well now that I think of it, the box was $30 but if you add another $10 for a USB NIC and another $10 for a  USB 3.0 hub, it loses it's appeal as a cheap NAS.

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