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  1. Thanks @balbes150 with your hard work to prepare the images is enough for me. So no "original firmware" no way. If anyone have the "manual recipe" to install latest image on Amlogic board in the manual way I will glad to test the recipe. Thanks again.
  2. Hey, I'm trying to update and old install on eMMC with 3.40 kernel on and MXQ Pro+ with Amlogic 905X. I can boot from SD card with the last version shared here when I try to copy to eMMC with /root/install scripts. It looks that runs more or less OK but after when reboot from eMMC the old 3.40 legacy kernel is still here. What's wrong? What is the correct way to update the eMMC? Thanks in advance for the help. If some logs can help, let me know.
  3. Thanks @Werner I need to clean that. I have 21GB free in the /home unit, and the script warned when only have 9GB. I really love these pieces of junk, the Beelink X2 and the Sunvell R69, and armbian to give they a decent Linux live.
  4. Last question @Igor this 20GB or more are needed in / partitiion, or in the folder I choose to download Armbian Sript ? Thanks.
  5. Soooo, Roger That. RIP Rock64 for me.
  6. Or ROCK64 with 4GB is about 45$ The ROCK64 4GB board designated as LTS (long Term Supply) model, PINE64 committed to supply at least for 5 years until year 2022 and beyond.
  7. I went that way last weekend, but I ran out of space. How many Gigas do I need to compile the image?
  8. @Tido edited. Sorry for flooding the thread. @Igor Yesss! I know is incorrect to switch images in this crazy way but: the last image for Beelink X2 is too old (normal because is EOS) and also the internal Wi-Fi din't work so I decide to the most similar, under my opinion, OPi+2e : Internal Wi-Fi and eMMC. So the board starts and run pretty decent. The temperature don't go high (supposing is measure correctly). If there and easy way to change the hardware configuration I'll do; if not, don't worry. Thanks for trying to help me.
  9. Firewall issues, so no -u only -U. Think about is a Beelink X2 running a Orange Pi+ 2e image.
  10. I'll try this evening. Is more or less responsive, so I suppose the CPU speed is OK. But I don't know if it's running at fixed speed or changing by some governor. cpufreq-info didn't show anything. But is good to have Debian Buster with 5.x kernel on it.
  11. Finally I decided to use Orange Pi 2e+ image. Everything looks working. Desktop installed, Wi-Fi working, only no info about CPU frequency.
  12. I can't do directly, this Android TV is in End Of Support so this is the last version available. Thanks @Werner maybe I need to bake my own image.
  13. Hi, its me again. After update my old Beelink X2 rev2 with Wi-Fi RTL8189ETV I can`t find anyway to bring up the wireless alive. I'm running ARMBIAN 5.75 stable Debian 9 (strech) 4.19.20-sunxi I can load the mod 8189es like I do in the past but nothing comes alive. Any idea? Any help?
  14. Another question related to La Frite. My eMMC lost all the armbian installation if a left the board unused a couple of weeks? The eMMC can lost data if the board is not used? Is the third time I find my board "brain washed"
  15. Same here (I think @tkaiser shared this model here and everybody copied his idea).
  16. This Pimoroni board do: LiPo SHIM ► But is conceived for Raspberry Pi (maybe it can be adapted) and is not cheap. This is the script to control de Clean Shutdown ►
  17. Sorry, this is not the post I was talking is this on the official wiki And also mention that I have an SPI LCD display, not DSI. Regards.
  18. Thanks @piter75 for your excellent work!!! Another question. Anyone as try to attach a LCD display with armbian? I tried the recipe from here but using amrbian as OS. I made some changes and try every single option. Display is ON but I can see the cli on it.
  19. If you want to install some Android that maybe don't mess with MAC address maybe in you can find the solution. This is a special version of Android optimized for the SoC H2+ (normally found in the Sunvell R69) and also for H3.
  20. Anyone having this board. Can trans-code video using as Plex Server? Thanks.
  21. No, is not a good place. Here you can find info related to install and use armbian Linux in this Android TV box, but nothing more.
  22. Not AES in the popular Raspberry Pi 4 even if they claim to be ARMv8.
  23. Solved: finally found a way. With keyboard attached (black cable in the below picture) to the further USB port from GPIO and USB male to male (light blue in the below picture) in the closest USB to GPIO and with additional power feeding from the micro USB.
  24. The La Frite reboot every time I try to boot in eMMC mode USB. Any way to 'dd' the image on the eMMC? I can see the eMMC module from Armbian using lsblk command. I can't see eMMC install in armbian-config or use nand-sata-install because the system must run from SD card. Any idea to move armbian to the eMMC? Thanks