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  1. @GreyLinux - I can not take credit for SimpNAS, but i did use it very much with my rockpro64 setup. Used it much to test 10-14 sata cards, and many was able to work with Focal with mainline and SimpNAS. Right now i use Armbian buster with mainline and OMV. But as yourself i also like the simple in SimpNAS ;-)
  2. @Mathias @GreyLinux - Some pics of my "dirty" setup.
  3. @JackR - Looks interresting, could be very cool.
  4. @Mathias - The Sata pcie card is this one with the power cables from pine store, and from one of the power cables to this splitter - So now you have 5 power cables so to speak. - I use the upper sata port (5) to boot my ssd up from, auyfan' uboot can boot from that port. ROCK solid, no down time. Only on kernel updates ;-) Just updated to 5.8.16 12V 10A power adapter.
  5. @Mathias - I do run all drives from the sata adapter cables from pine store. Maybe some sort of a "dirty setup" - But hey, it works no down time at all. Hmm... Will some pictures help, from inside the my nas case?
  6. @GreyLinux - You could purcahse a Noctua FLX 80mm fan, and heat will not be a problem, if you have such.
  7. @GreyLinux - That sata card is indeed a very good choice, i have now run with same card, just with 5 ports. Rock solid, i havent had any down time at all. I have installed a 92mm Noctua fan, i did cut the hole bigger. But before that i did run with a 80mm Noctua fan, it is indeed 25mm deep, but it can fit. The one sold as orginal is around 14mm or so. The fan runs very low rpm. rmmod pwm-fan echo 0 > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip1/export echo 110 > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip1/pwm0/duty_cycle echo 500 > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip1/pwm0/period echo 1 > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip1/pwm0/enable in /etc/rc.local My case is full as in very full ;-) now i run with 2x6TB 2x4TB 1x1TB SSD (SSD is fastned with strips between a 3.5" drive and a 2.5" drive). The SSD runs the system and boots from port "5" - with auyfan uboot. I always run with armbian mainline kernel, and OMV installed. How is that card for you? I have tested around 10 cards. And runs with the same card as you besides my card has 5 ports, and it is the best of all the cards. The expensive cards have been a sad expereince.
  8. @GreyLinux - I just did put the fan settings in /etc/rc.local the fan runs always but nearly silent. My 4xHDD temps runs very low, between 34-36° the SSD hits 37-39° I did mange to fit 5 disks in the NAS case. What sata card do you have?
  9. @GreyLinux check this topic out for fan control
  10. @Meier @aldrick I do have rockpro64, i have only experinced kernel freeze with some crap sata pcie cards, and yes card from pine64 stores is one of them. I run Armbian buster with kernel 5.8.13. I use OMV5 with no problems what so ever, i did update spi bootloader from ayufan, installede armbian on ssd. Boot up from and run from SSD, + 4 disk attached (1x480GB SSD, 2x3.5" 2x2.5"), i did write 4TB on one of the disks, yesterday.. No problems.. ROCK64, i have not used that board for a long time, the usb ports acts like my girlfriend when she is mad.
  11. @Dunc4n1d4h0 - To go from dtb to dts, edit and make to dtb again, is something like. dtc -I dtb -O dts -f rk3399-rockpro64.dtb -o test.dts code testfile.dts dtc -I dts -O dtb -f test.dts -o rk3399-rockpro64.dtb
  12. @usual user - Do i understand you correct. Lets say if i want to change Hz as @Dunc4n1d4h0 suggests, it can be changed in dts, if fdt_overlay_patch.txt is applied? If you have time, it could be very helpful if you can explain it in another way. Thanks.
  13. @Dunc4n1d4h0 - Thanks, i will look at it tommorw, and pinn the thread.
  14. @Dunc4n1d4h0 - And how to clear the settings, if the commands have been typed in once? And wants to change it?
  15. @Dunc4n1d4h0 - So if you want to change fan speed UP or DOWN? echo 40 > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip1/pwm0/duty_cycle Then this one goes from 40 to 100? Or? Thanks.
  16. @Dunc4n1d4h0 - I can see it could help a lot of people, if you have time and want to help. Maybe you could write a little guide? Thanks.
  17. @Dunc4n1d4h0 - you could use tux3dv fan control and edit your own pwm-fan in it? What do you think, is it an idea you could use? Please report back, thanks.
  18. @13hm13 - Try another version of Chromium. Thanks.
  19. This command can be used to figure out how to control the fan. sudo find /sys -name pwm1 | grep hwmon
  20. Did you buy the sata power cable from pine also? It splits the power into 2 sata cables and on both mount a splitter. Or you can like you say just split one cable to 4 with a sata splitter. I do power my rockpro64 with 4hdd in that way with a 12v 10a psu. It works like charm, no problem (but 8A is enough).
  21. @wolf7250 - Just so you know, if you plan to use that NAS case from pine. In that case there is only room for 2x 3.5" and 2x 2.5". But back to your question, i have found a universal PSU from 7.5volt to 22.5volt and 10amp, so i did just use that one. Use 12V always to ROCKPRO64, and around (8A on the safe side) or so to power it all.
  22. Yes, "0" off and "255" full speed. You can change anything inbetween. I have 4 disk in the nas case, the 80mm noctua i did have installed before it was enough to cool it down, CPU temp around 40degress. The orginal 80mm fan that "belongs" to the case is only around 10mm in thickness, and the noctua is 25mm. So to fit in the small space 90degree sata power cables is a very great idea. But you can fit normal sata power cables with some "violence" ;-) No, I like always on, so i did find a number to fit my demands. But many fan scripts is avaible, but you have to fit it the fan controller (FAN name) Just cut the cables and fit the plus and minus wire to the same cables at the fan. Very easy. Hope it was a little help, just ask again if there is something i can help with. Thanks. The reason i did fit a 92mm noctua in the case was to get it silent, nothing else.
  23. @wolf7250 - I did cut a bigger hole in the orginal pine nas case, and fitted a 92mm Noctua fan. Complete silent, runs with the valuve "170" but as i say it is not standard fan..
  24. With new kernels the fan spins at "255" always, you can find the fan with this command sudo find /sys -name pwm1 | grep hwmon and then change the output to your setup - But on the new kernels the fan point can jump, i am not sure of what reason.
  25. One of the cards i have costed around 80euro, and it is almost useless.. The cheap cards is the best here, in my opinion.