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  1. Hello, I just wanted to check in about suspend to ram and WOL. Are there any plans to fix it?
  2. gprovost, can you comment on plans of enabling WOL? It's one of the features that I was looking forward to and it's a feature that was advertised for the device. I understand the origin of the uboot sources. But I'm having a hard time understanding the canonical location of the kernel sources.
  3. Hello, I just got my helios4 and am super excited about it! I noticed that suspend/resume is a bit broken right now (I can suspend, but the fans stay on and I can't resume via usb keyboard or wol). Is this a known issue? Is this the right place to post about it? or should I open an issue on https://github.com/helios-4/linux-marvell/issues? Also, I'm trying to understand code organization. It seems like armbian/build pulls & builds https://github.com/helios-4/u-boot-marvell. However I don't quite understand how https://github.com/helios-4/linux-marvell fits into the picture. Thanks for all of your awesome work!