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  1. Newbie question I would like to clone a hdd to a new ssd without reinstalling the system. What are the ways to do it on my Odroid-HC1 running Armbian Stretch with boot partition on a SD card? Thanks
  2. I got the same installation problem with Armbian_5.41_Odroidxu4_Debian_jessie_next_4.9.86.img on a SATA HD connected to an Odroid HC-1. Tried twice to move rootfs to no avail (ext4 rootfs partition). The green light blinked continuously and the device wasn't reachable anymore over network. I haven't got an uart adapter to check what it's wrong. I finally succeeded at the first attempt with Armbian_5.37_Odroidxu4_Debian_jessie_next_4.9.71.img.