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    NicoD got a reaction from TRS-80 in Armbian developers meeting 1/11/2023   
    That was very infomative.
    Can't add much to the discussion. I agree that forum used to be a lot better and more important. Because of the use of Discord, irc, Jira... there is more fragmentation.

    We used to use the forum also to chat between devs/users/mederators. Now that is done on discord, irc or github. So the fun is out of the forum.
    Nothing of what is said on discord is of value in the future. While what is said on the forum keeps its value and is easy to find.

    Github is good for bugreports and discussion on how to go ahead. But it is a developers tool and not for regular users.
    Discord is good to chat. It added features we didn't have on the forum like being able to do voice chats or video chat. But it takes away the focus from the forum for many.

    I don't check the forum as much as I used to. Only see if there is anything interesting in the notifications. But I miss a lot because I'm not present as much. And what happens on the forum isn't communicated much about on discord.

    Maybe a discord/irc room where forum posts can be seen. Just the titles would be enough to sparkle curiosity.

    For me there is too much to have to keep up with. I've got my YT channel, reddit, facebook groups, forum, discord, twitter, ...
    Quality decreases when too much is going on. Nobody can keep up with it maybe except Igor. (he seems to see it al )

    Watched at 1.25x.
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    NicoD got a reaction from atone in Armbian related videos / video documentation thread!   
    Here all other Armbian related videos.

    And lots of review videos on my channel. So subscribe if you're interested.
    Greetings, NicoD
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in Armbian developers meeting 1/11/2023   
    Event -> Video (with transcripts and comments)
    1. Merging NEXT (Jira tickets / updated slides)
    We discussed progress and problems. Help is needed with:
    enabling CI developer perspective testing -> test all boot loader, old boot loaders, especially armhf images: cubox-i, odroids, clearfog, ... user perspective testing desktop (currently is broken?)  
    2. Encourage end-users to open bugs to Jira?
    Replacing https://www.armbian.com/bugs/ with instructions how to add a bug to Jira seems like a good idea. But this will be community managed without any obligation from Armbian team. Basically introducing a proper bug tracker. Existing AR-XXXX issues that are hardware specific should be moved there. If we have a consensus on that, we have to make a plan, write proper instructions and launch it ... or forget about.
    3. Move developers forums to GitHub
    We were weighting idea to try to encourage more discussion on GitHub and have forum more users oriented. For start, we can try to enable Action - if label discussion is raised, it automatically creates a topic on GitHub discussions. Or similar. If we do that, we should first deal with hardware related bugs. 

    For 2 and 3 we didn't come to any common conclusions except that communication is fragmented around forum, git, irc / discord, emails, PMs ...

    Comments on all topics are welcome!
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Mekotronics Rk3588 mini pc   
    Tnx. Ok.
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    NicoD got a reaction from Myron in Which windows utility will reliably take an SD card image and restore it back exactly as is?   
    It can create .img files from sd-cards and save where ever you want. It can write them to sd-cards.
    It is simple, lightweight and does what it needs to do. Just be careful with other USB devices connected. Always make sure you've got the correct drive names. Or else...
    I once formatted my USB hard drive from 1.5TB with all movies and music. Wasn't my happiest day. Tought me to use a NAS for it instead.
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    NicoD reacted to esanya in We want YOU for armbian   
    I'm a SW developer with experience in:
    linux, bash, systemd java, c, c++, python, spring-boot, spring-data, jpa openapi Virtualbox, Vagrant cryptography: openssl, X509, publik-key (rsa, ec) IAM: keycloak, spring security, JWT, spring cloud  
    I would like to help.
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Mekotronics Rk3588 mini pc   
    Interestingly, this is the first time I've seen this model. The presence of SATA and the ability to easily connect standard SSD drives is interesting. The lack of an SD card is a big minus, it will significantly complicate the use of this device, but this can be circumvented if the u-boot source code for this model is available to me. But I don't have this model, so I can't help you with anything.
    you have fallen behind the reality again  
    Armbian for Firefly Station M3 (rk3588s-roc-pc) has been around for a long time and is well supported.
    AltLinux for M3 is also available. Also, I am currently testing\debugging Libreelec for Station M3. So the support for Station M3 is much better than Rock 5b
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    NicoD reacted to thesillywhat in We want YOU for armbian   
    I would like to help out. I have never been involved in open source community and this has been a dream of mine to collaborate.
    Little bit about me.
    1. I have 3 years of working in Yocto projects. During this time I have supported and developed on NXP chips and Raspberry pi.
    2. I have written device side divers for them.
    3. I have a masters in Electrical engineering and have been working in embedded Industry for 6 years.
    4. I have a very good understanding of the Linux system been working and supporting one for more than 4 years.
    5. And I am not afraid of VIM (I have a list of cheat sheets in front of my desk )
    I am more comfortable in supporting and collaborating for Linux but open to learn and help in whatever way I can
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    NicoD got a reaction from Werner in PinebookPro all armbian versions broken   
    Works sometimes. I've had it work a few minutes and then gone again.

    I'm able to boot this image : Armbian_22.08.7_Pinebook-pro_jammy_edge_5.19.16_cinnamon_desktop.img

    @Wilhelm MoserCan have to do with what you've got on your eMMC. I had this problem too with the wrong image on eMMC. Don't remember the details anymore. But had to write an old image to eMMC to get sd to boot. Don't want to install this image to eMMC to test, I've opened my PBP a bit too much and the screws are bad.
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    NicoD got a reaction from Werner in PinebookPro all armbian versions broken   

    Both also boot. Do you want me to install to eMMC to test? I can, I just hope it doesn't f up everything. I've got a non-functional image on my eMMC just for booting sd-cards. My last trip I couldn't boot the PBP anymore because of a new install. So my fix was to write this broken (4.4) image to eMMC to enable sd-boot. Bad fix...
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    NicoD reacted to Werner in Downtime - website and forums moved   
    Apologies for the short downtime about an hour ago.
    Both forums and main website have been relocated to new hardware. You may notice a significant performance improvement, especially in forums.
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    NicoD reacted to jock in OrangePI-800 (rk3399)   
    @NicoD Hello, no bothering at all, I'm happy to help!
    That pull request adds the libreelec patches to rockchip64 branch that provide several fixes and multimedia enhancements to mainline kernel so it is possible to use an "almost" mainline ffmpeg/gstreamer for h.264/hevc/vp8/vp9 hardware decoding, DRM fixes, support for 10-bit HDR videos, more DRM planes, etc... etc...
    There was an old thread where I provided a ready-to-go mpv executable with hardware acceleration on mainline kernel, but should be rebuilt for recent distros since it is quite old now. It could be a nice idea to try mainline kernel with wayland based desktop environment.
    I may build an Opi800 image with kernel 5.19 from that branch, maybe with a fully-fledged KDE, rebuild ffmpeg/mpv and give instructions for a cutting edge test if you think it is reasonable
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in OrangePI-800 (rk3399)   
    LE OPiRK3399 version =! LE OPi-800   
    but there is no LAN yet and you need to manually add firmware and module settings to enable WiFi (USB WiFi should work), I hope to release LE next week with the correction of these bugs.
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    NicoD got a reaction from albanibr in How to install OMV   
    Where did you find that image? Try buster server 5.10
    Should work. Haven't tried in a long time.
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    NicoD got a reaction from balbes150 in OrangePI-800 (rk3399)   
    This was Linux 5.18.5-media and there was no wifi at all here. It was Sid I tried.
    The problem is that sometimes HDMI audio isn't there to choose from. Doesn't happen that often. But sometimes it's not there and I have to reboot to have hdmi-audio back. It might be because I'm using a Elgato 4K60 HDMI capture box. I do have issue's with that thing not always working.
    Thank you, I'll test a more recent Ubuntu with 5.18. The Sid I tested was the oldest I could find. So there might be the problem. I tried Sid because I had seen great improvements in supertuxkart on BPiM5 with Bullseye. Didn't see that on Sid here.
    I will test it again, and also test on my old pentium to see if it's normal there. I didn't try having only VGA running.
    I will wait for those before making the video. Now my 5.19.16 Jammy xfce4 image is almost perfect. Everything is running that I want to run. Only the HDMI audio that isn't always there. But that's a minor issue.
    I'll also try to build a Buster image from your build script to see if I can use the Media Framework on it. I do miss the perfect video playback on it.
    Thank you for the input. Helps a lot. I'll wait at least a day before making the video. Normally I was gonna make it today. Cheers.
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in OrangePI-800 (rk3399)   
    Check the version with kernel 5.18.
    If you configure which device to use by default (for example, through the Volume Control plug-in), I have not seen any problems with switching audio and output to HDMI on all cores.
    Have you checked all the images since 5.18 ? There is a difference in them. And it's better to use Ubuntu for tests.
    I didn't see any problems with the VGA color. Have you tried running with VGA only ?
    The new 6.0.6 images (with Wi-Fi) are still in the build process and will be available on the site only tomorrow.
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    NicoD got a reaction from F3x in Energy consumption   
    Power consumption radxa zero
    wifi on + cpu idle          : 0.3A
    wifi on + cpu maxed out     : 0.6A

    idle        0.55A @ 5.25V
    Maxed out   1.55A @ 5.2V

    Khadas Edge2(RK3588S)
    Idle              12V 0.18A   2.16W
    Maxed out         12V 0.65A   7.8W

    Banana Pi M5 (S905x3)
    hdmi + wifi + keyboard - Idle                        0.45A (0.08A for wifi)
    hdmi + wifi + keyboard - maxed out                   0.75A
    no hdmi no wifi no keyboard - idle                   0.2A
    no hdmi no wifi no keyboard - maxed out              0.63A

    No wifi/on-board sd-card reader idle               0.45A
    Wifi-on-board sd-card reader idle 2Ghz ov 6        0.5A
    Wifi-on-board sd-card reader maxed out 2Ghz ov 6   1.3A
    Wifi-USB3SD idle 2Ghz ov 6                         0.75A-0.9A
    Wifi-USB3SD idle 1.8Ghz                            0.75A-0.9A
    Wifi-on-board sd-card reader idle 1.8Ghz           0.5A
    Wifi-on-board sd-card reader maxed out 1.8Ghz      1.1A
    Wifi-USB3SD maxed out 1.8Ghz                       1.3A

    Khadas VIM4 (A311D2)
    Idle             3W
    Maxed out       7.5W (with fan)

    If you want any more. See my review videos. https://www.youtube.com/c/NicoDsSBCs/videos
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in OrangePI-800 (rk3399)   
    Hi. The kernel itself works well with all functions on RK3399 (has patches from LE). For the 1920x1080 video mode, 3399 features are quite enough for full-screen video in Armbian. For full-screen 4k video playback on Armbian there is not enough ffmpeg\HW decoder, but for such modes (4k video), I prefer to use a specialized distribution - LibreELEC, which works great for these purposes.
    If  build the latest versions of ffmpeg\mpv\kodi using patches from LE, all HW 4k functions will work in Armbian. I remember that @JMCC was building a test version of these components using the 5.10 kernel and everything worked fine.
    VGA does not work on it yet. All functions work on the first version of images with the 5.18.5 kernel (in fact, this is the "legacy" kernel from OPI)
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    NicoD reacted to TheLinuxBug in To celebrate Armbian's new Partnership program we are doing a Giveaway!   
    In celebration of Armbian's new Partnership program, we would like to welcome SinoVoip as Armbians first Platinum Partner!
    To celebrate our partnership, SinoVoip and Armbian are coming together to giveaway of two single board computers!  A Banana Pi M5 and an BananaPi M2 Pro will be raffled off!
    We will have a giveaway for the Banana Pi M5 open to everyone!  To enter you need to sign-up  to the Armbian Forum and wait one day (24 hours) to pass the bot check and then you can enter the contest!
    Banana Pi M5

    For our community members we will be giving away the Banana Pi M2 Pro, to enter the raffle all you have to do is have been a Armbian forum member for the last 30 day and go to the link and enter!
    Banana Pi M2 PRO

    These giveaways will run for the next 30 days with the contests ending on November 20th, 2022 where we will pull one winner from each contest!
    Get your free raffle ticket and enter to win today!
    *Prizes will be fulfilled and sent directly by SinoVoip once a winner is chosen and their address received. Be sure you are able to receive parcels from China. Armbian and SinoVoip will not  be responsible for any customs  duties or additional fees associated with delivery or import of  the prize.
    Also, check out @NicoDnew YouTube video on the Banana Pi M5:
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    NicoD reacted to tkaiser in rock-5b with vendor u-boot & vendor kernel; PR and test images   
    BTW: The device is called Rock 5B as such congratulations on the subforum name...
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    NicoD reacted to Igor in Armbian UEFI (arm64 and x86)   
    Many of us are using Armbian not just on ARM single board computers but also on servers (bare metal & virtual). We use our builds since we trust it more then Debian, Ubuntu, not to mention other distributions that are recklessly updating and one ends up as an OS tester and not OS user. Personally I use Armbian Jammy on Ryzen 9 workstation with great success. My primary use case is development / productivity. For the road I used to have 13" Dell notebook which recently suddenly died. It was out of warranty so I had to get something new. After some testings of various devices I settled with 12th Gen Intel i5-1240P powered Lenovo. Then I tried many general purpose distros to see how well they work and all had some (minor) troubles ... 

    We are having UEFI images (common image) since some time, but UEFI nor desktops were fine tuned nor ready for such performance daily driver desktop usage. We were close, but not close enough to just run it. Past two weeks we have been lifting general UEFI support, fixed many bugs and what came out is "Armbian ultimate developers desktop build".

    - improved support in GRUB (armbian wallpaper) & HiDPI GRUB support
    - all preinstalled applications are normal apt packages
    - current 5.15.y kernel, Jammy userland (5.19.y has some strange issues)
    - snapd is not installed (user can install it)
    - HiDPI support (automated adjustments on big screen resolutions)
    - NVIDIA graphics acceleration with proprietary driver (x86 only)
    - Intel graphics acceleration also works out of the box
    - preinstalled Google Chrome (x86 only)
    - preinstalled Microsoft Visual Studio Code (x86 only)
    - ZFS 2.1.5 ready (apt install zfsutils-linux zfs-dkms)
    - face unlock works perfectly fine on this laptop
    - installation to SSD drive to dual boot with Windows 10/11 is supported Armbian classical way by transferring actual live image to the prepared partition via nand-sata-install. All you need to do is prepare spare space on your drive, Windows 10/11 or Linux, UEFI support (most if not all hardware for past 10 years has it).
    I have tweaked images (XFCE, Gnome, Cinnamon) a bit to my personal needs, but making changes is welcome.
    Nice to have: disk encryption within nand-sata-install, small bug fixing, additional DEs. Currently we have CLI, XFCE, Gnome and Cinnamon. Others are too buggy.
    Please report where it works and how (well)!
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    NicoD got a reaction from Werner in Inovato Qadra - Disable desktop now no wifi   
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    NicoD reacted to balbes150 in Best SoC desktop computer replacement FOR productive use AND Youtube Playback, Prime Video??   
    Your information is already outdated .
    Now there is a fully finished device that can be used as a full-fledged replacement for PC. Firefly Station M3 (rk3588s). This is a fully finished and ready-to-use device, you do not need to assemble anything manually, as from a designer. Today I tested it with Armbian to play fullscreen video. In 1080p mode - everything works without problems, including youtube. Details are in the topic about Station M3 on the forum.
    DE works even in 4K mode quickly (especially if used as NVMe or SATA media, which are supported in M3)
    ps I would not advise contacting any AML-based models.
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    NicoD got a reaction from Willy Moto in Armbian related videos / video documentation thread!   
    Here all other Armbian related videos.

    And lots of review videos on my channel. So subscribe if you're interested.
    Greetings, NicoD
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    NicoD reacted to TonyMac32 in Khadas VIM2 & 3 bugs   
    This is the default for Meson64.  No one added the actual top speeds for the Vims apparently
    is the override for the Meson G12A.  G12B needs something similar in here: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/sources/families/meson-g12b.conf
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