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  1. I don't understand why not use ads? AdSense generates good revenue when you have 50K+ unique visitors which I believe you do. I know this has probably been discussed previously. Running a site such as Armbian isn't (necessarily) expensive so why is so much money needed? I mean $100/month USD can run a site with larger volume. *edit* I know Igor has made this his job but I don't know how much revenue you expect to earn from this type of project. I don't think it will ever be enough so you will continue to feel overworked and underappreciated unfortunately. I do wish you luck though.
  2. While I have no stock in this I think trying to turn this forum into some RedHat Enterprise type solution is going to fail, SBC's are hobbyist devices. Paid support, really? So you pay to ask questions which are answered by who? I could see someone paying a bounty for a feature or hardware compatibility patch, but not for support. Not now, not ever. *edit* And yes obviously there may be a few outliers who would pay for support, not for support as much as to support Armbian.
  3. I knew it was simply a non-native language issue.
  4. AFAIK you can mount disk images using an offset if the image has partitions.
  5. On there is a typographical error on the second paragraph. "Technical support is spitted" Should read: "Technical support is split"
  6. When you are logging into SSH it spins the CPU up for a second which generates heat, after logging in the CPU usage spike goes down as does the temperature.
  7. Sorry to hear of the fire, glad your entire home didn't burn. I know from experience.
  8. 3 is a little core. I think the issue may be the 1500mhz step on the little cores, try forcing them to 1400mhz.
  9. Thermal throttling is why the clock drops, you seem to have a heatsink contact issue. Although 1900 mhz on the big cores will always see throttling even with proper cooling.
  10. I'm not saying there isn't a problem, I am just saying the board will shutdown somewhere around a report of 95 or 100°C. You can echo a false temperature like this and the board will shutdown. echo 120000 | sudo tee /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/emul_temp
  11. The reported temperature can't be correct, it would have shutdown much sooner. See this: While I know this is for 3.10.y it still seems to apply here.
  12. *edit out* Irrelevant Last time I used Module 5 I had to use a different driver since I was doing a dual-band AP with it. But since 4.y.y it hasn't been an issue.
  13. If your wireless driver is better why not do a pull request.