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    Werner reacted to yam1 in Armbian watch   
    Finally, my very own :-)

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    Werner reacted to SteeMan in Good Box for Linux?   
    There is a reason that the android TV boxes are so cheap.  They generally lack support by the manufacturers for main line linux especially for the items on your must have list (wifi, hardware video decoding/encoding).  In my opinion cheap should not be your deciding factor in what you choose to purchase as you might find that a regular SBC (raspberry pi or other, that has known support of the features you are looking for) may be the best fit and best supported option for you needs.  But if you want to explore and try things out, the android TV boxes are fun to work with, and if you go in understanding that something you want won't work well on the box you end up with, you are approaching these boxes with the right expectations. 
    For example I have four different types of boxes and wifi doesn't work on any of them.  But since I primarily use them as servers it works for me to use wired ethernet.
    I am sure that boxes exist that meet all of your criteria, but they are not likely to be the cheap boxes and you will need to spend a bit more money to get what you want and spend a lot of time researching.
    One final comment about the cheapest boxes is that identically labeled boxes with the same external markings can contain very different internal hardware.  My example is that I have two different TX3 mini's one has emmc for internal storage (which is what it is supposed to have) and the other has nand, unfortunately mainline kernels don't support internal nand storage so I ended up not being able to use the second box in the way I had intended.  But the manufactuer of the second box was able to save a bit of money by using components that cost them less and for most people using these for their intended purpose of Android wouldn't know the difference.
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    Werner reacted to MacBreaker in Seed our torrents   
    OK, i'm prepaired with my 500GB HDD on a Cubietruck right now...
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    Werner reacted to MacBreaker in Seed our torrents   
    Hello Igor,
    since years i seed Armbian torrents but i noticed that i'm running out of space.
    My hdd was 248GB till now...
    Looking for further information and saw in the first post is written 512GB.
    Maybe you can add a big ">NOTE!< since Version 20.05.xx you need 512GB free space".
    Also after you installed transmission by ->Software ->Softy ->Transmission you get asked to seed Armbian torrents.
    Here a screen:

    You have to change the number from 80GB to 512GB.
    Just my thinking about this..
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    Werner reacted to MacBreaker in Seed our torrents   
    Yes, and you all can be proud of this...
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    Werner reacted to wahlm in Headless systems and sun4i_drm_hdmi (A10/A20/...)   
    Thanks for the suggestion! I just forked the repo and will provide a PR.
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    Werner reacted to NicoD in Choice of TV box.   
    And for every SBC there's a seperate video too.
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    Werner got a reaction from Ximodel in bbr missing after upgrading to the latest firmware   
    You received a 'like', restriction should be gone now.
    Try armbianmonitor -U (take note the U is large), This will output the stuff directly to console/file.
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    Werner got a reaction from wolf7250 in Anyone managed to successfully install OMV5 on Helios4?   
    It has been just a few days since release so they probably did not update their wiki yet.
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    Werner reacted to Ximodel in bbr missing after upgrading to the latest firmware   
    As regards bbr, it is not fixed after the upgrade. 
    I would like to provide any help if I can, but ironically, when i ran the following command right after upgrade
    sudo armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to Please post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. "the URL" is disappearing and I don't even know what is going wrong...
    And would you like to help me with the reply restriction? 1 reply a day is so harsh that I cannot give immediate information
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    Werner reacted to yaa314 in Trouble installing headers/Installing wifi driver   
    Hi, it seemed i had to wait a day to reply
    Oddly yes, i get the same result when i run find / -name rtl8188eu*  thus showing it as already installed but the dongle still does not work. I am using another dongle for now that worked out of the box.
    However, i do wish to resolve the headers issue since any program i need to build runs into the same issue. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance
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    Werner reacted to KenUnix in Newbie NanoPi R1 Questions   
    I have a few questions about the NanoPi R1 system.
    1) The (USB > TTL) debug serial port is that 3.3v or 5v?  I need to get the correct adapter.
    2) Hooking up a serial debug cable is there enough room to close the front plate?
    3) Can the system run from eMMc and get software upgraded from the SD-Card?
    4) I could not not find clear procedures for this.  Am not familiar with OpenWRT.
    5) Can the Ethernet port be used to talk to a P.C. running Windows (putty) or would the micro-USB to P.C. be better?
    6) I would eventually use WiFi for remote access and updates.
    7) Can the NanoPi R1 run Apache WEB server?
    8) Can this run Debian or Ubuntu? If so where would the downloads be found?
    Looks like a fine product. If it works out I may buy several. I do have experience with Linux (several flavors) and the Beaglebone.
    My history goes back to 1974 and Unix from Bell Labs.
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    Werner reacted to sgjava in Nanopi M1 nightly image not expanding/booting   
    @Igor I hate when that happens. I've been stuck on something for days and weeks sometimes and it's something crazy like that. Happens to every dev.
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Nanopi M1 nightly image not expanding/booting   
    It seems that (faster loading) lz4 compression does not play well. Several days several people throw away and on the end its one liner 
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    Werner got a reaction from rreignier in OV5640 device tree overlay for OrangePi One H3   
    According to https://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/VIDEO_OV5640.html the OV5640 is in mainline since 4.13 so any earlier implementation must have been custom.
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    Werner reacted to jhcarter in Armbian 20.05.1 Focal images could be broken   
    I also experienced this issue on OrangePi boards this week.
    I just built images (build host Focal) using the @Werner a2957ca8 commit for:
    OrangePi PC
    OrangePi PC+
    Olimex Lime 2
    All booted successfully.  All failed to boot with the images currently on the Armbian download page.
    Thanks for your work on this.  Let me know if I can help.
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    Werner reacted to piter75 in kernel 5.4.43 Rock PI 4B not starting   
    u-boot does not recognise the storage and tries to boot from network.
    I see that you have built yourself an image yesterday but it is probably using some old Armbian build repository revision as it still uses v2017.09 u-boot which is switched to mainline for RockPi 4 in current sources.
    Did you also try to use the ready made v20.05.1 images from https://dl.armbian.com/rockpi-4b/archive/? Does it also get stuck with them?
    Please use Spoiler next time for boot log ;-)
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    Werner reacted to e97 in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    Working on Wayland integration and would like a good starting point.
    Please post which boards work and specific test results.
    I'll keep the list updated.
     Board  Overall   GPU
     WebGL  VPU encode  VPU decode
     OpenGL ES 3.2  OpenCL 1.2  NanoPi TC4  ?        OK      NanoPi M4  ?        Some freezing      RockPro 64  OK  OK
     ?  OK  OK  OK  Khadas EDGE  ?        OK      RockPi 4B   Install failed        ?      ROCK960C  ?        OK                                                      
    last updated: 2020-06-01
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    Werner reacted to guidol in [Info] compiling/running z80pack imsaisim/altairsim on armbian Desktop   
    If you know the movie "Wargames" then you may know the computer of "David Lightman" a IMSAI 8080
    Udo Munk did create the software z80pack (last version from 2017 v1.36 at https://www.autometer.de/unix4fun/z80pack/ )
    which does include
    - IMSAI 8080
    - Altair
    - Cromemco Z1
    - cpmsim
    Against the text based cpmsim emulation the other features a graphical frontpanel with "blinken lights"
    Yesterday I did try to compile/start my favourite IMSAI 8080.
    I did follow the instructions - which I collect and wrote for me - see attached to this message.
    But yesterdy I only got limited success (after many "bad" compiles with missing dependencies) in starting the IMSAI 8080 emulation.
    I did get the graphical frontend *yeah* - but after POWERON/RUN the computer I didnt get any terminal-output
    After MANY retries I did give up  
    Today I did the same compile-session on a PC with Ubuntu MATE 20.04LTS and it did work in the first try  
    At first I got no idea what wasnt working....but then I discovered that - when moving the graphical frontpanel - the terminal-output was written VERY SLOWLY to the terminal-screen *Aha*
    Because the garphical frontpanel seem to work perfectly (and did also compile very well) I searched inside the directorys of imsaisim and found in the "conf"-directory the file system.conf
    There in system.conf is a line where the FPS-rate of the frontpanel as default is configured to 60 FPS (Frames per second).
    While taking a look at htop the NanoPi A64 (where my armbian buster Desktop does run) the cpu-utilization is near 90%
    So my gut instinct did tell me thats to much and the NanoPi has to much work with the frontpanel than writing to the terminal.
    I changed the framerate in
    - for the IMSAI 8080: ~/z80pack-1.36/imsaisim/conf/systemconf
    - for the Altair: ~/z80pack-1.36/altairsim/conf/systemconf
    - for the Cromemco Z1: ~/z80pack-1.36/cromemcosim/conf/systemconf
    # front panel framerate fp_fps 10 After that change all 3 emulators with graphical frontend did startup and give output on the terminal
    I contacted Udo Munk via email about this topic and he already knew it
    He wrote that he had implemented the FPS option, because some lower-spec systems had problems to achieve the power for producing a framerate of 60 FPS for the frontpanel.
    Here my write-up / documentation how I did compile /  successfully start the IMSAI 8080 emulation:
    (many thanks to John Kennedy from the FB-Group Altair 8800 for double-checking my instructions!)
    ====================================================================== My normal evironment for compiling source: ====================================================================== apt install gcc libncurses5-dev liblua5.3-dev git make zip unzip -y ====================================================================== Getting z80pack-source: ====================================================================== cd ~ wget https://www.autometer.de/unix4fun/z80pack/ftp/z80pack-1.36.tgz tar -xvf z80pack-1.36.tgz cd ~/z80pack-1.36/ ====================================================================== Dependencies named by z80pack: ====================================================================== libjpeg X11 OpenGL c++ compiler (g++) libpthread ====================================================================== Packages for the z80pack-dpendencies: ------------------------------------- apt install libjpeg-dev x11-common libpthread-stubs0-dev libxmu-dev apt install mesa-common-dev z80asm libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut3-dev ====================================================================== ==> <== ==> I built all packages of z80pack in the following order: <== ==> <== ==> ATTENTION: for some commands you may have to use sudo <== ====================================================================== 1.) FRONTPANEL ====================================================================== cd ~/z80pack-1.36/frontpanel/ make -f Makefile.linux NOTE: Be sure to copy libfrontpanel.so to a shared library path! NOTE: cp ~/z80pack-1.36/frontpanel/libfrontpanel.so /usr/lib make -f Makefile.linux clean ====================================================================== 2.) CPMSIM ====================================================================== cd ~/z80pack-1.36/cpmsim/srcsim/ make -f Makefile.linux make -f Makefile.linux clean ====================================================================== 3.) CPMSIM-TOOLS ====================================================================== if you are user root: mkdir /root/bin if you are user pi: mkdir /home/pi/bin cd ~/z80pack-1.36/cpmsim/srctools make make install NOTE: (does install in /root/bin/) NOTE: Tools installed in /root/bin, make sure it is NOTE: included in the systems search PATH NOTE: export PATH=$PATH:/root/bin NOTE: or NOTE: export PATH=$PATH:/home/pi/bin make clean ====================================================================== 4.) ALTAIRSIM ====================================================================== cd ~/z80pack-1.36/altairsim/srcsim/ make -f Makefile.linux make -f Makefile.linux clean NOTE: change framerate to "fp_fps 10" in NOTE: ~/z80pack-1.36/altairsim/conf/system.conf ====================================================================== 5.) CROMEMCOSIM ====================================================================== cd ~/z80pack-1.36/cromemcosim/srcsim/ make -f Makefile.linux make -f Makefile.linux clean NOTE: change framerate to "fp_fps 10" in NOTE: ~/z80pack-1.36/cromemcosim/conf/system.conf ====================================================================== 6.) IMSAISIM ====================================================================== cd ~/z80pack-1.36/imsaisim/srcsim/ make -f Makefile.linux make -f Makefile.linux clean NOTE: change framerate to "fp_fps 10" in NOTE: ~/z80pack-1.36/imsaisim/conf/system.conf ====================================================================== PREPARE 1st start of imsaisim; ====================================================================== cp ~/z80pack-1.36/frontpanel/libfrontpanel.so /usr/lib cd ~/z80pack-1.36/imsaisim rm conf ln -s conf_2d conf export PATH=$PATH:/root/bin NOTE: maybe add the export-command to your ~/.bashrc ====================================================================== START of IMSAI 8080 CPM v2.2 from the x-terminal on the desktop (needs to be a "x-terminal) for connecting to the X-Server for creating the graphical frontpanel: ====================================================================== ./cpm22 NOTE: maybe root has to give access-rights: NOTE: chmod -R 666 ~/z80pack-1.36/imsaisim/disks NOTE: on the x-terminal root and the to the desktop logged in user can NOTE :start the application and connect to the X-server on a NOTE: SSH-terminal ONLY the to the desktop logged in user can start the NOTE: application and connect to the X-server to give root access to NOTE: the X-server from a SSH-terminal the he to the desktop logged NOTE: in user has to give root access via the xhost command: NOTE: xhost SI:localuser:root ====================================================================== POWER-UP the IMSAI 8080 in the graphical frontpanel ====================================================================== Press "POWER ON " upper part on the first switch on the right side (POWER ON / POWER OFF) Press "RUN" upper part of the third (red) switch (RUN/STOP) ====================================================================== Exit the IMSAI 8080 ====================================================================== Enter "bye" on the CP/M-commandline OR press "POWER OFF " lower part on the first switch on the right side (POWER ON / POWER OFF) OR close the graphical frontpanel with the close button X (Window-Manager-close)  
    Pictures (screenshots are done with Mirage as you can see) of my "success"

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    Werner got a reaction from Igor in Armbian 20.05.1 Focal images could be broken   
    I wished you would not have asked because I have no freakin clue...
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    Werner reacted to Igor in Armbian v20.05 (Kagu) Planning Thread   
    Release is out: https://www.armbian.com/newsflash/armbian-20-05-kagu/
    Now the bug hunting season.
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    Werner reacted to martinayotte in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    I will start working on that soon ...
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    Werner reacted to 5kft in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    Done and done   https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-285
    Thanks for doing the testing!
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    Werner reacted to 5kft in Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip   
    I just pushed a patch with the test changes for this to my local repo:  https://github.com/5kft/build/commit/b75929e99f67a5d628bc031a1c4e73ab287c7df7.  This patch is against the "sunxi-current" target. 
    I can make a PR for this change, but again I don't have an H6 board to test any of this on, and I'd rather not do a PR until we know it works.  Also, I'm not sure what the appropriate critical temperature is for the H6, so in this patch I left it at 105C just like for the H3/H5.
    It'd be great if you could give this a try on your OPi1+.  You should be able to change directory to "/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0", and see the six new trip points.  To test these changes on my H3s and H5s, I used "armbianmonitor -m" in "screen", with both "stress" and the appropriate "cpuburn" for the architecture (see https://github.com/ssvb/cpuburn-arm).  The reported CPU clock rate should change appropriately when the temperature passes the various trip points.
    If this works I'd be happy to submit a PR for this change.
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    Werner got a reaction from Myy in Patchfolder cleanup helper   
    The output for target files which are affected by multiple patches is now better.