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  1. I've got it running the xfce4 desktop at 1.70Ghz(cpu1-4) and 2.02Ghz(cpu5-6) plus a few other tweaks. With kernel 5.9.9 the issues with eth0 seems to have gone, although there were a few times it disconnected/reconnected on its own.

    Now that 5.10 final is released, waiting for Armbian :)

  2. On 7/13/2020 at 9:23 PM, balbes150 said:

    Are there users with rk3328 models here ? I am currently testing a performance increase for 3328 and I need volunteers to evaluate the results (how stable it is and how much performance increases). When testing on MVR9 (rk3328), after switching to the "overclocked" version, I get a noticeable increase in performance.

    Dusted my MX10 and tried to boot focal desktop from https://yadi.sk/d/DSO6euzB3ahemo/ARMBIAN/20.07/20200714-933,

    unfortunately doesn't boot.

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