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  1. I see that 5.62 image has landed. From https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/ looks like small changes. Will give it a spin nonetheless, if only for the test video
  2. No with s805 I'm using the 3.xx kernel as per the downloaded image. Works well enough for my purposes (as an x2goclient station), I haven't messed with it much
  3. One question, anyone know how is it better using 3 Amp power adapter Vs 2 Amp?
  4. Thanks but I think I'll stick with this one for now.
  5. I see, thanks for clearing that up. There is only s905x and s912 uboot.img files. What about s905?
  6. Burned the bionic verison to usbdrive. The extlinux.conf way didn't boot but the good old dtb.img way worked. I'm using the boxes as cheap X terminals and so far they're working great. At under $100 per seat, what's not to like, keeps getting better and better with each new image. BTW love the videos that come with the images :-)
  7. My S905 boxes boots to desktop but still no ethernet or wifi. S905w s905x ok On to the next.
  8. Image version 20180908 Mini MX - boots to desktop, no ethernet no wifi TX3 mini - boots to desktop, ethernet ok, no wifi Loving it, keep em coming
  9. Hi everyone, First of all thanks for the awesome builds. Had success with the S805 and S905 images with framebuffer display. Now trying the hardware accelerated builds. So far.. Armbian_5.59_Aml-s9xxx_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.18.0_desktop_20180829.img Hardware: Mini MX dtb.img from meson-gxbb-p200.dtb did not finish booting (LABEL=ROOTFS does not exist)error -110 whilst initialising SD card . In previous images gxbb-p200.dtb used to work Boot screen was very garbled. I can provide images if anyone is interested. Got to desktop using meson-gxbb-nexbox-a95x.dtb, although screen was garbled Keep up the great work! Really appreciate it UPDATE: got rid of the garbled screen :-) added video=1280x720 to the end of uEnv.ini, then boot messages became readable. lightdm login screen still garbled. Still able to log into desktop, then did xrandr -s 1280x720 everything cleared up. Sweet! Now to see why wifi & ethernet is not working... UPDATE: able to boot to desktop with meson-gxbb-p200.dtb - only with usb & side usb port. Boot process takes a bit longer though. Wifi & ethernet still not working. TX3 Mini (meson-gxl-s905w-tx3-mini.dtb, using sdcard or usb) boots to desktop (although slow to get login screen). eth0 working, wifi not (kern.log message: Direct firmware load for brcm/brcmfmac4330-sdio.clm_blob failed with error -2). Cannot switch vt out from X
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