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  1. compiled https://github.com/armbian/build debian. uname -a Linux orangepipc 4.14.73-sunxi # 1 SMP Mon Oct 1 11:55:35 +04 2018 armv7l GNU / Linux apt update apt-get install -y build-essential linux-headers -uname -r` Reading package lists ... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information ... Done E: Unable to locate package linux-headers-4.14.73-sunxi E: Could not find any package by glob 'linux-headers-4.14.73-sunxi' E: Could not find any package by regex 'linux-headers-4.14.73-sunxi' what is the problem??? PS: the problem decided.
  2. Hi I have an Orange Pi PC running "ARMBIAN Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.113-sun8i". Can I update to Armbian Strech kernel 4.14 directly without lose of data and configurations? How can I do it? Thanks.
  3. Hello, My OPi PC runs headless as a web and file server, I don-t need sound, gpu, video/hdmi, IR, microphone... only Ethernet and USB. Are these things that can be shut down to save power and perhaps memory too? How? Thanks,
  4. Where are the old-ish Armbian Jessie downloads for the Orange Pi PC? I can't find them anywhere!
  5. After a (sudo) poweroff, the ethernet port leds turn off, the usb sockets' power supply too, but the green led remains on. I would like the green led to turn off after a sudo poweroff. How can I do that? What's the best way to do it? It's an Orange Pi PC with ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.113-sun8i Thanks.
  6. I've been trying to learn how to do that by looking at the [leds_para] in https://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide#.5Bleds_para.5D but the [leds_para] in the script.bin of my Orange Pi PC are very different: [leds_para] leds_used = 1 green_led = port:PL10<1><default><default><1> green_led_active_low = 0 red_led = port:PA15<1><default><default><0> red_led_active_low = 0 I'm lost... Can you help me? It's an Orange Pi PC with ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.113-sun8i Thanks.
  7. We are trying to install wifi driver for Xradio Xr-819 and also for D-Link Wifi Adapter in Mainline Image of Orange Pi PC. We have tried for xradio by https://www.cnx-software.com/2016/11/10/allwinner-h2-linux-android-sdk-and-allwinner-xr819-wifi-driver-released/ and https://github.com/fifteenhex/xradio. Also, we have tried by installing u-boot https://notsyncing.net/?p=blog&amp;b=2016.orangepi-pc-custom-kernel. We have tried for D-Link by https://github.com/xk/rtl8812AU_rtl8821AU and http://www.philipzucker.com/getting-goddamn-wifi-on-the-goddamn-orange-pi-pc/. Also, we tried to made modifications in file /etc/network/interfaces but that file shows in Read Only Mode but nothing works out. Need help ASAP.
  8. For some reason the reboot command doesn't appear to reboot the H3. Is this because it doesn't have a PMIC in the same way that the A20's do or is it just a case of the correct assembly instruction not being called?
  9. I've tried both revisions (Bionic and Stretch) for this board located at: https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-pc/ Both have the same issue. When I boot from sd card, run armbian-config, and attempt to transfer armbian OS to emmc I get an error 'no target'. I know that there is indeed built 8GB flash, because when I pull the sdcard, and power the board it boots into the pre-configured android OS. Here is a picture I took of the board: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5ELPTTnPbZXAybhe9 Any advise would be helpful. Thank You.
  10. Hello! Sorry, I can't speak english well! A year ago, I buy my Orange Pi PC, and download last image of Armbian, and it work's well. But yesterday, I update my system through apt-get, and notice that there be some kernel packages. There was packages, with "sunxi" or "sunx7" in his names, don't remember well. After this, my Pi stop to working. No SSH, no image from HDMI too. I download new images from https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-pc/ try both Bionic and Stretch. But both of them don't work. There was an old image, Xenial with kernel 3.4. It works well, but my wifi adapter doesn't work with this kernel. But this adapter, worked with that, old image, that I download a year ago (December 2017). And I think, in that old image was kernel never than 3.4 but older than 4.14. Where can I get that image?
  11. I have a device based on an Orange Pi PC. I want to add a 7 inch touchscreen display in a case. This is the kind of thing I'm looking for, but I'm not wedded to that one. I just want something that's known to work reliably. Thanks in advance for suggestions or guidance.
  12. Hi Experts, I have a strange issue while Armbian installation to my Orange PI PC boards. So there are two SD cards with the same parameters: 1. smartbuy 8gb sdhc class 10 2. OltraMax 8gb sdhc class 10 The problem is that when I use smartbuy card I can install Armbian and it works fine. But when I use OltraMax card I can install Armbian but after first login it asks me the following: Warning: a reboot is needed to finish resizing the filesystem Please reboot the system as soon as possible Ok, I do a reboot and Orange PI PC can't boot Armbian after. Moreover as can I understand I get a boot loader (u-boot) console where I can type some commands. An interesting thing is that if I install Armbian using smartbuy card and then I make an IMG (full image) from it and write this IMG to OltraMax card so Armbian works fine from OltraMax card! So I started an investigation and collected logs from both SD cards by the following plan: 1. Write IMG (Armbian 5.59 Debian Stretch) to SD card 2. Run Orange PI PC and install Armbian 3. Reboot Armbian 4. Login Armbian and shutdown (only with smartbuy card I can do that step). Than I compared both logs and found some strange messages for OltraMax board: Picture above shows first execution logs (in compare mode), OltraMax output contains messages about a "bad MBR sector signature". Than when I installed both and did a first login using root 1234 I find another artifact: Take a look at Usage of values. Seems like smartbuy extended it's FS size while installation but OltraMax no, it's still 1GB. And OltraMax have a message I mention above (reboot for fs resizing). Than I did a restart and faced a current issue: As I understand something wrong with FS resizing on OltraMax card probably because of "bad MBR sector signatures" So can anybody heIp me? I do want to understand why it happens and find a workaround because I bought about 14 OltraMax cards for my Orange Pi PC cluster. I may attach both logs if it's needed. Thanks, Kornev
  13. Hi, Tried a new Armbian build for OPiPC today, legacy (3.4.113) and seen that only Debian 9 is available (not showing Debian 8), so build fails since Debian 9 cannot work with legacy. So, is Armbian dropping legacy kernels (3.4.113) on Debian? Need Debian 8 console/server with legacy, so what can I do ? [ error ] ERROR in function source [ configuration.sh:90 ] [ error ] Building Debian Stretch images with selected kernel is not supported [ o.k. ] Process terminated
  14. My orange PI PC was working flawlessy but now it wont boot and via serial I can get this: U-Boot SPL 2016.09-armbian (Oct 23 2016 - 17:08:22) DRAM: 0 MiB ### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ### Then it stops there. What can I do?
  15. Hi, Today I encountered for the second time a strange behavior on my Orange Pi PC running Armbian 5.38 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.18-sunxi and decided to ask here. The OPI PC is working properly for a few weeks (one to three, typically) and suddenly I cannot access it via SSH or UART anymore. When trying to connect with SSH, the connection hangs after entering the password and after a while the connection timeouts. Tried SSHing from regular Linux shell and from PuTTY under Windows. I regularly use a key to log in the Opi PC, but it doesn't work, too. Trying to connect with the UART (via minicom in Linux or PuTTY in Windows) produces a line or two of console output and then stops responding at all. Reconnecting doesn't help as nothing is displayed anymore. I tried with another USB<->UART converter, same result. I haven't tried to change the cable (~80cm long) because the connection works properly once I reboot the Pi. I use the Pi as a small web and file server. The strange thing is that all services seem to work properly while I cannot reach the Pi via SSH/UART. The uSD card is a Samsung Evo+ 32GB, the PSU is 5V/2A and seems to work correctly, at least when running stress -c 4 or operating under high load. The maximum temps during stress test are all under 45°C (I installed a heat sink + fan). Has anyone exhibited similar behavior? Is there a log which can point the root cause out? How can I log any errors in the future for debugging purposes? Thank you in advance!
  16. Hi!!! I am planning to buy Orange Pi PC but I saw that it has thermal issues because of overclocking/overvolting. My question is, Is armbian able to fix this problem??? ------Sorry...I am new to Single Board Computers----- Another thing, If Armbian isn't helpful about it, Does Orange Pi PC2 differ from it's predecessor??(I mean in thermal issues)... Thanks To You!!
  17. OrangePi PC H3 UsbTV kernel driver causes complete system freeze on Armbian OrangePi PC kernel 4.14. Did anyone observed similar issues? I already reported a bug against the USBTV repo, but not sure if this is the right place. [Update: After quick response of Federico Simoncelli from the USBTV repo, I reported this bug to the kernel bugzilla as a new bug there] On x86_64 platform it works well. Is it the bug of Armbian or USBTV?
  18. Hi. I am having this issue with Orange PI PC. If it boots up when the TV it connects to over HDMI is off, I am getting blank pink screen. I guess it is because it chooses different video output when TV isn't detected. Raspbian forums suggest disabling "HDMI hotplug" by editing /boot/config.txt , but Armbian hasn't got this file. Please share your suggestions as this TV is on the wall in my kid's school at 2m height - and if it reboots due to short power failure, it needs a ladder to get fixed. Please help me before school year starts
  19. Hello all, just new to here, I bought an Orangepi PC board and grabbed lastest Armbian pre-built image with legacy kernel. I test my code that dynamically change the HDMI output resolution, by something like this: ioctl(disp, DISP_BLANK, true) ioctl(disp, DISP_DEVICE_SWITCH) ioctl(disp, DISP_BLANK, false) and then update fbvar by ioctl(fb0, FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO) I can see output actually changed, everything goes well until I try to map framebuffer from /dev/fb0, it failed with errno EINVAL. After check drivers source code I think it's because the display driver, it forget to notify the system to update framebuffer parameters, but I can't figure out the actual problem of the code. If I use h3disp, after reboot I can map framebuffer as well, but I need to change it dynamically. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thank you very much!
  20. my opi pc only hosts smb/nfs/transmition, very hot at summer. Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.38 stable Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.113-sun8i System load: 0.23 0.23 0.22 Up time: 68 days Memory usage: 28 % of 1000MB IP: CPU temp: 65°C Usage of /: 26% of 7.2G when I change cpufreq gov, find no cpuidle driver, is that true? upstream status about cpuidle driver? I have to disable 2 cores to cool down, and also change cpufreq to ondemand.
  21. OrangePi PC Armbian 5.35 with LXDE desktop Firefox 57.0.1 I haven't done anything with my OPi for 6 months, so when I tried it again, it booted normally except for not looking quite right on my big HDMI screen. I remember fiddling with this in the old immediate-post-boot phase, but http://armbian.com says to use "sudo armbian-config". There were 250 MB of updates, which took forever. Meanwhile I tried to run Firefox, which repeatedly crashed on startup. Installing v61.0.1 didn't help. Also Konqueror, but not Dillo or Midori or Chromium-browser. Back to fixing the display, I tried running it but didn't have the armbian-config, so I downloaded and installed it OK. I seem to remember a System > Display entry, and I set it to 1080p60, which improved the look of the display OK. Then I noticed a System > Install entry, and since I had an SSD (via USB) already plugged in, I tried the installation to SSD. It was quicker than it said it would take, but still 1 hour, and of course I missed the end, so I don't know if it complained. A reboot didn't seem any faster, and looking at the partition, it only had /lost+found/ folder in it. Using gparted to set the boot flag didn't help. Also the System > Install entry was now missing, and the System > Display entry too. Then I noticed about the fifth screen line of the boot sequence said "CRC error - assuming default environment". The Documentation says armbian-config > System > Install is done by nand-sata-install, so it tried running it again but got the response "The tool must run from SD-card" - maybe that explains why it didn't copy anthing to my SSD. Questions 1. has anyone succeeded in doing the install to SSD? 2. the SD-card, which is mounted at /boot, doesn't seem to have any nand-sata-install in it, or any armbian-config 3. what's with the CRC error, it doesn't seem to make any difference? 4. is anyone else having problems with browsers?
  22. I got Armbian (Jessie desktop) working on Orange PI PC. I did "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get upgrade" and everything was ok until it said "Compiling headers (please wait)." It has now been on this step for a very, very long time. Is it stuck or does this take a ridiculously long time to complete? Should I shut it down and start over or keep waiting? The green light is staying on steady.
  23. Hi, Got Debian (8) legacy 3.4.113 server/console and would like to setup a WiFi hotspot. (latest Armbian build 5.51) Seen two methods in Armbian docs 1. -> https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Advanced-Features/#how-to-set-wireless-access-point and via armbian_config in https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Armbian-Config/ 2. -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__BJtInOQFY So I'm a bit buffled about it. Got some questions Got a RTL8188CUS is it suported nowadays? or should I get a specific other one? Do I need to have internet/ethernet/lan connection active during the hotspot creation via armbian_config? After I execute the armbian config method, there are a few screens as in the video, probing various methods, and then the system without reporting any error returns to its menu selection but do not show the "Manage..access point". After that what do I need to do have the WiFi hotspot up? How can I give it the required parameters eg ip, passphrase key for users to connect, SSID etc, is there any guide for it ? PS. Also tried with a OPiPCPlus that has onboard wlan and armbian config result is the same, did not give the "Manage .. access point" menu after run. It also not support WiFi access point creation?
  24. Hi! I successfully set up a headless web server using an Orange Pi PC, and Armbian Stretch (mainline kernel 4.14.y). I installed MySQL, PHP 7, and a custom web application built with Symfony. It is running better than I expected (faster than my local XAMPP). However, I was wondering if it could handle 35-45 visitors/users connected at the same time or not? Thanks!
  25. It seems I have to install either of them for my chromecast to play nice. I have no prior experience with neither of them nor do I know which one is better. There are various threads on the internet but would be interested which one the community uses / trusts, cause I am a bit hesitant on adding random repos. My use case: Stream mkv on local with subs or transcode if it can't show subs. Board: Orange Pi Pc OS: Debian Stretch on 4.14.18 Would appreciate any feedback even if it's only a link to your preferred software / guide.
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