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Found 2 results

  1. Preparation Supported build environment is Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 x64 (minimal iso image). a guest inside a VirtualBox or other virtualization software, a guest managed by Vagrant . This uses Virtualbox (as above) but does so in an easily repeatable way. Please check the Armbian with Vagrant README for a quick start HOWTO, inside a Docker , systemd-nspawn or other container environments (example), running natively on a dedicated PC or a server (not recommended), 20GB disk space or more and 2GB RAM or more available for the VM, container or native OS, superuser rights (configured sudo or root access). Execution apt-get -y install git git clone cd build ./ This will download all necessary sources, execute compilation and/or build a boot-able image. Most of things will be cached so next run will be extremely faster! Real time examples: Documentation
  2. Hi everyone, I was doing speed tests on the XR819 and started looking at the driver code. My this looks very similar to the cw1200 driver already in mainline Linux. I started modifying the cw1200 driver to try and get it to work with the XR819. Apart from someone renaming functions and adding a bunch of important junk for XR819, the drivers are quite similar. I've modified the cw1200 driver up to the point that it's loading the boot_cw1x60.bin ( boot_xr819.bin ) file, but for some reason the bootloader is returning an error instead of success. I don't think it's possible to diagnose this without the datasheet from ST. Clearly this exists, because people were able to write the cw1200 driver for mainline. Does anyone have a clue where I might find the datasheet for the CW1100? I also haven't been able to find the firmware files from ST for this chip. They don't exist in the linux-firmware tree! Here's my progress thus far: Try to load cw1200_wlan_sdio first time. Timeout waiting for bootloader to respond (I think XR819 has the same bug, no?) Unload the module and load it again: Here's my diff to the mainline driver.