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How to change screen console resolution ROCK64 Armbian Ubuntu 18.04?



I've read many tutorials and tried many tips on how to change console resolution in Armbian Ubuntu 18.04 on ROCK64 but couldn't find any solution. I'm stuck with 4K resolution and can't reconfigure it down to 1920x1080. armbian-config tool lacks such basic functionality. Is there any way to do resolution change or do I have to get 1080p monitor?

It's fucked up doing such simple thing is so complicated. Wasted over 2 hours now researching and no solution yet.

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I was able to set screen resolution on OrangePi4 by appending this line:


To /boot/armbianEnv.txt .


On my board the screen is turned on only after a little while after the powering up, so I have figured out that the screen resolution is set by the kernel, not by u-boot. Thus you need to add a parameter to kernel command line.

The line has to be added verbatim without quotes (as suggested elsewhere) and then everything after first = is inserted into the middle of Kernel command line (check dmesg output).

I hope, this helps.

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