Integration of atomic update functionality (eg. with swupdate or rauc)

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I am looking to build a stable applicance that is updateable on demand / over-the-air in an atomic way. Ideally, it uses a dual-partition setup, where the is an active rootfs and an inactive one. On update, a new rootfs is streamed directly to the inactive partition, the device reboots to the new rootfs and - if everything runs according to plan - the new rootfs is committed as the new active one. If the reboot fails, the device reverts to the previous (still active) rootfs.


This functionality is very common with embedded devices, many using the Yocto project. I'd like to try to use Armbian, however, building the image from source with my own userpatches and include a software package like [swupdate](https://github.com/sbabic/swupdate) or [rauc](https://github.com/rauc/rauc/) for the update functionality. The challenge for me is mainly to get the correct disk image (dual partition and bootloader configuration).


I was not able to find any documentation, guide or project that tries something similar, integrating an updater into the Armbian build process. Is anyone aware of other projects where I could get inspiration, or is this really a first?

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